Does the Vansky Blacklight Pet Stain Detector Really Work?

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Does the Vansky Blacklight Pet stain Detector Work?Getting rid of pet stains often becomes a priority when pets are part of the family. The problem is they are not always easy to find yet the odor that is present is a very strong indicator that there is some cleaning that needs to be done. The Vansky Blacklight Pet stain Detector just might help you find these pet stains a whole lot quicker so you can get down to cleaning them much faster.

The Vansky Blacklight Pet stain Detector is a blacklight flashlight designed so that you can detect exactly where pet’s stains may be on your carpets.

The Claim
The claim is that by using the Vansky Blacklight Pet stain Detector you can easily detect where the cat and dog urine stains may be on your carpet in order to be able to spot clean those dirty areas without having to clean the entire carpet.

The Hype
The hype surrounding products like the Vansky Blacklight Pet stain Detector are brought on by shows like CSI and others that continuously show police and detectives using blacklight and Ultra Violet technology to find clues in the form of human emissions.

The Cost
The cost of the Vansky Blacklight Pet Stain Detector will vary depending on where you buy it but you could get it on amazon for as low as $7.99.

The Commitment
No big commitment required for the Vansky Blacklight Pet stain Detector is simply install the included 3 AA batteries and you are set to go. When not I use simply toss into a drawer for the next time you need it!

At first we wondered why anyone would want a unit that is advertised to do what this does, detect pet stain areas on the carpet but the more we thought about it the more we realized that this may well have a place in the market for people who have dogs and cats and have carpeting in their house. There are a variety of other uses that this is marketed for such as identifying counterfeit currency and passports in addition to using it as a nail dryer. We think that most of the applications would be reasonably possible as for the most part a blacklight is what they use for these purposes. The main function is to detect areas that your pets have soiled and for that it is actually pretty decent. The U.V Blacklight will most certainly pick up areas that have been soiled and that will enable the user to spot clean a dirty area rather than going to the expense and hassle of cleaning the entire carpet when it may not be necessary.

Final Vansky Blacklight Pet stain Detector Review

While we were at first reluctant to feature this product, we have “seen the light” so to speak and see that this actually does have practical uses. Being able to detect pet stains easily will definitely make cleaning up soiled areas faster and with less effort. Not so bad an idea when you think about it. We are going to give it a thumbs up rating.

Our Recommendation
If you have pets and carpeting you may want to invest in the Vasky U.V Blacklight in order to detect areas that may be soiled but you are unaware of. Give it shot, the premise is really solid and it should do exactly what it is designed to! Once you have detected the stains then its time to clean them and the Urine Gone product might help with this.

What do you think? Does the Vansky Blacklight Pet stain Detector work or not?

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