Does ViSalus Really Work?

Does Visalus work?ViSalus is using a popular trend these days of wrapping their product up in a “movement” or putting a cause behind it. They are calling a competition a challenge and are pushing the Body by Vi product line as the key to being able to complete the product. They have set it up so that when you transform your own body you can push it on others to try to make money. It’s getting a lot of hoopla built up around it, so we had to cut through all of that to see what’s really going on.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the Body by Vi product line, even before the challenge was devised. It mostly consisted of shakes and other products designed to curb your appetite, replace meals, and lose weight. Challenges are nothing new, the Body for Life program had the same sort of set up where they held a contest in which you’d send in your before and after photos for a chance to win prizes. The only difference is they didn’t have a program set up where you could sell their Myoplex shakes and earn money promoting it.

The Claim
ViSalus says that you can transform your life in just 90 days with their challenge. But mostly they pitch the fact that you can pitch the product to other people once you’re on board. They have several different methods to get you excited about the opportunity, including the claim that they’re giving away BMWs. They also say you can get a month’s worth of products for free if you just refer three people into it.

What happens is this becomes less about losing weight and more about promoting it to people so you can make a profit. The focus is no longer on transforming your body or your life, but how many people you can sign up to buy a kit. It’s sad really, that people would view other people with obvious dollar signs in their eyes, and so opaquely promote this, with only a shred of pseudo-caring about the people they’re promoting it to.

The Hype
The hype is that this is a self-fueling monster. Those that start the challenge will likely start promoting it if they see results, and that gives it a viral nature. Some have likened it to a cult. We don’t know if we’d go that far, but it definitely has a lot of strategy put into it, and is not something that is happening by accident. In all actuality, there’s no one you can trust on this topic because any information you get will likely have an ulterior motive behind it, either to buy it, or to buy some other fitness product alternative.

The Cost
ViSalus kits range from $50 for their most basic kit, to $300 to their most inclusive kit. These “Challenge Kits” are the crux to the whole challenge, and the only reason the challenge even exists. Some marketing execs thought to themselves, wouldn’t it be funny if we could challenge people to take our product, and they actually did it? To get the ball rolling they monetized the incentive to get started by allowing participants to also become salespeople and that is how the whole things started.

The Commitment
This is a 90 day challenge, so you’d have to block of 3 months of time where you don’t foresee a lot of snags or anything that will trip you up. It’s best not to start this if you’ve got the family vacation coming up, or holidays, as these are known diet and exercise killers. It might be good to start it as a New Year’s resolution, or any time in the spring when the weather gets nicer and you can showcase your new body in the summer. It’s also a good thing for the fall so that you can establish healthy eating habits and maybe get through the holidays without ruining yourself.

Unfortunately ViSalus makes it hard to get any sort of read on whether or not it works. Those that will tell you it does have a financial interest in it. Those that tell you it doesn’t probably tried it and didn’t make any money from it. In all likelihood if it causes you to reduce the number of calories you’re taking in, either by consuming less food or working off the excess, it’s going to produce results. And if you can stick with any workout and eating program for 90 days you’re going to see big results. It’s science, not anything ViSalus stumbled onto.

Final ViSalus Review

We like challenges, but the sort that ViSalus is trying to create just doesn’t do it for us. It’s simply a thinly veiled marketing campaign that is using network marketing but not calling it that. Anything that tries to turn users into salespeople is a form of network marketing. It may not have multiple levels, but it’s going to have more affiliates than it really needs if everyone that takes the challenge also becomes a pusher.

Our Recommendation
We’re skeptical of any “challenge” that challenges you to buy their product kits in order to participate. It’s almost like a Triple Dog Dare, like if you don’t take them up on their challenge you are not worthy of the success you would have gotten, and not worth their time. It’s pure hype, and the people that are telling you to buy it are likely going to be compensated when you buy a kit from them.

What do you think? Does ViSalus work or not?


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cyon88 July 27, 2012 at 1:27 am

I gotta lose weight anyways so visalus doesn’t sound bad at all to me. In this economy if I can lose weight and make money at the same time, I think I’ll take it. The video production quality looks very high end, in some ways it makes me think the product has to be of good quality as well and at the very least it will help me sell the product. I look at it this way, if it can help me lose weight, then I’ll be able to sell this thing really easily and ethically. Visalus can be a big winner, we’ll see then.


Darin Johnson August 18, 2013 at 3:23 am

My mom and sister have been taking the ViSalus shake for about 2.5 years now and they do it because they like the product. I personally would take the body by Vi regardless if it was connected to an opportunity or not. The product is one of the better product I have taken and there are many from Herbalife to Melaluca. I personally prefer ViSalus.


karie February 28, 2015 at 8:28 pm

I tried to take the 90 day challenge, I only drank the shakes as my breakfast And lunch and ate a sensible dinner and Did 30 minutes a day on the elliptical. I’m no salesperson, expressed my disinterest sternly in the beginning and I was never bothered about it again, so I was only in it to drink the shakes. I only Lasted 60 days though because I couldn’t afford the 3rd month of the challenge because the shakes were so delicious I couldn’t keep my family out of it. 1 30 serving pouch only Lasted a week when you replace 2 meals a day and @ $49 per pouch that’s $200 a month I just didn’t have to put towards only me with a house full of kids and bills to pay. I am going back on the shakes now though, I’m afraid to waste money on any other brand because i fear no other will come close in comparison. Hope I can find someone else to purchase it through that will respect my not wanting to sell their products, I only want to use them.


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