Does the Wiggle Tower Really Work?

Does the Wiggle Tower Really Work?
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Does the Wiggle Tower Work?We are well aware that there are a lot of dog lovers out there but we are equally aware that there are many cat lovers too. So we thought that it was time to talk about a toy that both the cats, kittens and their owners would be most impressed with. This is the Wiggle Tower.

The Wiggle Tower really is a nifty device that will entertain your cat no matter what their age. It has a squiggle worm that moves up and down the tower that creates the intrigue and grabs the attention of the cats.

The Claim
The promoters of Wiggle Tower claim that the squiggle worm will move up and down the tower and pop its head out of the scattered holes within the tower at random.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that the Wiggle Tower is able to provide entertainment for up to five cats at a time. So if you own more than one cat then they can enjoy this toy together.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $29.99 for the Wiggle Tower and an extra $6.99 for the shipping. The big bonus is if you want to throw in an extra $6.99 you will get a second unit. If you have friends that own a cat the second one would make a great gift.

The Commitment
There really is no commitment on your part. You will have to introduce your cat to the Wiggle Tower but it won’t take long before the cat soon sees an opportunity for some play time.

There are tons of cat toys on the market of shapes and sizes at different prices. This one may take up a bit more room but it is still compact. One thing about cats and especially kittens, if they are not kept busy and entertained they can become mischievous. There is no doubt that a lot of drapes and curtains have been destroyed during the cat’s adventures.

Final Wiggle Tower Review

We are going to give the Wiggle Tower a thumbs up. It is a decent price to pay to keep the cats entertained. It seems to be well built and it seems to be sturdy enough that the cat won’t knock it over. But this may depend on just how energetic your feline friend really is.

Our Recommendation
Cats are every bit as wonderful as dogs when it comes to providing companionship, and they soon become a loved family member. Treating them once in awhile with something as intriguing as the Wiggle Tower is well worth it. If you are looking for something else that is really good to have for your cat, you may be interested in the automatic cat litter box.

What do you think? Does the Wiggle Tower work or not?


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