Does Youthology Work?

Does Youthology Work?
Does it realy work?

Does Youthology work?Youthology is a lineup of skin care products all geared to help defy the aging process, or at least provide the appearance of more youthful skin. Their flagship product targets the eyes and the wrinkles found around them, but they also have a comprehensive program in place so that you can treat your entire face. There are a lot of anti-aging products out there, so is this one that works?

You can expect to see more and more anti-aging products come to the market over the next decade or so as companies try to position themselves for the baby boomers as they get older. Everybody’s always getting older, so it is not a bad idea for a company to come out with an anti-aging skin care line because there will always be an avid consumer base looking for the next miracle serum. It definitely borders on being exploitive, but if people are getting the results they want then it’s a win-win situation.

The Claim
Youthology says that there’s technology involved in their products, and they have a proprietary blend of ingredients that begin to work on your skin right from the first application. They say that your skin will begin to tighten and smooth itself out as it responds to these ingredients. The interesting part is that they are blending science with some tried and tested natural ingredients like goji berries, soy, and ciji fruit. More and more health and beauty products are taking this route, combining fruit and vegetable extracts with a dash of science so that they bring the two worlds together.

The Hype
There is a bit of inherent hype to all anti-aging skin care products, because the war is on between vanity and Father Time. In the back of all of our heads we know that time always wins in the end, but we also want to look our best as much as we can. If we can pull off a few more years of looking good, and being active and full of life, it’s all worth it. The problem is that a lot of these companies prey on our desire to turn back the clock a bit, and try to convince us that we can look 10 to 20 years younger by using their products.

The Cost
The introductory offer on Youthology gets you the wrinkle removing eye product as well as the Age Reversing skin care regimen for $40 plus $10 shipping and handling. But this gets you enrolled in one of those auto-ship, auto-bill programs that will charge your card again and again and send you new products every time. Then you have to call in and cancel if you don’t want to receive them any more. Most people don’t like this set up, and you’ll usually see a bunch of complaints surrounding an ordering process like this when people see charges on their card that they forgot would happen.

The Commitment
When you’re talking about using an anti-aging product, and waging an all-out war on your skin, you need to be diligent and attack the problem each day. You are obviously aware that nature is taking its toll on your body and your skin every day, so you have to fight back just as hard. Time never takes a break, so you can’t either. The nice thing is though that if you set up a daily skin care regimen it is relatively easy to stay on top of things. It is only when you neglect your skin for long periods of time that it really starts to show signs of aging.

The company behind Youthology seems to be making an earnest effort to bring a quality product to market, but we’re a little concerned with the way they are choosing to set up their promotion. We’re not quite sure why companies still sell products on a auto-ship set up. The obvious answer is that it works, and it’s a way to increase the number of sales, but this sales tactic leaves such a bad taste in people’s mouths, and turns away just as many people as it wins over. Anyway, it’s just one of our pet peeves, and they don’t force you into taking their promo offer. You can buy the products individually at regular price.

Final Youthology Review

Youthology, like anything that bills itself as the next great anti-aging miracle solution, will likely not live up to all of its expectations, but will probably provide enough results to keep you happy. The reviews coming in on this are mostly positive. Of course there are people that say it doesn’t work, but you are looking more towards what the general consensus is and mostly that’s positive. Once you get past the ordering process, and the shenanigans with the auto-ship enrollment, the actual product seems to be making people happy.

Our Recommendation
There are only a few ways you can go in regards to your aging appearance: you can either accept it, do your best to slow it down, or use a combination of both. Just because you are trying to look your best does not mean that you can’t accept the fact that you are growing older, and in that moment you immediately begin to age gracefully. Fighting against the aging process internatlly is an easy way to stress yourself out and put undue demands on your body that it just can’t live up to.

What do you think? Does Youthology work or not?


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Addison August 13, 2012 at 3:07 am

Well, I think this review got me over the hump to make a purchase of Youthology. I read so many good things about Youthology and I even have a co-worker who swears by it, but you can never be sure until you try it yourself and when you try something new you’re naturally a little skeptical. At the end of the day though, how many articles can I read until I’m convinced that this is a quality product? I’m done reading and I’m going to start trying it out firsthand.


Mary Platt January 7, 2013 at 7:13 pm

I ordered Youthology’s promo, and the anti-wrinkle serum did not make any difference at all.
When i called to stop the auto-shipment process, the phone # the company gave was always busy. Now I am going to have to call my credit card company to tell it not to honor any future charges by Youthology.


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