African Mango Reviews

African Mango Reviews

African Mango has gotten a lot of press recently, which is not uncommon for diet and weight loss products. People are quick to jump on anything that will help them lose weight with less effort.

But how well can a fruit extract really help you lose fat and burn calories? There have been a few studies conducted on the effectiveness of African mango, one of which was inconclusive, but another showed more positive results.

Since it has become so popular, many products have popped up trying to capitalize on the trend. They are all similar looking on the surface, and seemed to have many of the same ingredients, making it hard to determine which one you should go with.

We spent a considerable amount of time going through some of the most popular, and best-selling brands so that you don’t have to sift through everything that’s available, and can focus your attention on the few that are worth mentioning.

Choosing the Best African Mango Supplements
The first thing we looked for was the quality of ingredients. Because this is a rather rare fruit, and not the same as ordinary mango that is sold in stores, it begs the question whether a company is actually sourcing this from reputable locations. It would be far too easy for them to cut corners, and create a product that looks like a diet pill, but doesn’t actually contain any real African mango in it. The next thing we looked for is how long the company has been in business. Brand new companies would seemingly be jumping on board this diet fad and just wanting to make a quick buck. If they had been around before the craze hit, it would be more likely that they are producing a quality product.

African Mango Review Recaps

We’ve given full reviews of some of the good – and not so good – products you can get. If you don’t have time to read through them all, you can get a briefing with our recaps so they can get a quick idea of which ones you might eventually want to go with, and which ones to avoid. Keep in mind that our final answer is just a starting point for your own further research into each product. Ultimately you are the final say as to what goes into your system, and you don’t want to take your role lightly.

Does African Mango Plus work?
African Mango Plus Recap
The big attraction to African Mango Plus is all of the positive feedback it has been getting from those that have used it. When it comes to a newer product like this, it doesn’t have a historical track record to look at, so peer reviews in real time are the best way to judge it. Not that you want to use your fellow human beings as guinea pigs, but it’s nice when others have gone before you to try something new out.

Out of all the different African Mango products, we feel that this hits the mark on many different levels, including the integrity of the ingredients, the effectiveness of the product, and the longevity of the company going forward.

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Does Pure African Mango work?
Pure African Mango Recap
Pure African Mango was one of the better African mango pills that we looked at. They had good user feedback, and produced results in the majority of people that tried it. Our overall analysis was that there was a high chance of success with this, and that it was one of only a few beacons of hope in a market plagued with lousy products. This is one of them that we recommended trying.

We also brought up the fact that you should take the pressure off of yourself, as well as the actual product, and conduct your own one-person study to find out which one works for you, specifically. You can read reviews all day, but once you find a few that have good feedback from users there should be nothing stopping you from trying them.

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Does African Mango Extreme work?
African Mango Extreme Recap
Africa Mango Extreme seems to have an identity crisis, because it doesn’t know what it wants to be. It has three different versions, the original, plus one for detox, and another for even more weight loss. While some might like the idea that this works on multiple problems the same time, we believe that you shouldn’t mess with a good thing. When you get a quality African mango product, that’s all the weight loss you’ll need. And detox is not something that can come from a pill.

Overall, we got a bad feeling about this product, and recommended against going with it. You can see all the details in our full review.

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Does African Mango Lean work?
African Mango Lean Recap
This is the sort of weight loss pill that your mother warned you about. African Mango Lean has several people saying that it makes them feel woozy, and has other side effects associated with it. A product that does not contain actual African mango might do that, and it is highly suspect that you’re not getting what you pay for with these pills. Real African mango shouldn’t have that effect, so they are definitely including additional ingredients as filler.

The reason people are excited about African Mango is that it doesn’t produce side effects because it is a naturally occurring fruit. There’s no reason to cut it up with ingredients that can cause negative reactions.

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Does Super African Mango work?
Super African Mango Recap
Most reports coming in for Super African Mango say that it doesn’t do anything at all. That would be a big letdown if you’re expecting to help you with your weight loss efforts. The problem of trying a product and getting no results might seem innocuous, but it’s actually quite demotivating, and can effect your efforts going forward. You shouldn’t let bad products stand in the way of your quest of finding the right one.

While it’s unfortunate that this doesn’t seem to work, it is a testament to the fact that people will purchase and try just about anything to lose weight.

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African Mango FAQ

Not a lot of reliable information is out there concerning African mango, so we’ve assembled some of the more frequently asked questions. If you have a question not listed here, be sure to leave it in the comments below and we will answer it as soon as possible.

Did Dr. Oz Recommend This?
Dr. Oz recommended raspberry ketones on his show, and dedicated a mini segment to it. African mango didn’t specifically show up on his show that we’re aware of, but it did end up on his blog, but under a guest writer, not specifically from Dr. Oz. The reason he factors into this is a lot of people get excited when he mentions a shortcut or a possible way to lose weight. Since he has been known to single-handedly start a craze, it is often thought that he is behind the latest rush to buy African mango products.

Does African Mango Make You Poop?
Probably. They say that the reason it is showing effectiveness at weight loss is due to is soluble fiber content. If you’re currently not getting a lot of fiber in your diet, you should notice an increase in the volume and frequency. This is a good thing for your body, and helps promote a regular digestive system. Many people are surprised to find that a lot of the weight they are holding in their midsection is just backed up fecal matter and waste material.

Does African Mango Have Caffeine?
Real and pure African mango products should not contain caffeine, but you will often find companies including it as an additive. Since these products are designed for weight loss, they find it necessary to add caffeine into the mix so that you get that energetic feeling. But if you go with a product that is pure, it shouldn’t have caffeine in it, and should just rely on the features of the mango to get the job done.

Verifying The Source
This is a rather remotely located fruit, and it doesn’t actually use the fruity part, but is an extract from the seeds that are in it. It’s nearly impossible to know where a company is getting their African mango from, and it’s a high probability that there is a lot of counterfeit products out there. It’s too bad that the FDA doesn’t give it’s approval to dietary supplements, because there should be some sort of organization that at least validates the ingredients are what they claim them to be. It’s frustrating that there’s really no way to know if the source is legit, because a company will tell you that it is, even if it isn’t. It’s not like they’re going to take you along on an expedition to get it, or show you where it really comes from, because they don’t have to.

Capitalizing on Trends
It’s pretty incredible how fast a company can be created these days, and how fast they can put out a seemingly legit product. When it comes to diet pills, the process has been streamlined. It’s pretty easy to start from scratch, buy a bunch of bottles, labels, start up a website, pay for traffic to the website, and make sales. That’s why it’s important to determine whether a company is for real, or whether it was just created on a whim to try to make a ton of money in a short period of time.

Since most of these products have not been around long enough to have been tested in clinical trials, you are pretty much at the mercy of having to believe what they say. But luckily we have a lot of ways to communicate with each other, and those that use it can report back to the rest of us and let us know what it’s like. This is making it harder for companies to stay in business unless they provide a product that produces results, without the nasty side effects.

Going all natural is the best way to hedge your bet when it comes to using a diet pill. Using something with synthetic ingredients, or something that is loaded with stimulants is a recipe for disaster. You can see that some of the companies listed have decided that African mango itself isn’t enough, and have mixed in a bunch of extra ingredients. The problem with that is you take something that showed promising results already, and is all natural with no side effects, and you muck it up with a bunch of other, unproven yet trendy ingredients.

Our African Mango Recommendation

When deciding whether you want to go with a diet pill or not, you have to break it down as to what your intentions are. If you are doing it to promote a lifestyle change, that’s one thing. If you are doing it in lieu of proper diet and exercise that’s another. We believe that they can be a great way to get motivated and to stay on with a workout program and healthy eating. You want to choose something that’s all natural, and African mango fills that requirement. You’ll also want to go with something for a short duration, and have no trouble stepping down from it. Trying out African mango as a diet pill is recommended, but be sure you have a plan in place which includes when you’ll stop taking it, and consult your doctor just to be sure.