Anti-Snoring Device and Mouthpiece Reviews

Anti-Snoring Device and Mouthpiece Reviews

Snoring is a problem that with several different consequences, which is why finding an anti-snoring device should be at the top of your to-do list. With so many different options available to you, it can be hard sorting the bad from the good, but together we can make it through.

Snoring Concerns
The first and most obvious problem that snoring presents is that you’re not getting good sleep, and most likely neither is your partner. Lack of sleep can effect all sorts of areas of your life, including your job performance and your relationships. That’s why it’s not just an annoying habit, but a serious condition that needs to be addressed quickly and effectively.

It can also be accompanied by sleep apnea, which is where you stop breathing repeatedly throughout the night. There can be some very big ramifications of having a chronic case or a severe type of sleep apnea, and it can even cause brain damage or death. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to have a sleep study done so that you know the full extent of what you’re dealing with. Other than that it’s simply something you’ll want to rectify for an upgrade to your quality of life.

Different Anti-Snoring Methods
There are several roads that all lead to the same goal, and many products take their own path to getting the job done. Some work by pulling your lower jaw forward, which in turn should free up your airways and eliminate the snoring. Others clip to the inside of your nose, increasing the airflow through the nostrils and allowing you to breathe easier. And still others are affixed to the outside of your head as a way to keep your mouth shut and your jaw in place.

Anti-Snoring Device Review Recaps

We’ve evaluated some of the most talked about, most advertised, and best-selling devices on the market to help you make the right buying decision. Keep in mind though that even with our analysis and peer reviews there is still the likelihood that you won’t one-time this. It might take some trial and error and even a combination of different devices and pillows to get the job done. So treat it like a journey and don’t get stopped along the way.

Does ZQuiet really work?
ZQuiet Recap
ZQuiet might be an anti-snoring device you’re familiar with because of its television advertising. It’s supposed to be able to fit all mouths the same and it’s designed by a dentist so it’s one size fits all. It accomplishes this by having what they call a “living hinge” which adjusts constantly as you sleep and it moves around.

If you wanted an alternative to the rigid mouthpieces out there, this is probably it, and is definitely worth an at-home evaluation. If you don’t like it you don’t have to pay for it, and they allow you to return it and not be charged.

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Does My Snoring Solution really work?
My Snoring Solution Recap
My Snoring Solution might look a little funny at first glance, but the more you consider what it does, the more it makes sense. This is a way to keep your mouth free of any obstructions, but also keeps your jaw forward and your mouth closed. This seems like it would fix a few problems since it’s hard to snore with your mouth closed, and having a piece of plastic in your mouth all night can be a nuisance.

We did some further research into what users have said about this, and whether or not it was effective for them.

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Does Snore Guard work?
Snore Guard Recap
This is a mouthpiece that you have to get from your dentist, and they’ll specially fit it to your mouth so that it stays in place better and is more comfortable. At least that is the theory, and what is supposed to justify the higher price tag. There are similar devices that allow you to custom fit at home by boiling the unit and pressing your teeth into the softened rubber.

With something like this it’s important to know if you’re getting your money’s worth, or if you’re just paying more for the illusion of a professional fitting.

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Does Nozovent work?
Nozovent Recap
Nozovent is something you might want to go with if you’ve had limited success with nasal strips in the past. It uses the same philosophy of holding open the nasal passages, but it does it internally, instead of externally, so it seems to stay in place better.

They say that this sort of device has been popular in Europe for quite some time, which a lot of products these days seem to claim. The idea is that due to regulations in the US there are medical breakthroughs already in place in Europe that Americans are missing out on.

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Does PureSleep really work?
PureSleep Recap
PureSleep is a mouthpiece that gets great reviews from those that have tried it. It is set up so that you can get a custom fit without being subjected to going to the dentist and having them take a mold of your teeth. The consensus is that it gives a great fit, and is pretty effective at reducing the snoring.

The biggest thing that you’ll have to get used to is having something in your mouth while you sleep. That’s why getting something that is custom fit to your mouth is a good idea, or getting something that is soft so it feels nice.

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Does VitalSleep work?
VitalSleep Recap
When you are looking for a mouthpiece, you want to make sure that the overall trend is that people are liking it. Of course you’ll find naysayers for everything, so it’s almost like a few no’s can be ignored as long as they’re overruled by the yes’s. That’s the case with VitalSleep, and it got our Try rating.

Keep in mind that you might want to combine a mouthpiece like this with a special anti-snoring pillow that will keep your head in the right place and your body aligned. This one-two combo often does the trick.

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Does Ripsnore work?
Ripsnore Recap
We concluded that Ripsnore was worth putting on your list of products to try out. There was enough evidence that users have had success with it, especially side sleepers. If you’ve tried switching your sleeping style as a way to stop snoring but found you couldn’t fall asleep on your side, you might want to go with other options.

But really it’s all about finding that one product that works for you. Luckily all of these devices won’t break the bank, and many come with money back guarantees so you can try them out and only keep the winners.

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Does Brez work?
Brez Recap
Brez is pronounced like breeze and is a disposable nasal insert designed to hold open your nasal passages, allowing more air to flow through so that you can breathe better and snore less. The interesting thing is that these don’t seem to address the problem of your jaw moving forward which restricts the airways in the back of the throat.

Perhaps a combination mouthpiece and nasal insert might be in order so that you’re getting enough air in through the nose, which helps prevent mouth breathing, and keeping the airways open by keeping the jaw forward.

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What Causes Snoring?
Snoring is caused primarily by a blockage of the airways by the soft tissues in the back of the throat and the palette. It can also be caused by your sleeping style, if you are a side or stomach sleeper you are supposedly less likely to snore. It is sleeping on your back that causes gravity to slide your lower jaw down, which opens your mouth and causes the airway to become constricted. You can test this out for yourself pretty easily by lying on your back and consciously moving your jaw up and down while breathing through your mouth. You can essentially replicate the snoring process.

Is Snoring Natural?
If we were still living in trees or caves, would we be snoring? The answer is obscured by our modern lifestyle that has us living longer than we ever did before. Since snoring increases with age, it may be more of a modern problem. The tissues of the throat get relaxed over time and therefore are more susceptible to flapping around and blocking the airways. Back when our ancestors only lived to about 30 or so they probably didn’t have time to fret about snoring, even if it did happen. It seems like a pretty natural thing, since so many people do it, and they don’t have to try to do it, it just happens.

What Does Surgery Do to Stop Snoring?
When doctors conduct snoring surgery their mission is to seek out and remove the tissues that are causing the problems. This procedure is pretty invasive and can carry with it side effects that make the condition worse rather than better. There are less invasive procedures that show more positive results, but of course the more cutting edge you go, the higher the cost. It should really only be seen as a last resort, and something you only consider after exhausting all of your other options, both devices like these or pillows and sleep studies.

The Benefits of a Snore-Free Life
If you’ve only known snoring all your life, you may wonder what it’s like to not be a snorer. What is it like to have a partner that doesn’t secretly resent you? What is it like to function on all cylinders, to have more energy and a renewed zest for life? These are the questions that beg to be answered and are waiting on the other side of finding the right remedy for this problem. If you don’t give up your search you are destined to reach the promised land of a blissful night’s sleep and happier partner. You might even get a nice breakfast out of the deal the first morning you fix the problem.

Mouthpiece of Pillow or Both?
Mouthpieces seem to be the way to go, as most companies are focusing their efforts at mastering this method. There are also another group of companies going the pillow route and saying that this is the way to align the head to keep the airway open. But we say why not use both methods, so that you’ve got a redundant system in case you move around at night and the pillow isn’t in the right place, or your mouthpiece falls out. It can also be a way to put everything where it needs to be so you just don’t snore any more.

The Stigma of Snoring
No one wants to be a person that snores. It can keep not only your partner awake, but if you’re loud enough it can disturb other members in the household. It’s a pretty selfish condition, because many times it’s not you that’s woken up or kept awake by it. You can even get a full night’s sleep, snoring the whole time. Of course you won’t really be getting deep sleep, because you’ll eventually wake yourself up, or stop snoring and wonder why it’s so quiet, and that can wake you up just slightly.

Coping with a Snorer
It’s hard to sleep next to someone who snores, and you might be on the hunt for something to help them stop. Often it is the innocent bystander that suffers more than the perpetrator, so it’s not uncommon for you to have more of a sense of urgency when it comes to finding the solution. You might have a greater insight into the problem than they have, since you can tell better if they stop breathing and need to be tested for sleep apnea, or how many snoring incidents they have per night. You can also effectively shop for products for them, and coax them to try them if they value the relationship.

Our Anti-Snoring Device Recommendation

The thing that we’ve realized after doing extensive research into the area of stopping your snoring is that there likely isn’t one cure-all for every snoring condition. You have to basically keep throwing the spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks. There aren’t really any bad snoring products, there are just incomplete ones. You may need to combine a mouthpiece with a nasal clip, or a nasal clip with a special pillow. It’s all about trying new things, mixing and matching and not stopping until you find the right combination that unlocks the treasure of a good night’s sleep.