Does the Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light Really Work?

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Does the Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light Work?Learning what your sleep patterns are just might help you get a better night’s rest which is really important for everyone. It is quick shocking to realize that there are a ton of people that struggle with getting the proper sleep. Perhaps the technology that has been built into the Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light can help.

As most everybody knows these days, sleep is exceptionally important and much more connected to our performance throughout the day than we had previously though possible. For this reason there have been massive inductions of items on the market to help us both understand our sleep patterns better and help us to get that much needed 8-10 hours per night we need. The Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light is designed to do both.

The Claim
The claim is by using the optional sleep sensor of the Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light to find out your specific sleep patterns in conjunction with the sleep inducing light you will be better able to understand your personal sleep patterns and make the necessary adjustments to get more and better sleep.

The Hype
The hype is really realized by the vast amount of scientific research that has gone into the sleeping industry over the past few years. It truly seems that everybody is concentrated on how, when and how much sleep they are getting every night and coming out with products like the Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light which are designed to get you to sleep faster and keep you there longer without the need for medication.

The Cost
The Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light can be purchased as just the alarm/sleep light or with the optional sleep sensor that tells you when you wake through the night and judges the sleep you are getting by the amount of moving you do when you are asleep. The clock/light will set you back $189.95 and the kit with the sensor will cost you $299.95.

The Commitment
There is really not much commitment for the Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light required other than the need to better understand your sleep patterns so that you can get more sleep than you are currently getting. Obviously, if you purchase the sensor you will need to dig deeper into the data it provides in order to better understand what it tells you.

Basically what the Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light is designed to do is to track the environment that you are sleeping in, the noise in the room, the lighting and the temperature and then gives you feedback on how to adjust those to get a better night’s sleep. The optional sleep sensor gives you additional information as to your sleep patterns and also makes recommendations to assist in getting more sleep. The light itself is meant to offer a soothing less invasive light that helps to promote sleep and then wakes you with a softly glowing light meant to mimic the sunrise. The alarm clock portion can be set up to wake you to your favorite music in conjunction with the glowing light.

Final Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light Review

While the Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light makes some grand claims we are unsure if the science behind it is really as solid as the company claims and would definitely need to see more data before making a solid judgement one way or the other so we are prepared to give it a try/buy rating. On the other hand the light IS pretty soothing on its own and the alarm clock and waking portion makes sense and seems like a fairly decent environment to wake up with.

Our Recommendation
We will leave it to you, the good readers to decide if the Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light is really worth the outlay of cash that it requires. Are there some aspects that are enticing? Yes, there are but are they worth $200+? That is up to you! If you want to check out another type of sleep enhancer then check out SleepMD.

What do you think? Does the Aura Alarm Clock Sleep Light work or not?

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