Do Health Products Really Work? (Continued)

Do health products really work?

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The number of health products out there is nearly limitless, with more being added into the mix on a seemingly daily basis. As the American population continues to age, and more and more ailments become widespread, you should only expect to see additional products popping up on a regular basis.

This makes the sorting process more tricky, but we’ll remain diligent to make the process as efficient as it can be and help you make heads and tails out of the products that work and those that don’t.

More Health Product Review Recaps

Does OraQuick work?
OraQuick Recap
OraQuick is an at-home HIV test that uses no blood, and only involves you swabbing your upper and lower gums. This is designed to be a major upgrade from other at-home tests because you get your results 20 minutes later, rather than sending out the samples and waiting for the answer.

The other big thing is that you don’t have to prick yourself and there’s no blood. It’s a very private and personal test and can give you peace of mind or the information you need on what the next steps to take are.

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Does Purasun work?
Purasun Recap
Purasun is a supplement that you are supposed to take while you are trying to get or maintain a tan. It is supposed to give your body the nutrients it needs to be able to take the sun or the rays from a tanning booth and make the best tan possible.

It’s also supposed to make it so your tan lasts as long as it can, and so you don’t have to spend as much time trying to keep your tan up. It’s based on the idea that you might be running a deficiency in some essential elements used to tan the skin.

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Does RedMD work?
RedMD Recap
This is an at home personal red light therapy device that is meant to be used by those that are trying to treat fine lines and wrinkles without having to resort to invasive or expensive surgical treatments. The way it works is that you place it 6 inches from your face.

The light rays are supposed to help give your skin more elasticity and help the cells of the skin to be at their best. These sort of claims are rather hard to prove in real life, but with a price of $400 it’s something you’ll want to be sure of before you buy.

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Does Piggy Paste work?
Piggy Paste Recap
Piggy Paste is supposed to go to work on your little piggies, aka your toes, and help to improve their appearance. The toes and feet are sometimes hard to get a handle on, because they go through a lot of action throughout the day, and spend most of their time in dark and damp quarters.

Piggy Paste says it can help get rid of toenail fungus, but most of the users that say it worked ended up using it for 3 months. If you think you have what it takes to stick with a toenail regimen it might be for you, but read on.

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Does Joint Juice work?
Joint Juice Recap
This is a juice drink meant to be consumed daily that promises to help relieve joint pain and stiffness and get you moving freely again.They’re relying on glucosamine as the active ingredient here, which has limited proof that it works.

They are also relying on the credibility of Joe Montana as their spokesperson. No doubt he’s seen his fair share of pain, and he says that Joint Juice has helped him to get back to his regular activities. Of course he’s being paid for his endorsement, so you have to take it with a grain of salt, and of course the manufacturer says you have to take it for awhile to see the full results.

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Does Alpha Brain work?
Alpha Brain Recap
This is what’s known as a nootropic and is designed to help your brain function at optimal levels. Specifically it’s supposed to help you focus and concentrate better, and if you want to have dream states where you can control what is happening in your dreams, they say it can help with lucid dreaming.

The evidence that it works is spotty at best, and an at-home trial actually ended up putting us to sleep in the middle of the day. So if you are thinking that this is going to give you amazing mental abilities, time to adjust your expectations.

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Does NightWave work?
NightWave Recap
The NightWave is a sleep system that doesn’t rely on any sort of mediction, but rather lighting that is supposed to help regulate your breathing and put you in a sleep state more quickly than lying awake and trying to count sheep.

It got the endorsement of Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Body, and many users say that it does cut down on the time it takes to fall asleep. Best part it is doesn’t disturb your partner.

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Does ADDTabz work?
ADDTabz Recap
Although this is supposed to help treat the symptoms of ADD, the majority of users haven’t actually been diagnosed with it. Instead it was pitched to college students as a way to help study and cram for tests, allowing them to focus more and concentrate better.

But there are some serious concerns raised by health professionals, and we go into these in our full review. Of course company spokespeople try to downplay the side effects and say it’s a better option than prescription medication, but hear both sides of the story before making up your mind.

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Does Alcis work?
Alcis Recap
This is a topical pain relief cream that you are able to simply rub on the spots that are hurting. The idea is that you can treat pain in an ad hoc manner right at the source, rather than waiting for a pills to make it into your bloodstream.

If your pain is caused by exercising or overusing your muscles and joints, this would be a good product to have around. It’s not going to be useful if your pain is emanating from the inside, or if you need overall pain relief from body aches and pains. This would be a nice addition to any gym bag so you can deal with problem areas.

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Does Moder8 work?
Moder8 Recap
The idea behind Moder8 is that you should be able to curb excessive drinking by taking it. Supporters say it helped them drink less when they did drink, and helped that stop at just one or two drinks when they would otherwise have gotten drunk.

The other side of the argument says you’re playing with fire with this, and it’s best to go cold turkey if you have a legit addiction to alcohol. Moderation usually fails, they say, so best not to tempt yourself with a taste here and there.

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Does Migralex work?
Migralex Recap
This is meant to be an alternative headache treatment, because it does not require a prescription, but is supposed to deliver prescription strength relief. They stop short of saying that it works for migraines, even though the name strongly suggests that’s what it’s for.

Those that have used it says it works, but not on really bad headaches. Sufferers of migraines are advised to look elsewhere as the company makes no official claims that this is what it is meant for. Sufferers of the occasional mild headache might prefer this over other over the counter meds or prescription pharmaceuticals.

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Does Mavala Stop work?
Mavala Stop Recap
Mavala Stop is a way to get yourself or your children to stop biting the fingernails, or to get a young one to stop sucking their thumb. The substance supposed to leave a bad taste in the mouth which leads to the eventual stoppage of the bad habit.

But several would-be users have said that there’s no way they would use this on their children because of the ingredients it contains, and others have said their child simply sucked right through it and kept on sucking their thumb. With mixed results like this and potentially harmful ingredients there are still plenty who say it works great.

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Does a Red Fusion Heat Wrap work
Red Fusion Heat Wrap Recap
The red fusion heat wrap is pretty ingenious when you take a closer look at it. It can be used again and again, all that’s need is to melt down the liquid inside by placing it in boiling water. The heat is generates is supposed to be different than with an electric heating pad. It maintains its heat for several hours, and stays at the right temperature.

The nice thing about the design is that you can use it for various parts of the body and it will feel better than a wire-filled electric heater.

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Does the WaxVac work?
Wax Vac Recap
The Wax Vac is a little vacuum that is meant to be placed in the ear to suck up excess water and debris from the ear canal without harming the ear drum. They say it is very quiet when it is in use, and very gentle as not to puncture anything. Most of us know now to jam a Q-Tip into the ear, but is this the answer?

It’s an intriguing product, no doubt, but we had to take a stance on it based on a few major clues given by the manufacturer. See what our final verdict was and whether this a Buy or Deny situation.

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Does Gluco-Secure work?
Gluco-Secure Recap
Can taking an all-natural pill really help to make your blood glucose levels more stable? It would be great to have better control over them, so you could keep them in a good range throughout the day and make it so you don’t get the afternoon crash that claims so much productivity.

The commitment level is very low too, you only take one pill twice a day to get the benefits. It was developed by a doctor with a pretty large following and plenty of credibility stacked up. So does all of this lead to a legit product?

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Does the YumaLite work?
YumaLite Recap
The YumaLite tries to bring light therapy to those that need it, without forcing them to sit in front of a light and be tethered to one spot. It might look a little odd at first, but the design is such that you could watch TV or read a book, rather than having to sit still in front of a light.

This would be used by those that have SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder whereby you get depressed during the winter with shorter days, more gray skies, coldness, and less sunshine and Vitamin D.

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Does De Odor Works work?
De Odor Works Recap
This is an alternative to using deodorant that claims you simply rub the unit on parts that you don’t want to smell and it neutralizes the bacteria that are responsible for body odor. They say you can even use it in your private areas for odor free effectiveness with no side effects.

For those that are aware of the drawbacks to using deodorant, including putting chemicals on the sweat glands, and also using antiperspirant to block the sweat from coming out, this may seem like a viable alternative and worth looking into. The research behind this is questionable, so you’re still taking a bit of a risk.

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Does Flat-D work?
Flat-D Recap
Perhaps one of the sillier products we’ve seen, this involves putting a fart patch at the scene of the crime to stop the spread of your fart gas and neutralize the odor. It seems like a last ditch effort to trap the gas and save other’s nasal passages from the onslaught, and it might be better to take a product that prevents the gas from occurring at all.

They do say it can help those that have just come out of surgery and can’t really help the gas from coming out. Those that have used it have actually said it works as described.

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Does Focus Factor work?
FOCUSfactor Recap
Here is another nootropic, an all-natural supplement that is supposed to help you focus and get more done. This one has its own national ad campaign to get you to call in and try it out. They have tried to remove all the blocks so that you’ll want to try it and have nothing to lose.

The one thing to remember is that you shouldn’t think it will make you an Albert Einstein, but the goal here is to be the best you you can be. The reviews on this suggest that it is a sort of placebo effect that makes you feel good because you’re getting your vitamins.

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Does FertilAid work?
FertilAid Recap
FertilAid is an all-natural supplement that is supposed to provide your body with the right building blocks so that you have everything in place for the best chance at conceiving. The theory is that your conception problems could be due to a lack of certain vitamins and nutrients. Get them to good levels and you unlock the key.

It only makes sense to give your body good things, but it may be possible to treat these deficiencies with natural food sources rather than a pill.

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Do Drinkwel Vitamins work?
Drinkwel Vitamins Recap
Drinwel is a supplement you take in order to make sure that you don’t get a hangover. The idea is that you supply the liver and other organs with the things they need in order to help you process the alcohol and get it out of your system. It also contains antioxidants that are supposed to help with toxins and free radicals.

Those that try it say it works. Not just a few of them, but most of them, and this is definitely worth a try the next time you see a big night out in your future and don’t want to be bedridden the next day.

See our full review of Drinkwel Vitamins
Does Active Relief work?
Active Relief Recap
The makers of Active Relief have issued a 7 day challenge so you can test it out to see how you like it. They have a one-two approach that we like, attacking pain from both a topical and internal method. You use a topical solution to treat the pain at the source, and a pill to help from the inside.

You have an entire month to try it out, which should get you through the one week challenge and beyond so you can make up your mind completely and put it through its paces fairly.

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Does SleepMD work?
SleepMD Recap
SleepMD brings up several studies about how important sleep is to your overall health. Few can argue that it’s important to get quality sleep, but is using a pill like this the best way to go about it?

OTC sleep medications typically use the same active ingredients to help you fall asleep, and are only meant for occasional sleeplessness. You can try adjusting your environment and using all natural sleep aids before resorting to pills. In the end you are trying to find an overall sleep solution you can turn to again and again for reliable results.

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Does NOHO Drink work?
NOHO Drink Recap
They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s the premise that the makers of the NOHO Drink are working on. They say that taking a shot of this before a big night of drinking can seriously help with the aftereffects the next day. The reason, they say, is that it provides a good stock of vitamins and minerals that get depleted when you drink.

By having an excess the alcohol strips away this surplus and leaves you with the same levels you had before you started drinking, and voila, that should mean no hangover.

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Does the FlexPen work?
FlexPen Recap
The FlexPen says that it is much easier to use because you simply dial it to the amount of insulin you need and it delivers that amount quickly and easily, with less pain, and without the need to carry around a bottle of insulin and a syringe separately.

It comes with different types of insulin, so you can choose the one you need, and it’s all pre-filled, so you get to skip that part. They also say that the needles are very thin, meaning less pain for you and an easier injection process. Users say that it is pretty effective, and there are few complaints with it.

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Does ACCU-CHEK Nano work?
ACCU-CHEK Nano Recap
If giving less blood to get a reading sounds appealing to you, you should definitely give this gadget a go, as it claims to need the least blood than any other meter on the market. Some other useful features are that it doesn’t require you to do any coding, so it should be faster than conventional meters.

The user feedback on this is pretty unanimous. Most that try it say it works as described and represents an upgrade over their former meters. The nice part is that it should be covered by your health plan.

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Does the One Touch Verio IQ work?
One Touch Verio IQ Recap
The Verio IQ is supposed to have one touch ease, and its value lies in its ability to give you greater insight into your blood glucose levels, and even detect patterns so you can get more reliable information about when you need to have insulin or not.

For many users this will provide them with better overall feelings throughout the day, as they can avoid instances where they are more likely to experience problems than others. For example, if they know they spike after lunch each day, they can adjust their eating habits, or be ready for it when it does occur.

See our full review of One Touch Verio IQ
Does Freestyle Lite work?
FreeStyle Lite Recap
They say the FreeStyle uses the smallest sample size, but so do other meters. The sample size is one of the biggest factors, and eventually there will be meters out there that don’t need to take a blood sample at all. Or perhaps you’ll be able to be embedded with a chip that gives constant feedback.

Until then this should provide you with reliable information that you can use to have a better daily experience. The feedback is good and it earned our Solid Try rating. Be sure to compare it head to head with other meters before going forward.

See our full review of FreeStyle Lite
Does Tommie Copper work?
Tommie Copper Recap
The claim of Tommie Copper products is that they are infused with actual copper, and this helps to heal the body and help with joint pain. They show testimonials in their infomercial with Montel Williams that say the compression gear helps them get through the day.

But how about users that aren’t featured on the show? What do actual purchasers of the product say? Those that have used compression therapy before and liked it have good things to say about Tommie Copper. Those that have never used compression gear before have mixed reviews, which is not surprising.

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Does Dr Scholl's FootMapping work?
Dr. Scholl’s FootMapping Recap
The idea of using inserts in your shoes has been around for decades. Dr. Scholl’s is at the forefront of insole technology, and their FootMapping software is either remarkable, or a remarkable marketing gimmick. The idea is that by standing on it it will help point out the problem areas and suggest the right footwear.

It’s nice to think that you could get a customized recommendation from this machine, and avoid having to go to a podiatrist. We found that there is value in using it, and gave it our Thumbs Up rating. Be sure to get all the details our full analysis.

See our full review of Dr. Scholl’s FootMapping
Does the Electrofoot Massager work?
Electrofoot Massager Recap
The most intriguing aspect of the Electrofoot Massager is the way they really want you to try it out. They have it set up so that you don’t have to pay the full price up front, you can try it out by just paying for shipping and for a trial fee. If you don’t like it they’ll reimburse the fee and you’re just out shipping.

What makes this interesting is that there are similar products to this one, but they don’t have a trial basis, so you have to put up the full amount of the product first just to try it out.

See our full review of Electrofoot Massager
Does Biofreeze work?
Biofreeze Recap
The Biofreeze company keeps tinkering with their product to make it better and better as they go along. This is one feature of any company that is appreciated by consumers, and shows that they intend to be in business for quite a long time.

They earned our Thumbs Up rating because they listen to consumer feedback and fix problems. The overall consensus is that this works, and when you compare it to other methods of pain relief, it is preferable on many different fronts. Not least of which is that it’s topical, so you use it right at the source of the pain.

See our full review of Biofreeze
Does Penetrex work?
Penetrex Recap
Everybody seems to agree that Penetrex is worth at least a try, and could end up being the solution to your problems. The reason is that it’s not just trying to dull over the pain, but contains ingredients to actually help the cause of your pain.

That’s one thing that seems to be missing in most pain relief options. You are taking something that numbs the body, not the hardest thing to do. But with this you are getting relief from pain and also taking steps to try to heal the body from the inside.

See our full review of Penetrex
Does Kextin work?
Kextin Recap
When it comes to recurring joint pain and stiffness, you want something that you could take everyday and not have to worry about the side effects. That’s why many sufferers are loath to take their doctor’s advice and get on a prescription, because they don’t want to take it for the long term.

But here is a product that doesn’t seem to have a list of side effects that come along with it, and that is winning fans as it goes along. It’s good to be willing to try different products until you find one that works, and we think this is wort trying.

See our full review of Kextin
Does AttenGo work?
AttenGo Recap
This is an online program that is designed to treat ADD without the use of drugs. It was supposedly designed by psychologists and doctors so that it is based on science and research, and not just a few people’s opinions on what is needed. The overall response to it has been mixed, but leans towards it working in some cases.

We ended up saying that it is worth a try, but that you should only try it if you have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and not only if you suspect that you might have trouble focusing.

See our full review of AttenGo
Does GNC Vitapak work?
GNC Vitapak Recap
The GNC Vitapak is a package of vitamins that is designed to meet all of your vitamin requirements so that you don’t have wonder which vitamins to take. You can simply use them and be sure that you are getting all that you need.

The number one reason that you want to make sure that you have all of your vitamin requirements in place is that your health depends on having everything that your body requires in place and ready to go. Running a shortage means that you are running the risk of poor health and other conditions.

See our full review of GNC Vitapak
Does Clearlice work?
Clearlice Recap
Getting rid of lice can be hard to do, because it doesn’t just infest the scalp, but it can spread to other areas of the house. If you don’t treat all of these areas you might find that it comes back, and can be very hard to get rid of without a comprehensive plan.

This got our Thumbs Up rating, and the reason is that it shows a high likelihood of working, so you don’t have to worry about having to return it if it doesn’t work out. They still stand behind their product, and if it happens that you don’t get results you can gt your money back.

See our full review of Clearlice
Does Sinus Survival work?
Sinus Survival Recap
This is a guide that is designed to show you how to regain control of your sinuses so that you are free of any disorders that limit their function. The main reason that this seems to be a good thing to sign on to is that a lot of the free information they provide is high quality.

This would lead one to believe that the information on the inside is just as valuable, if not more so, and worth getting access to.

See our full review of Sinus Survival
Does Flamasil work?
Flamasil Recap
The big claim for Flamisil is that it can help with gout flare ups, so you don’t have to resort to prescription medications and pills. That will help most gout sufferers from the symptoms that are commonly experienced. The main feature here is that it is made with organic ingredients. The importance of this is that you won’t be getting things you don’t want, like herbicides and pesticides.

The other thing that you should realize is that they’re not just saying it can help with gout problems, but make you feel better overall and in general. It’s interesting that a product would go above and beyond, but what do real users think?

See our full review of Flamasil
Does Provailen work?
Provailen Recap
Here’s an all-natural arthritis treatment that we gave a Try rating to because there are reports that it’s working, and also because there are only a limited number of naturally sourced options for arthritis sufferers, and many of them don’t have any positive feedback. If you’ve made it your mission not to rely on prescription drugs or over the counter pain relievers, this might be one way to go.

There are other features that we’ve cited that make it worth trying, and you should definitely get the whole scoop from our detailed analysis.

See our full review of Provailen
Does mesotherapy work?
Mesotherapy Recap
This has been touted as all natural BOTOX, and it’s designed not only to give immediate benefits to those that try it, but also to help the skin naturally heal and better itself between treatments. Since it is supposed to be using all-natural ingredients that are safer than BOTOX, many claim that it is a better option.

The prices for it can still be rather high, considering that you’ll have to return for more treatments, and it’s not a one-off deal. If you are worried that you still might have side effects, be sure to get a consultation with a doctor first.

See our full review of Mesotherapy
Does Plan My Baby work?
Plan My Baby Recap
This is a guidebook that promises to explain to you how you can help to determine the sex of your baby. It doesn’t matter why you want to alter the sex of your child, it says no matter if you prefer a girl or a boy they can make it happen. They say their success rate is very high, and that the large majority have success with it. Since they’re able to determine the sex of your child pretty quickly, you get your answer that much faster.

Signs point to there being the ability to help decide what sex your baby is, and science can do it, but it’s very expensive. Could this be a cheaper way?

See our full review of Plan My Baby
Does Procera AVH work?
Procera AVH Recap
This is one product that has been labeled a scam, but we dug deeper to see if there is any truth the those claims. Procera is a product that is supposed to be taken in order to try and preserve and restore your memory. These are pretty big claims, considering that baby boomers are getting to the age where they’re worried more about that.

Our findings suggest that it likely doesn’t work, but visitors to our site seem to disagree somewhat.

See our full review of Procera AVH
Does Lasik eye surgery work?
LASIK Eye Surgery Recap
LASIK is the laser eye surgery that is performed on those with all sorts of eye problems, and is said to be able to restore perfect vision, even when a patient has never had perfect vision before in their life. It has gotten a lot of attention, because early patients had no idea of the long term effects.

It’s been around for quite some time now, and the effects appear to last a long time, with few notable side effects. It’s still very expensive, but most think it’s worth not having to wear glasses or contacts anymore.

See our full review of LASIK Eye Surgery
Does Supple drink work?
Supple Drink Recap
Supple Drink is another product that is promising joint pain relief just from drinking it. Since most of us aren’t too comfortable with the idea of taking a daily pill to have pain relief, a drink form is one way to get the things we need into our bodies, and with a decent taste as well.

The ingredients it uses have been tested to be pretty effective, all that remains is to see whether they are working in conjunction with each other, and the beverage format is an effective delivery mechanism. They back it with a 60 day guarantee, more than enough time to make a decision.

See our full review of Supple Drink
Does Fibroids Miracle work?
Fibroids Miracle Recap
If you have uterine fibroids, or just have a family history and want to do your best to prevent them, this guide is meant to show you just what to do and what not to do. With the information out there scattered over hundreds of websites, it can be daunting and frustrating to try and get accurate answers to your questions.

This is supposed to lay it all out for you, giving you the information you need to research the background of the condition, take the steps necessary to treat it, and keep the lifestyle that will prevent it from coming back.

See our full review of Fibroids Miracle
Does Natural Perfect Vision work?
Natural Perfect Vision Recap
This is a system developed by an eye doctor that says you will be able to have perfect vision, without the need of surgery, and without the use of glasses or contacts. It involves using various eye exercises and tricks to make sure that you’re treating your eyes as best as you can. The end result is that your eyes get stronger, rather than weaker.

It’s based on the Bates method, which has its share of critics, so you’ll have to do some extra fact-checking to see if this is worth your time and effort, but the potential rewards are there.

See our full review of Natural Perfect Vision


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