Hemorrhoid Treatment Reviews

Hemorrhoid Treatment ReviewsIf you’re tired of lugging the rubber doughnut around your home, you probably need a hemorrhoid treatment that actually works. Most hemorrhoid sufferers have become jaded on the whole industry because of so many products that claim to work, but fall short of producing the desired results. It only makes sense that after trying two, three, or even more products that you’d be skeptical that anything can work.

The Nature of the Beast
Unfortunately, because of the nature of hemorrhoids, it’s really not possible for a company to produce a product that works for every person, in every case. Products designed to treat the symptoms have gotten more favorable reviews, because it’s relatively easy to stop burning and itching sensations. However, if you want to get to the root of things, and treat what’s causing the symptoms, that takes a different product altogether, and that’s where the mixed reviews come in.

So it’s really just a matter of try and try again, because there are too many factors at work to be able to guarantee that a product will work for you, or how quickly. We know it can be hard to keep getting your hopes up, only to have them dashed, that’s why you have to keep some emotional distance between yourself and the product, and conduct this more like a science experiment, where you’re not so attached to the outcome, you’re taking more of an observational role. You know that you will eventually find a system that works for you, it’s only a matter of when.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Review Recaps

We’ve assembled some of the top-selling, most talked about products for hemorrhoid treatment available today. We’re always evaluating new products as they come to our attention, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back from time to time to see our most recent additions. To earn a Thumbs Up rating from us, a product has to have a combination of the following: indisputable feedback from real users that say it works, a money back guarantee that they actually follow through on, strong value for the price, and a history of stellar customer service.

Does Venapro really work?
Venapro Recap
Venapro takes a two step approach to your hemorrhoid problem. It uses an under-the-tongue homeopathic spray to treat the hemorrhoid problem itself, but it also includes all-natural fiber pills that will help you pass your stools more easily, therefore leading to fewer flare ups and hemorrhoid ruptures. Most competing products take topical and external approach to treating your symptoms. Venapro is the first one we’ve seen that uses two internally-based methods to act on the causes of hemorrhoids.

We’re giving Venapro our Thumbs Up, and recommend giving it a try if you haven’t had luck with anything else.

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Does Hemorrhoid Miracle really work?
Hemorrhoid Miracle Recap
This is one of the few hemorrhoid products that isn’t really a product per se but an ebook explaining how to get rid of your hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid Miracle promises to not only break down what’s causing your condition, but it also says it can show you little-known cures to take away the pain, burning, and itching almost instantly, that are cheap, safe, and effective.

It depends on what you think about buying information. We tend to think that if an author has assembled all of the information you need into one well-organized source, it’s worth it. Also, we like that you can get this and completely evaluate it without worrying about losing your money.

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Does Anuice really work?
Anuice Recap
Anuice is a pretty unique product when it comes to hemorrhoid solutions. It’s a reusable ice pack that is shaped so that it can be inserted right into the anus if you’re experiencing internal hemorrhoids. It can also be used externally and the premise is that it provides a cooldown to the affected areas and soothes the skin, bringing it back to its original condition with repeated use.

They say that this is a hemorrhoid cure, but we can’t really see how an ice pack can be the cure. It can’t do anything to prevent another occurrence, so it’s just curing the symptoms.

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Does Hemocyl really work?
Hemocyl Recap
Based in the UK, Hemocyl claims to have the scientific and clinical testing to back its claim at being able to help you get rid of your hemorrhoids. By taking two pills before you eat breakfast, and for just 7 – 10 days, they say you will have effectively treated your hemorrhoids for 6 months. If you’re suffering from this condition, you will definitely take notice to that claim.

Most users have said that this did indeed work, while there were some that said that it didn’t. Hemocyl even acknowledges that it won’t work for all cases, which is why they have a money back guarantee, and why we gave them our Thumbs Up review.

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Do Tucks Medicated Pads work?
Tucks Medicated Pads Recap
A medicated pad might seem like a no-brainer, since there’s not really a way to misuse it. With Tucks Medicated Pads you’re getting a pretty strong dose of Witch Hazel, which has nothing to do with Harry Potter or Hogwarts. It’s a proven all-natural ingredient that has been shown to sooth the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids.

Some users have said that the pads are small and hard to peel off from the pack, but aside from that they do the job and provide much needed relief from irritating symptoms. Tucks has been around for decades, and it a trusted go-to for many people that have been battling a recurring case for years.

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Does Preparation H work?
Preparation H Recap
Preparation H has been around since the 1950s and is one of those products that originally started off as something else before they found out it was effective at treating hemorrhoids. These days it’s owned by Pfizer and isn’t made with the same ingredients as when it was first released. There are so many different varieties of Preparation H that you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that resonates with you.

Their entire product line is well-reviewed, so they’re doing something right with this product. You can confidently buy one of their concoctions to effectively treat the symptoms you’re having.

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Does HemClear really work?
Hemclear Recap
The concept behind Hemclear is pretty logical. They’ve taken some of the most effective natural ingredients used to treat hemorrhoids separately, and put them all together in one pill. This means that it creates a synergistic effect, and hits the problem from several different angles at the same time. It’s got ingredients that help with inflammation, others that help with itching, and still others that help with blood flow.

Most products out there take a uni-faceted approach and therefore provide relief from a particular symptom, and then only for a short time. Hemclear is designed for long term relief of the entire problem.

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Internal Vs. External
Some products only treat internal hemorrhoids, others only treat external, and some treat both. That’s why you want to get a proper diagnosis of what kind you have, so that you end up treating it with the right product. IF this is your first case, you’ll definitely want to see your doctor before doing anything, because it could be an improper diagnosis on your part, and a hemorrhoid treatment won’t work at all if it’s not hemorrhoids that you have.

Treating the Symptoms or the Cause?
While it is important to treat your symptoms, as this will give you the relief you seek, it’s also important to get to the cause of those symptoms, the hemorrhoids themselves. A good hemorrhoid treatment will not only give you immediately relief, but it will also work to lessen the size and severity of the swollen veins that are the actual hemorrhoids.

How Long Should It Take?
Relief from symptoms should be relatively instant, because we’ve gotten pretty good at coming up with ways to numb the human body from pain. However, in order to get your condition to go away completely, it might take continue effort on your part, and a regular regimen of pill-taking, or other scheduled treatment. Whichever course of hemorrhoid treatment you decide to go with, resolve yourself to sticking with it, even if you don’t get the results you thought you would on the time frame you thought would happen.

Our Hemorrhoid Treatment Recommendation

We recommend taking a hemorrhoid treatment that includes an orally taken pill with all-natural ingredients, specifically aimed at lowering the inflammation of the hemorrhoids from the inside out. At the same time, you can use medicated pads, ointments and creams to help relieve you of the symptoms that are driving you up the wall. There are plenty of combinations you can come up with, including many of the products featured on this page, and it might take a mixing and matching effort on your part to find the right concoction.

We will continue our search for the best hemorrhoid treatment, and bring you the winners as well as the flops to avoid to help you in the decision making process.