Do Skin Care Products Really Work? (Continued)

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Does Clear Skin Max work?
Clear Skin Max Recap
If you don’t respond well to benzoyl peroxide, or you’re allergic to it, Clear Skin Max might make for a viable alternative. It’s supposed to be able to clean your skin, and get you the same kind of results, but without the benzoyl peroxide.

Even if benzoyl peroxide does work for you, and you don’t have any adverse reactions to it, you might still want to use this because it won’t dry your skin out the way a peroxide does. Most users who try this report that it does a good job with its six different steps.

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Does ClearPores really work?
ClearPores Recap
ClearPores is a three part system that allows you to have a nice little package so you don’t have to buy a bunch of other skin care products for your face. The concept is that it hits all the areas you need so you don’t have to spend extra money trying to fill in the gaps it leaves behind. It’s a concept that is shared by such products as Proactiv, and plenty of others, and seems to be successful.

When evaluating whether or not this is an effective way to get rid of your skin blemishes, you have to size it up against similar products using the same ingredients, factor in whether the price is right, and also determine if this is the best choice for your skin type. We help you break it down in our full analysis.

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Does Derma Pure work?
Derma Pure Recap
Any time you are trying to find an answer to the signs of aging, you’re going to run into a lot of claims, and the majority of them are going to be bogus. That’s why it’s doubly important to do your due diligence, because you don’t want to waste time when fighting time. The big claim by Derma Pure is that you can look up to 10 years younger. That’s a pretty good block of time, and most of us wish we could turn back the clock that far.

Of course the bigger the claim, the harder it is to live up to it, so we pulled out all the stops and did are best to give you a straight answer.

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Does Dermalogica work?
Dermalogica Recap
The lineup of Dermalogica products is set up cafeteria style so you can choose the ones that sound like they’re what you need, and take a pass on the ones that don’t resonate with you. A lot of skin care companies will package their products together, which increases the chance that you won’t respond well to one of them. This is nice because you can be more precise with your selections.

What users are saying is that they’re doing things the right way over at Dermalogica Inc., and their products are well-reviewed across the board.

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Does Dermatend really work?
Dermatend Recap
If you have moles, warts, skin tags and other unwanted skin growths, Dermatend might be what you need, but be sure to see your dermatologist first. You just want to make sure you’re not getting rid of a sign of something more severe. Once they give you the green light you’re free to choose how to get rid of them any way you choose.

What usually ends up happening is you have a choice between the expense and pain of having the dermatologist remove them, and sometimes this leaves scarring. Or you can do it yourself at home, but this usually takes longer and involves more responsibility on your part.

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Does the DermaWand work?
DermaWand Recap
DermaWand is a special device that is meant to help lessen the signs of aging and reveal a more youthful complexion on all areas of your face. This is representative of a growing trend in skin care products, ones that involve gadgets that claim were formally only available in spas and clinics.

While some might feel a little overwhelmed by having to operate this on their own, and afraid that they might hurt themselves or damage their skin, most users seems to have success with it.

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Does Dr. Numb work?
Dr. Numb Recap
Dr. Numb is a numbing agent that you are supposed to apply to the skin before you get a tattoo, or before you undergo a hair removal procedure like waxing. The concept is that if you numb the skin you won’t feel the pain associated with the procedure.

Tattoo purists say that this is defeating the point of getting a tattoo, while others warn that the pain signals are important and numbing the skin is not a good idea when you’re getting a tattoo. Most people say it’s a good idea for hair removal, but at the same time there is also a debate about how effective it is.

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Does Elimitag work?
ElimiTag Recap
ElimiTag is a homeopathic remedy that claims to be able to get rid of your skin tags gradually. It doesn’t work on moles or warts, just on skin tags. These are those little growths on your skin, and are almost always benign and nothing to worry about. Since there isn’t a really good way to get rid of them, people are turning to all sorts of methods.

You can cut them off yourself if you’re willing to endure a little pain, and you can even pay your dermatologist to take them off if you’re so inclined. The main thing to remember here is that you’ll have to make the choice between having it done fast or waiting for your results.

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Does Facial Toner work?
Facial Toner Recap
The Facial Toner is a gadget that you wear on your face that is literally supposed to tone it up. so many people are asking us if it works that we had to do a write up on it. This usually happens with a product of this nature because it has a high price point of $400 and it looks strange and futuristic. Rather than be the first one to try it, it seems safer just to ask about it.

And who can blame people for not wanting to be a guinea pig? It’s an expensive device and there’s a lot of doubt that it works.

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Does First Crush Skin Care work?
First Crush Recap
First Crush is taking Proactiv head on and saying that rather than have a 3 step system in 3 bottles you can have a 3 step system in just one bottle and get the same effect. What this does is reduces your time spent applying 3 different products and gets you done quicker.

Having three separate bottles might be a good marketing ploy, making the buyer think that they’re getting three products for the price of what, but there’s really no reason why you can’t get everything done all at once and move on with your day.

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Does Hand Perfection work?
Hand Perfection Recap
Hand Perfection is a unique product because it targets an often overlooked part of the body: the hands. But if you talk with your hands, or otherwise are in a profession where your hands are the focal point, you’ll want to make sure they look their best. It’s easy to have hands that look older than the rest of your body, especially if you have a job that involves using them a lot.

The first step to getting more youthful looking hands is to fix the moisture problem and make sure that your hands are getting enough moisturization. That will go far in making them appear healthy and vibrant.

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Does Hydroxatone really work?
Hydroxatone Recap
When you run into a company like Hydroxatone it can be a little overwhelming because of all of the different products they make. You might wonder if any of them even work, or if there are just a select few that work and the rest are duds. You might also wonder if it’s just a waste of time to try any of them. So we ran our analysis to help you make a decision here and this is what we found:

The line-up of products they offer is vast, but one thing they have in common is that they all get decent reviews, so you can browse with confidence.

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Does KunuLift really work?
KunuLift Recap
Kunulift is yet another face cream that promises that you can look up to 10 years younger. That seems to be the magic number that is believable and would get you back to a point in your life when you felt that you looked young and eager to take life on. One thing we couldn’t get past is that they say this is the fountain of youth in a bottle, and that’s just too big of a claim to make.

There are a plethora of anti-aging creams out there, so you have to hold them under the microscope.

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Does Lifecell really work?
LifeCell Skin Cream Recap
The one thing we couldn’t get past with LifeCell is their inflated price. There’s a theory that says if you price products highly you’ll build up perceived value, but there is a limit to that theory and when it comes to anti-aging there’s only so much a product can do. At some point there’s nothing that can be done, so it’s just a waste to pay extra for it.

What we could find was any hard evidence that validated this price, and so we recommended against going with it.

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Does Loreem skin care system really work?
Loreem Skin Care Recap
Loreem tries to provide a comprehensive skin care regimen so that you can have everything you need in one spot, and you don’t have to worry about all of the things in the environment that can cause damage to your skin. They may be a bit guilty of exaggerating just how toxic the world is to our skin, or they might be right on with their claims, it’s up to you to decide.

One thing is certain, after careful evaluation we determined that their line of products is worth a closer look, and potentially worth trying if you give it the green light.

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Does MaxClarity really work?
MaxClarity Recap
The best thing about MaxClarity is that they have a daytime and a nighttime formula, so it blends in perfectly with your pre-established routine. They are also using products that have been around for quite some time now, but they have mixed them together in such a way that they are now more effective and powerful.

But all of that wouldn’t amount to much if people were dogging it in their feedback. Luckily most of what we’ve seen is positive, which led us to give this the go ahead for a trial run.

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Does Meaningful Beauty work?
Meaningful Beauty Recap
Perhaps you saw Cindy Crawford on TV promoting Meaningful Beauty and you got the idea that it might work for you too. Few can argue that she doesn’t still look stunning, even years after she’s done any full-time modeling. The claim is that the reason she looks so good is that she’s been using Meaningful Beauty all this time, and now it’s available to you.

Anytime you try and compare yourself to a celebrity especially a supermodel, you are opening yourself up for disappointment. If you do decide to go with Meaningful Beauty, do it because you’ve evaluated the product, and not because you are hoping to get Cindy’s results instantly.

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Does Mederma really work?
Mederma Recap
If you have scars you’d like to get rid of, you probably have realized that it’s not the easiest thing to do. No matter which method you choose, it’s going to take time and patience, and depending on your skin’s complexion, it could take years for the scar to face. If you go with a product like Mederma you’re hoping to speed up that time and get results more quickly.

A lot of it depends on what type of scar you have, and how long it’s been since you got it. Check out whether we determined if Mederma works or not.

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Does Mela-D work?
Mela-D Recap
Mela-D is touted as a way to get rid of dark spots on your face. Supermodels like Cindy Crawford can get away with “beauty marks” on their face, but if you’ve determined that your dark spots are not all that appealing you’ll want to try to get rid of them. The trick is getting rid of them without causing damage to the surrounding skin, or making them lighter than the rest of your skin.

The reviews have come in on this one, and they appear to be promising. Of course there’s no guarantee it will work, but we like the odds.

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Does Miracle Hand Repair Cream work?
Miracle Hand Repair Cream Recap
We had one of our testers try out Miracle Hand Repair Cream, and she really liked it. It’s not every day that you find a product with the word miracle in it and find out that it actually works, as this is one of those buzz words that usually means a product is a flop.

But in this case it was found that it works well, and turns hands from being cracked and dry and not very eye appealing, to being soft and looking good, the way they’re supposed to be.

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Does Murad really work?
Murad Recap
Murad might be for you if you can afford to stick with it for the long term. It’s one of those high end skin products that gets good reviews, but might not fit the pocketbook for the average consumer. When you’re talking about a product that you have to keep replenishing monthly, it’s always nice to find one that’s sustainable to your wallet.

If you can get past the price, the actual product seems to be a cut above others that are out there, although it’s tough to make a determination as to whether it works leaps and bounds better than lesser priced products.

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Does Neutrogena Skin ID really work?
Neutrogena Skin ID Recap
The idea behind Skin ID by Neutrogena is that you find out what type of skin you have, and then pick out products that are matched to your skin type. That’s really how all skin products should be, since there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skin. Each skin is different due to genetics, demographics, and lifestyle.

So after you figure out what your special code is, you can figure out which products fit you, and the concept is you’ll only be buying products that your skin will respond well to. Check out how it went in our full write up.

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Does NightSkin work?
NightSkin Recap
With NightSkin you’re supposed to be able to apply it at night in order to get more youthful looking skin. While they don’t tell you all of the ingredients it includes, what we did notice is that there are a lot of people that are saying it works. This isn’t enough for a product to get our top rating of Thumbs Up, we go into more detail and find out why it’s getting this sort of feedback.

We noticed a few things that the reviews had in common for it, and we also like that it has a guarantee in place to encourage you to try it and see how you like it.

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Does Olay Pro X work?
Olay Pro X Recap
Olay brings a lot of brand recognition to the table, so when the jumped on the automatic skin buffer train they were sure to turn a few heads. To make sure of that they ran a bunch of TV promos for it in order to build awareness for it.

Since Olay is trying to make products for the masses, they priced the Pro X at a reasonable level so that more people can try it and use it. What this does is creates a ton of feedback for us to chew on and what we were able to conclude was that it does in fact work.

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Does Organic Complexion really work?
Organic Complexion Recap
If organic is your thing then you’re probably fed up with the selection of skin care products that use basically everything under the sun to try to get skin to look better. Organic Complexion makes it so you know you’re getting some organic ingredients, and at the very least all natural ingredients. When you put them on your skin you can be sure that it’s not full of chemicals.

They ended up earning our top rating, so you should definitely give them a closer look.

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Does Pai Skincare work?
Pai Skincare Recap
Pai Skincare products passed our test, and seem to be winning fans left and right along the way. They say that many of their products use organic ingredients so you aren’t putting a bunch of harmful substances on your skin.

Since your skin is the largest organ you have it’s important not to clog it up with a bunch of products that shouldn’t really be applied to it. When you go organic you know you’re getting something that hasn’t been treated with chemicals, which gives it a big edge on other products.

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Does Réjuvasea work?
Réjuvasea Recap
Rejuvasea has an interesting premise, it says that it’s is using special plankton that is harvested off the coast of Spain. This might be a clever marketing gimmick to justify a higher price tag, or there might be something to this claim. One thing is certain, it makes the product unique, and that is typically all that it takes to make some sales, think Seth Godin’s Purple Cow.

But aside from that, peer feedback looks really good for it, and at the very least you’re getting a high quality product that is priced just about the same as anything else making similar claims.

See our full review of Réjuvasea
Does Rejuvicare really work?
RejuviCare Recap
Battling the signs of aging can be tough, and you might feel like you need as many allies as possible to get the job done. In that case RejuviCare seems to answer the call by giving you plenty of different products to try, either separately or together.

What we’ve noticed these days is that anti-aging products are trending due to the baby boomer population, so it’s essential to find out what the consensus is on a product before jumping in. In this case, it’s not conclusive that it works, which leads us to think it doesn’t.

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Does Revitagen work?
Revitagen Recap
Stretch marks are so hard to get rid of, even if you’re using the right product. Revitagen says it is that product, and says that it can help you with the appearance of your stretch marks. The thing to keep in mind here is that this is just a temporary fix, so you might apply it before wearing a revealing dress to the club, but it’s not going to give you long term results.

For some this might make sense, and a lot of people say it works in the short term. You should also consider combining it with a permanent solution as well.

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Does FaceFX work?
Silk’n FaceFX Recap
It may be a little daunting when you first see the Silk’n Face FX because it looks Space Age and that it might zap you. But the claim is that it zaps the wrinkles instead. It’s no secret that spas have been using devices like this for over a decade, but is it finally able to be used at home by the average person?

All we could determine was that it should work, given all of the information that’s available, but at $300 that might not be enough to make a purchase decision on.

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Does Stages of Beauty work?
Stages of Beauty Recap
Stages of Beauty is set up so that depending on which age bracket you’re in, you get products that are designed to help with the most common problems. This way you’re not trying to treat things that your skin doesn’t need, and you’re using age appropriate treatments.

In order to use these you have to buy into their explantation of the different stages of aging, and agree that your skin actually is experiencing those same problems. It might be that you’ve taken better or worse care of yourself than the average person, so you might fall into a different bracket, even though your actual age is set.

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Does Stem Cell Therapy Cream work?
Stem Cell Therapy Cream Recap
If the before and after pictures that Stem Cell Therapy Cream uses in order to entice you to buy is what swayed you, you’d better sit down for this. From our calculations it appears that this isn’t quite the miracle cream it would have you believe it is. There is little in the way of positive feedback on it, and the best we good find was a mixed bag of reviews.

Before and after pictures are effective, but they are often a special case, and are not indicative of what the average person can expect. That’s if they haven’t been doctored. What would be more impressive would be before and after videos.

See our full review of Stem Cell Therapy Cream
Does Tag Away work?
Tag Away Recap
Tag Away is a homeopathic way to get rid of skin tags, but the kicker is you have to be patient when you use it. If you’re not familiar with homeopathy the product you’ll receive is mostly going to be water. The idea is that you’re using the vibration of the active ingredient rather than the active ingredient itself. In order to make this painless, you’ll have to do the waiting game.

The reason it takes so long is because you’re gradually withering the skin tag away until it falls off leaving no trace.

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Does Temptu Airbrush work?
Temptu Airbrush Recap
The Temptu Airbrush system says that it is the same caliber system that is used by professional makeup artists in the industry. That may all be well and good, but they are applying the makeup to celebrities, not applying it to themselves. Is this even something that the average person can use, and how easy is it to use an airbrush on yourself?

From what users are saying all it takes is a bit of practice to figure out how to use it properly, and it comes with everything you need to get started right away.

See our full review of the Temptu Airbrush
Does Therapik work?
Therapik Recap
If you don’t like the thought of using harmful chemicals to repel bugs or deal with bug bites after you get them, the Therapik might be the answer. It doesn’t use any cream, lotion, spray, or any chemicals at all, you just apply it to the bite and it should stop the itching.

This is a handy device to take with you whenever you go out in the woods or at picnics or camping trips when the likelihood of getting bitten is high. The feedback on it suggests that it does in fact work.

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Does Thermage work?
Thermage Recap
If you want to look younger but don’t like the idea of the pain and expense of a face lift, Thermage might be for you. It’s a way to get the benefits of a facelift without going under the knife. That’s because they use special wave technology to get beneath the skin without having to make an incision. This is a treatment that is perhaps a bit expensive, but no more so than a face lift.

In order to find out if this is right for you you should consult with your doctor to see what they think.

See our full review of Thermage
Does TriLASTIN work?
Stretch marks can be an ordeal, and if you’ve tried other products you probably feel like you’re at your wit’s end with them. The reason they’re so hard to treat is that sometimes they can be very deep and wide, making them harder to fade completely.

So we were a bit skeptical about TriLASTIN SR when we first saw it, but we uncovered a lot of proof that it actually works, and the feedback it’s getting was surprisingly positive. This is something that you should try right away if you’re battling with stretch marks. We can’t guarantee it will work, but it’s definitely favorable odds.

See our full review of TriLASTIN SR
Does Urban Skintrition work?
Urban Skintrition Recap
Here is another product that says it can help with your stretch marks, and actually has the feedback to supports its claims. Urban Skintrition passed our analysis and we’re able to give it our Thumbs Up rating. This is one of only a select few stretch mark products that made the grade. All the others fell short.

The thing that is you have to be willing to commit to using it regularly, and for a longer period of time, since that is where most of the positive remarks are coming from.

See our full review of Urban Skintrition
Does Wartrol work?
Wartrol Recap
Dealing with warts and genital warts can be embarrassing since both have a certain stigma in society. If you can treat them at home you can avoid a trip to the doctor, but it would have to be totally proven to work every time, and in short order. Your dermatologist can get rid of them rather quickly, so waiting around for results can put a damper on your life.

Overall we’d say that this isn’t better than just going to the dermatologist and having them taken care of by a professional. It would be worth the extra cost to know they’re gone for good.

See our full review of Wartrol
Does Zyporex really work?
Zyporex Recap
We ended up giving Zyporex the no-go, and recommended spending your money on more effective treatments. When it comes to battling acne it’s all about having the right product for your skin type and the kind of acne you get. If you crack that code you get success, if you don’t you end up getting more irritation, more oiliness, and more zits.

So it comes down to simply trying a bunch of products and seeing what works. Knowing which ones to try and which ones to avoid is what we try to help with, and you can safely take a poass on this one and put your energy and time into a different product.

See our full review of Zyporex

In case you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check out our first page of skin care products for even more.

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