Does the Volumetrics Diet Really Work

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Does the Volumetrics Diet Work?Being as its time for wearing bathing suits and shorts its also about time to check out another diet that may help you lose those unwanted pounds, so you can look your best. Chances are if you are dealing with a weight issue you have already tried several different approaches. We’re about to offer you another one, just in case your efforts to lose some weight have failed you so far, and its called the Volumetrics Diet. It is not a new diet approach, but is in fact one that has been around for a few years now.

Even though the Volumetrics Diet is not new it may have got shoved to the back burner when it comes to the recognition it seems to deserve. It is a diet program that has been around for several years and was designed by Dr. Barbara Rolls and Mindy Herman. It was last updated in 2013. This diet takes the approach of the dieter feeling full throughout their dieting regime through consuming the right foods that will create this but at the same time assist in the weight loss efforts.

The Claim
According to the promoters of Volumetrics Dieting you should be able to lose weight and keep it off yet feel satisfied when it comes to your hunger. This is accomplished with the consuming of less calories which is usually the number one priority of many diets. This is a 12 week program geared towards changing eating habits to achieve the desired results.

The Hype
The hype really focuses around two major aspects of the Volumetrics Diet. The first is that you can actually consume foods that make you feel full. One of the reasons many people fail when dieting is because they can’t stick with their chosen regime. This is because they always feel hungry and can’t cope with this. The other important aspect is that its only a 12 week program that you need to follow to get you on the right track of losing weight.

The Cost
The Volumetrics Diet comes to you in the form of a book that will take you through the program step by step. The book costs about $10. and the latest version is called, The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet.

The Commitment
When it comes to dieting and losing weight there is no quick fix. So the first commitment you need to make is that you are going to study the Volumetrics Diet and stick with it.

When it comes to evaluating diet regimes it usually means allowing a significant amount of time to pass so a general consensus can be gathered as to the diet’s success. Time has passed since the Volumetrics Diet has become available. Orginally, the diet program was released by these authors in a book called Most Effective Diet of 2011 by The Daily Beast. It became a best seller and has since been updated in the 2013 version. What we personally like about the Volumetrics Diet is its simplicity. You don’t have to sign up for memberships, or buy special foods other that the foods that are outlined in the Volumetrics Diet itself.

Final Volumetrics Diet Review

We are going to give the Volumetrics Diet a thumbs up. It has a lot of potent support behind it through the media and those who could be classed as diet experts. The focus being on high volume low calorie foods is definitely an approach that many dieters really need. Some class this diet as being the best choice for those that are serious dieters.

Our Recommendation
When it comes to losing weight what works for some will not work for others. Our recommendation is to never give up with your weight loss efforts, but to do your research carefully. Also, keep in mind that usually the most effective weight loss results comes from those programs who emphasis that it is going to take time to lose weight in a proper and healthy manner and to the point where you can keep it off. If you want to do some more research about other types of diets be sure to check out our diet review section.

What do you think? Does The Volumetrics Diet work or not?

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