Does the Ionic Bulb Air Purifier Really Work?

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Does the Ionic Bulb Air Purifier Work?The cold and flu season as well as fall allergies are something that many of us are about to face. This means taking extra measures to help protect us. So could the Ionic Bulb Air Purifier be instrumental in this?

The Ionic Bulb Air Purifier is first and foremost a lightbulb. However, it has an extra feature built into it which is creating negative ions. Many think that having more negative ions in the air that they breathe is more beneficial to their health.

The Claim
The promoters of the Ionic Bulb Air Purifier say that this light bulb has the ability to somewhat freshen the air by removing smoke particles as well as dust and pet dander.

The Hype
They hype is the extra feature of helping to clean the air, although the Ionic Bulb Air Purifier is marketed as being ozone free and being able to produce at least 10,000 of hours of light.

The Cost
The cost of the Ionic Bulb Air Purifier is $9.99 which is quite reasonable when compared to the prices of other lightbulbs that can produce the same amount of light.

The Commitment
Not much of a commitment except screwing the light bulb in. First, you may want to try one Ionic Bulb Air Purifier to see if it delivers on its additional benefits according to your expectations. If you are pleased with it then you will more than likely want to order several more and replace many of your current light bulbs. This will take a bit more of a commitment.

The Ionic Bulb Air Purifier is a fairly new product on the market. It appears to be setting itself up to just up on a new trend in light bulbs that is beginning to take place. This is the trend of being an air purifier as well as delivering light. There are several bulbs coming onto the market offering similar features.

Final Ionic Bulb Air Purifier Review

While we like the concept behind the additional benefits of a light bulb helping to clean the air, there have been some complaints around the Ionic Bulb Air Purifier in regards to its quality. There is no point in trying to capitalize on the extra benefits if the original purpose of the bulb which is to give light cannot be enjoyed. Based on this we are going to give the Ionic Bulb Air Purifier a try/buy as there is some positive feedback along with the negatives.

Our Recommendation
We recommend that if you are really interested in the Ionic Bulb Air Purifier based on its claims to purify the air that you try one first and really observe whether you see any difference in the reduction of dust particles or pet dander. An alternative if you are a believe in ionic air cleaning is to check out the Ionic Pro Air Purifier.

What do you think? Does the Ionic Bulb Air Purifier work or not?

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