E-Cigarette Reviews

E-Cigarette ReviewsThe E-Cigarette market had a big surge in popularity a few years back, and out of all the companies that emerged with electronic versions of vapor-puffing cigarettes, a few have stuck around and amassed a loyal following. If you’re just catching onto the trend, you’re in luck. The chances of picking a winner are higher now than ever before.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of E-Cigs
The major benefit of smoking an e-cigarette is that it’s not a cigarette is that it doesn’t contain all of the nicotine and other additives that cigarette companies pack into a regular cigarette. You are also supposed to be able to smoke these in places that forbid cigarette smoking, since there’s no smoke, just a vapor which often does’t have a smell at all.

E-Cigarette Review Recaps

Here are some of the most popular brands of e-cigarettes out there for your perusal. We’ve highlighted the good as well as the bad so that you can get a quick idea of which ones to consider trying and which ones you can leave alone.

Does Green Smoke work?
Green Smoke Recap
Green Smoke is one of the larger e-cig companies out there, and stands to capture even more of the market as we go along and other companies bow out. That’s the kind of cigarette that you want to try out because if you end up liking it you know that they’ll be around in the future to give you refill cartridges and to release new versions that work even better.

There’s plenty of positive feedback out there for these, and of course there are some people that don’t like them. You can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time, we know that so we always look for a product that is pleasing the majority of users, and this measures up.

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Do Blu Cigs work?
Blu Cigs Recap
While most e-cig manufacturers like to sell directly from a website, Blu Cigs has taken things a step further and has their product in stores so you can buy it in person. This is huge because you can actually hold the box in your hands and see if the quality meets your expectations. You can also order through their website, and while the prices might seem a bit high, you can easily justify it by the lowered cost of tobacco cigarettes each week or month.

They guarantee their product, and seem to be winning fans at an alarming rate. Will you become one of them?

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Do Victory E-Cigs work?
Victory E-Cigs Recap
Victory E-Cigs might look like just another e-cigarette, and that’s the tricky part about deciding which one to go with. There are so many of them and they all look roughly the same way. It’s a matter of determining how long they’ve been in business, and also trying to project how long they’ll remain in business. You have to figure that many companies are going to go belly up and only a few good ones will stick around for the long term.

Our overall experience was that these were a brand that you could take a pass on, since there are better brands out there that provide a better smoking alternative.

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Do V2 Cigs work?
V2 Cigs Recap
V2 Cigs ended up getting our Thumbs Up rating due to their offer as well as how many people have chimed in to say that these actually do provide a nice smoking experience. Their kits come with everything you need to take your first puff, and keep you pretty well stocked just off of their starter kit.

It can be pretty hard to win over long-time smokers, but that exactly what it appears is happening with several users of V2 Cigs. They say that this ends up giving them a pretty similar experience to smoking, but of course it’s hard to replicate it entirely. To quit or cut back though you don’t have to have a perfect simulation.

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Do Alternacigs work?
AlternaCigs Recap
AltenaCigs promises to be an alternative to smoking actual cigarettes, and that’s a pretty far leap. Most of these e-cig companies are pretty clear that they’re not trying to replicate smoking entirely, but to give you an option for when you’re not allowed to smoke, or when it’s not convenient to smoke. The feedback on these cigs is mixed, so you might not want to risk it when there bigger companies with a more established product in place.

You might also want to try them out if you’ve already given the other companies a go and weren’t impressed. They do offer a quality product at a reasonable price.

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Do CigReds work?
CigReds Recap
Here’s one manufacturer that is really trying to get you to try their smokes by offering you a free smokers kit when you purchase their cartridges. It’s good to note that these companies really want you to enjoy their product because they want you to come back and order more refills. The prices here are higher than at some competitors, but that didn’t stop us from giving them our Solid Try rating based on how much feedback they were getting.

It’s a pretty good offer when you stop to consider it, and it’s all backed by their guarantee.

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Does EZ Smoker really work?
EZ Smoker Recap
EZ Smoker wants you to try their kit so bad they’ll send it to you for just $10 as long as you let them enroll you in the auto-shipment of cartridges. It’s clear that they want your repeat business, but they have to earn it, and if you don’t like it you can always stop the auto enrollment and call it a wash. These don’t use carbon monoxide, so you’re getting a smoking experience without putting all sorts of things into your body.

The best thing to do is add this to your backup list in case any of the above recommended products don’t suit you.

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Points to Consider
Keep in mind that each person out there will have different goals they’re trying to accomplish by buying an e-cigarette. Some are trying to use them to wean themselves off of cigarettes, while others have no intention of quitting and are just using these as a way to smoke where they otherwise couldn’t. That means that reviews will vary from person to person.

If you’re just using these to get by until your next smoke, you won’t be holding them up to such a high standard as someone that is looking to replace tobacco cigarettes with them.

Replacing the Tactile Experience
For some it might be a matter of holding something in their fingers and putting something to their mouth. This can help break that habit, if you find that you’re mostly smoking because you like the feel of it in your hand.

Our e-Cigarette Recommendation

At this point go wrong with buying a package from one of the larger, established market leaders. They’ve had thousands of customers so they’ve been able to perfect not only their product, but also the way have made improvements over the years in how the cartridges work, and how they taste. If an e-cigarette brand isn’t super-popular it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not worth a try, but it wouldn’t be our first choice.