Does the Eero WiFi System Really Work?

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Does the Eero WiFi System Work?It goes without saying that our internet connections are critically important to us and that means for most that they demand excellence from their WiFi performance. Unfortunately there are many complaints that this is just not up to par around the home much to the disappointment of many family members. Perhaps Eero WiFi System could solve the problem.

The Eero WiFi System is a system that can be adequately used in an average two to four bedroom home, with the ability to provide flawless WiFi internet connection throughout every room of the house. The system is comprised of 1 Eero unit and two beacons.

The Claim
The claim by those promoting the Eero WiFi System is that it replaces the need for a router as well as extenders.

The Hype
The hype with the Eeros WiFi System really is all about the non interruption of your WiFi services that are so important to you. It is really frustrating to be in one area of your home yet you cannot get full access to your internet. WiFi is meant to be able to use the internet with freedom, but with the intermittent services that so many people get it really becomes quite constrictive. Meaning you need to be close to your modem in order to get good reception. This is the problem that Eero WiFi System corrects.

The Cost
You are going to have to be prepared for a fairly substantial investment in the Eero WiFi system initially. The cost for this depending on where you buy it will be $362.99. This includes your main Eero unit and the two beacons. Over and above this you will need to have your internet connection, modem and your ios or smartphone.

The Commitment
Not really much of a commitment is needed other than taking the time to get the Eero WiFi system set up and ready to work

Looking at some of the feedback to date it is pretty impressive for the Eero WiFi system. It has a 4.4 rating out of 219 reviews. Although it is important to keep in mind that sometimes reviews can be escalated. Some of the positive remarks are that this system is better than the Google system. Others are saying that they found the original Eero system adequate enough for their needs.

Final Eero WiFi System Review

We are going to give the Eero WiFi System a thumbs up rating, but we do encourage you to do some good comparisons before making your final decision. There are less expensive ones on the market that do have a large number of reviews so these are important to look at.

Our Recommendation
The WiFi problem is one that we took note of in the past as it is a complaint of many. We did check out a product at that time called WiFi Wizard. This is more of a booster and a lot of people find that even with a booster they are not getting the experience they are looking for.

What do you think? Does Eero WiFi System work or not?

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