Do Hair Loss Treatments Really Work?

Jason Alexander - classic bald guy.Why are hair loss treatments so eagerly sought? No one wants to be “the bald guy”. Not even, it seems, the most famous one of them all, Jason Alexander, better known as George in the sitcom ‘Seinfeld’. He’s has been experimenting with some interesting hair loss products, or so he tweeted a few months ago.

In a society that, unfortunately, lays a lot of stress on appearance, hair loss is something the best of us find hard to cope with. It is one of those conditions on which people are willing to spend large amounts of money.

When a thinning hair problem is identified people frantically start looking for solutions. The Internet, which is the most used medium for investigations such as these, can prove to be a double-edged sword. There are many so-called magical solutions out there and because the person facing this life-changing crisis is anxious, he or she can easily fall into a trap in a desperate measure to stem the problem.

What then is the right way to deal with hair loss? The best thing to do is to adopt a multifold approach and, easy as it is to say, not to get overly tense about it, which, many experts who believe in the connection between the physiological and psychological state say, will only worsen the situation.

Top 5 Hair Loss Treatments of 2012

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Product Review Recaps

Does Folligen really work?Folligen Recap
Folligen believes that hair needs “multiple signals for renewal”. It markets itself based on this principle.

Like many similar products on the market. it uses copper as an active ingredient. But, apart from that, Folligen focuses on revitalizing the hair by treating it to a healthy mix of ingredients like amino acids, lipids, anti-oxidants etc. These not only prevent the damage caused by shampoos and the environment, but also nourish and restore strength to the follicles. Folligen products re-seal the hair shafts, thus protecting them from damage.

They offer a variety of topical products: cream and lotion ($20 each), therapy shampoo and conditioner ($25 each), spray ($39), hair signals therapy cream ($24). Application is pretty standard: massage, wait, wash and condition.

Reviews are mixed, though most people did not think it helped. But, since this is cheaper than other products with similar ingredients, people seemed inclined to continue the treatment. For best results users recommend (as does the Folligen site) adding 5% Minoxidil as well as Emu oil.

Check out our full review of Folligen
Does Rogaine really work?
Rogaine Recap
Of all the re-growth products available in the market today, Rogaine, clearly, is the leader. We recommend it for two main reasons: One, because it has worked for a lot of people. Second, and more importantly, because it is FDA approved and has undergone innumerable clinical tests for its efficacy and possible health hazards.

The most active ingredient in Rogaine is Minoxidil which, they claim, stimulates the hair to increase in size. Moreover, Rogaine also encourages re-growth and reduces hair loss.

The line of products include: Unscented foam ($60 for a 4 month supply), extra strength solution ($50 for a 3-month supply) and volumizing shampoo ($7 for a 12oz bottle). Together these work to protect and re-grow follicles.

Though there is a bit of a mystery surrounding how Rogaine actually works, what is clear is that Minoxidil causes the hair to grow back. After a few months of using Rogaine people saw thicker, fuller hair which actually grew in size. Thus, unlike a lot of products that make bold claims of bringing back hair, Rogaine actually does.

Now, a word of caution. One must be aware of the possible side effects of Rogaine and understand that Minoxidil is a powerful drug. Side-effects could range from itchy, burning skin, to rare, but serious ones like chest-pain or dizziness.

See our full review of Rogaine

Provillus Recap
As far as it can be determined, Provillus is developing a strong fan base of users that say that it works. Since it’s made with natural ingredients, it’s an attractive alternative to synthetic drugs that contain Minoxidil. It’s hard to argue with word of mouth buzz being created here. Without doing a lot of heavy advertising on television or online, they are doing a healthy business over at Provillus, Inc.

When you are trying to decide from which angle you want to attack your hair loss, it’s best to have something like Provillus in your arsenal. It is geared to help you body stop hair loss from the inside out so that you aren’t merely treating the surface problem. It may not be a miracle cure, but when combined with other topical products you might have a winner here.

See our full review of Provillus

DHT Blockers
DHT Blockers Recap
For many years people thout that DHT Blockers were going to be the next big thing in hair loss treatments. Still many of these products remain strong sellers because they make a strong case that excessive amounts of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the reason for male pattern baldness. While it may be true that this is one of the causes for some men, it’s impossible to paint with a broad brush and say that too much DHT is the reason why all bald guys are bald.

If you include a DHT blocker in your daily regimen for thicker hair, be sure to combine it with other products so you’re taking a multi-tiered approach and not just banking on one type of cause and remedy.

See our full review of DHT Blockers

Does Doo Gro really work?
Doo Gro Recap
Doo Gro is one of those products that on the outside doesn’t look like it would work. It has a goofy name, and the packaging is all wrong. But just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you should just hair loss treatments by how clever their marketing team is.

Regardless of what it looks like, the ingredients in Doo Gro must be doing something right. There’s plenty of feedback saying that it does provide results, over time. Our community unanimously agrees that Doo Gro works. Definitely read up on it and see if it sounds like something that will work for your case.

See our full review of Doo Gro

Keranique Recap
Keranique is showing mixed reviews as to its effectiveness. Some people swear by it while others say it’s a flop. Our official stance is that it’s not worth trying, because it costs more than other products that have the same ingredients.

It’s bound to do something, because it contains the same active ingredient, Minoxidil, as other effective products do. But perhaps it does not use it in sufficient quantities, thereby providing the split when it comes to feedback from real users.

See our full review of Keranique
Does Tricomin really work?
Tricomin Recap
Try Tricomin at your own risk to your wallet and scalp. Although it has its fair share of positive reviews, the results come at quite the cost. Plus the negative reviews aren’t just saying that it doesn’t work, but saying that there’s painful consequences to its use.

Of course you have to take every review with a grain of salt, because each person has a different case of hair loss, and there’s no guarantee that they followed the directions to the letter. So if you have the bank for it, and you’re willing to take a risk that things might be worse after using it, go for it!

See our full review of Tricomin

Does Crinagen really work?
Crinagen Recap
Crinagen is not a stand alone product, but has proven to be effective when used in combination with others on the market. Specifically, the most successful approach has been to use something with Minoxydil in it so you’ve got your bases covered, and then use Crinagen as an all-natural treat for your hair so it has the best chance to start growing again.

Of course you should definitely read up on exactly which sort of conditions Crinagen works best for, and ask your doctor if they think it’s OK to combine different treatments. Each person has their own medical history and this will effect how your body reacts to treatments.

See our full review of Crinagen
Does Nioxin really work?
Nioxin Recap
Nioxin has taken a broad approach to treating thinning hair, and seemingly has something for anyone suffering any sort of hair loss. They have dozens of products, each with their own unique characteristics. It might be overwhelming if it weren’t for the online consultation you can get either with a live person or with their Q&A software. It helps visitors find which product works for them.

The reviews are plentiful and most of them are favorable. We’ve given Nioxin our thumbs up vote, not only because they make a quality product, but that they offer the most live and in person help we’ve found.

See our full review of Nioxin
Does Bosley really work?
Bosley Recap

You may remember Bosley from all of their television advertising, they by 30 minute infomercials that go into great detail about how well their system works, and it shows before and after pictures of their clients. This is a way for your hair to be transplanted, and not just a regrowth serum. They also offer hair treatments that you can apply a home after you have the procedure done.

So how does their service compared to their competitors and what kind of results can you really expect after spending so much to regain your hairline?

See our full review of Bosley
Does Regenix really work?
Regenix Recap
Regenix tries to bridge the gap between at-home treatments and visiting a hair loss clinic in getting a consultation. They clock in on the high side as far as price goes, but that’s because you’re getting one-on-one attention and a personalized recommendation as to what sort of treatment you should undergo.

This is all well and good, if it actually works. We had to answer the question of whether or not you should pay a higher monthly fee, or if there are other less expensive methods that produce the same or better results.

See our full review of Regenix
Does Fullmore really work?
Fullmore Recap
Fullmore is a way to give the appearance of having a figure head of hair, without actually changing the structure of your hair follicles. They do this by creating a product that attaches to your hair making it look thicker than it actually is. You just hold the can near your head spray in the areas where you need a pick me up.

They say that the solution works because it’s sweat proof, waterproof, and won’t rub off creating an embarrassing situation in public, or in private. But is this really provide the look that you’re going for, or will it produce even more awkward moments around people?

See our full review of Fullmore
Does Toppik really work?
Toppik Recap
Toppik is similar to Fullmore and they are both created by the same manufacturer. Where Fullmore is a spray can, Toppik is a shaker bottle that you used to dash on just like you would salt or pepper. The fibers attach to your hair follicles and don’t let go. This creates the illusion of thicker hair and covers your shiny scalp.

They say that you can use these two products in conjunction with each other, getting the big parts with the spray can and filling in the rest with the shaker. Find out whether or not we recommend this procedure in our full report.

See our full review of Toppik
Does Corvinex really work?
Corvinex Recap
Corvinex is a mix of all-natural ingredients designed to attack your hair loss from four different angles. This can be a great alternative to going with the big pharmaceutical corporations, because all they do is come up with synthetic, man-made substances which can’t be healthy for your scalp or overall health in the long run.

But in order for these to be an alternative, they have to produce results. Check out whether or not Corvinex stacks up to the other hair loss treatments on the market and deserves your purchase.

See our full review of Corvinex
Does Profollica really work?
Profollica Recap
Profollica is one of several treatments that focuses primarily on treating your access DHT levels as the primary reason why you’re losing your hair. You don’t need a prescription to get this because it is mostly made with natural ingredients, which means the side effects should be very minimal as well.

There are many treatments like this one which claim that DHT is the cause of your hair loss and the solution is to either limit or block the formation returning your hair to its natural fullness, and eventually allowing your hair to regrow in places where it’s thinned.

See our full review of Profollica
Does Great Hair Day really work?
Great Hair Day Recap
Supposedly created for Joan Rivers by her makeup specialists, Great Hair Day is designed to mask your hair loss by covering up a thinning hair problem especially around your part. It is applied using a special brush, which looks much like a makeup brush so you can get pretty precise with your application.

Since Joan Rivers is on TV almost all day, this treatment is supposed to last all day for you, so you won’t have to worry about it rubbing off or wearing out. Find out what we thought of the system, and how it stacks up to others like it.

See our full review of Great Hair Day
Does Revivogen really work?
Revivogen Recap
Revivogen doesn’t use harsh chemicals, but still promises to be pretty aggressive when it comes to treating your hair loss. It does this with a series of products, not just a one trick pony like so many others. It does make sense to treat your problem for many different angles, using different products with specific purposes.

Hair loss treatments are only as good as the results they show. One good thing about this one is that the reported incidence of side effects is very minimal, so you can use it without fear of making your hair worse off than it is now.

See our full review of Revivogen

Depending on how bad the condition is, there are a couple of things you can do. If it’s a really bad case, where the hair is falling in clumps daily, you should consult a doctor to rule out any medical reasons. If all is well on the health front, you could still ask a doctor about solutions for the acute problem. If however, the condition is not that bad yet, but you fear the worst, you could look at what the market has to offer in terms of hair loss treatments, which are many. It can be a confusing maze out there.

Types of Hair Loss Treatments Available

When boiled down to its simplest parts, there are basically two types of hair loss treatments that you can follow. You can either go the all-natural method, applying creams, shampoos and ointments that contain herbal remedies designed to clean up your scalp or limit the amount of DHT that you produce.

Then there are others that rely entirely on drugs and chemicals to halt the balding process from inside the body. Most of these come from pharmaceutical companies and contain things like Minoxidil. This is a chemical that scientists accidentally stumbled upon when they found out that one of the side effects it comes with is hair growth. Jackpot.

What many men and women find effective is using a combination approach, by using products backed by the FDA with a proven track record, and also using all-natural products in an effort to increase the overall healthiness of their hair and scalp. By hitting the problem from both ends, the best results are attained.

What Really Causes Hair Loss?
The great debate continues as to what actually causes hair loss in both men and women. Some say that it’s mostly hereditary, that if you’ve got the genes for it, it’s going to happen to you sooner or later because you’re predisposed to it. Others say that if you keep yourself fit and healthy and follow a nutritious diet filled with life-giving foods, that you can largely avoid having your hair fall out or thin.

The emerging consensus is that it’s a little bit of both. That would explain why some horribly overweight and unhealthy individuals have thick heads of hair and a strong hair line. It would also explain why there are some people out there that lead very healthy lifestyles, yet are either totally bald or have severely thinning hair.

As the medical community learns more and more about what causes hair loss, and what works to stop it, products should in theory get better and better as we go along until there’s something out there that works like a charm for everyone who tries it.

Things To Avoid
When looking out for hair products what is important to remember is that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. In other words, beware of those who offer magical solutions to hair loss woes. There is no overnight solution (apart from, perhaps, surgery) to getting back hair. If a product really claims to bring back hair, then it should grow like it normally does, and not instantly.

Also, check the facts and look for an FDA approval. It’s the best way to be sure the product has gone through some sort of testing and verification.

What To Expect
Be patient. Hard as it might be, it will not help to be anxious. Also, if you are spending a lot of money on a product, it will be penny-wise and pound-foolish if you stop mid-way, or worse, just before it starts to take effect. It might take a few months, so check with the company about the time frame in which results start to appear. Resolve yourself to stick it out for the long term.

The other thing to understand is that not everything works for everyone. Just because Rogaine has worked for thousands of people, does not mean it will work for you. Chances are it will, but there is that small percent chance it may not.

What We Do
Our role here is to assist you in sorting through all of the hype, claims, and promises made by hair loss treatments, and point you in the right direction.

We have a patented process of evaluating the different products out there, so you don’t have to. We pore through the data that is available and look at what users have said. We weigh all of this information, and combine it with our own research to come up with the answer of whether or not it works.

In the end though, we are just a starting point on your journey. You will eventually have to play the guinea pig, even with all of the info and advice we can give. You might try one of our recommendations, and find that it didn’t work for your case. You may also disagree with what we say, and try a product anyway and find out that it worked for you. There’s really no way anyone can make a guarantee in the world of hair loss.

So Do Any Hair Loss Treatments Actually Work?

All the products that we’ve talked about here do work, but not in each and every case. That is something no one can claim. But, some are more effective than the others, and if one is to simply go by numbers then the thing to do is to try the most tested one. However, there still is no guarantee that a product will work.

Of all of those reviewed, Rogaine seems to get the maximum user satisfaction. There are enough people who’ve been using it to prove that it provides results. What you must remember, though, is that once you start using Rogaine you’ll never be able to give it up, because the moment you do, the hair will start to disappear again.

Do Hair Loss Treatments really work?
Our Recommendation
This might be a somewhat conservative viewpoint, but, what we’d recommend is that if you have a thinning problem, try a natural product like Tricomin first, before you go in for Minoxidil, even though it has a pretty decent track record.

The reason for this is that if your condition is solved, or helped, without using a strong chemical, then that’s not really a bad idea. All you are doing is pumping your hair with essential vitamins and minerals, so if does not work, you can try something else. And remember, before you try any product, natural or otherwise, test it on a small part of your skin first, to rule out any allergies.

Last, but definitely not least, try healing yourself from the inside: a clean stomach, a calm mind, and an exercised body. These are vital for our health, even when it comes to hair. This is not to say that you can reverse those balding genes if you’ve inherited them, but you can help yourself by not precipitating the problem due to lifestyle issues.

Prevention, or delaying the inevitable, as the case may be, will have to take the place of a cure at this time.

What do you think? Do Hair Loss Treatments work or not?
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