Does the Honda EU3000 Really Work?

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Does the Honda EU3000 Work?With the type of weather that we are now exposed to having a back up for power is a good thing. Plus, if you are one that likes to travel and yet still enjoy some of the conveniences of home, then having a small generator to tote around with you may be a good thing.

The Honda EU3000 is is an incredibly efficient gasoline powered inverter generator designed to be powerful enough to be used as a back -up generator for your home and portable enough for the camping trip or tail gate party.

The Claim
The claim by Honda is that that the Honda EU3000 will power everything in your home including the fridge and microwave and even the stove as well as the lights if there is ever an emergency need.

The Hype
The hype is realized by the efficiency of the Honda EU3000. It will run up to 20 hours on a single tank of gas depending on the load you are running through it. The fact that it is also quieter than a normal conversational voice makes it a huge benefit for anyone who needs to run a generator in a residential area or when camping and concerned about the noise affecting the neighbors.

The Cost
The cost of the Honda EU3000 is about $1990.00 at home Depot Canada. This may seem to be high but when you consider the features and the qualities of this baby you will quickly realize that you DO get what you pay for.

The Commitment
There is not much in the way of commitment to this or any other generator really. You simply need to keep the gas topped up to keep it running. If you are going to be using it as a back- up generator for your home you will need to have an electrician install a way of getting the load into your home and onto the main power supply. This is generally a pretty easy job and will not run you very much in relation to peace of mind it will give you overall.

The main factor we used to determine if the Honda EU3000 was a good product was the amount of time running you can get with a single tank of gas and the Honda will run up to 20 hours on a single tank depending of course on what you are hooked up to. If you are running the whole house through the unit, which you actually can, than obviously that time will shorten a little. The super quiet design is amazing considering what the old generation generators use to produce in the way of noise. This makes it great for camping or home back-up when you don’t want to disturb the neighbors. It is also an inverter generator which means that you can safely run computers or sensitive devices off the power supply without having to fear a sudden spike or surge damaging your items. The low oil detector will automatically shut off the engine should the oil run low and there is a great display that shows you how many hours or power you have left on the remaining gas in the tank.

Final Honda EU3000 Review

Nobody wants to think about emergencies or potential natural disasters but the fact remains that we live in one of the most turbulent climatic times of our species, and that is not exageration or hyperbole in the least. By having a generator that can back up your power in time of crisis does not make you fearful, it makes you sensible. The fact that it makes such a great camping or outdoors companion at the same time makes it doubly easy to swallow what may seem like a high price.

Our Recommendation
For anyone who needs power when in the outdoors or would love to have the peace of mind that secondary power supply can offer we would heartily recommend the Honda EU3000 is. It is a great highly efficient and exceptionally quiet unit that will provide all the power you will need if things go south or you do! If you are looking for another stay at home convenience that does need power to operate but might be interesting check out the Wifi Wizard.

What do you think? Does the Honda EU3000 work or not?

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