Does the Audubon Bird Guide App Really Work

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Does the Audubon Bird App Work?There are so many interesting mobile applications on the market today. For avid bird watchers try The Audubon Bird Guide App.


The Audubon Bird Guide App is an Android and IOS mobile application used for identifying birds by appearance and bird calls.

The Claim

The claim to The Audubon Bird Guide App is it creates the ability to identify over 800 species of North American Birds.

The Hype

The hype about The Audubon Bird Guide App is that it can be used for educational purposes for all ages.

The Cost

The Audubon Bird Guide App is free to download.

The Commitment

The Commitment to using the Audubon Bird Guide App is sharing this amazing application with friends and family. There is also a free help guide available with frequently asked questions and answers.


The Audubon Bird Guide App is extremely easy to use. It is so interesting you could essentially spend hours identifying the birds that are around you. This is a great teaching tool to use with your children. Bird watching is an activity that many people enjoy. It a great way to enjoy the outdoors in any season. You can use it while camping, at the cottage or in your own back yard.

Final Audubon Bird Guide App Review

We are going to give The Audubon Bird Guide App a thumbs up. This bird guide has been downloaded over 2 million times. It is said to be one of the best guides for North American Birds. In spring of 2019, a new feature was introduced with this app. The feature is Bird Alert. You can enter information into your phone to identify and receive notification about birds that are in your area you wanted to see. This was introduced in version 5.2 and up. This application has over 3000 photographs. It also has many audio clips of bird calls and songs. Information is documented in the app by Kenn Kaufman, a leading bird expert in North America. With this app, you have the ability, with the sightings feature, to keep a record of every bird you come across. Bird photos you take can be shared on the app, so others with The Audubon Bird Guide have access to them. This app is compatible with ebird. Ebird is an amazing tracking tool. You can also sign up and receive up to date conservation and bird news. It will be sent right to your inbox on your email. A user review stated that this is the best bird app hands down; the images are superior. The overall quality of the app is superior. We would highly recommend this most interesting and educational mobile application. The Audubon Bird Guide App is one of the best birding apps on the market. The app has a quick guide to help you manoeuvre quickly through the program.

Our Recommendation

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What do you think? Does the Audubon Bird Guide App work or not?

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