Does the Skyview Lite App Really Work?

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Does Skyview Work?What better way than to spend an evening watching the stars. SkyView Lite App is a great way to identify what is up in the sky. Stargazing is a great way to pass the time, while educating yourself.


Skyview Lite is an astronomy app for IOS devices. A great new innovative way to explore the universe.

The Claim

The claim to Skyview Lite is the ability to identify constellations, stars, and much more. This app for your IOS device is as simple as pointing your device to the sky. You don’t need to be an astronomer.

The Hype

THe hype about the Skyview Lite app is the ability to instantly identify constellations. It is a great learning tool for everyone. This application also has a time travel feature. You can jump to the past and future and see the sky at different calendar times.

The Cost

The cost of the Skyview Lite App is free of charge through your application store for IOS devices site.

The Commitment

The commitment is ensuring you download the Skyview Lite App to your device. Sharing information about this site to family and friends can benefit everyone.


The Skyview Lite App is an amazing idea but is only available for IOS devices. This application is very educational for both adults and children. The Skyview Lite app allows you to do screenshots of the stars and constellations. You can also identify satellites. This application is available on iPhones, Ipads, and iPods as well.

Final Skyview Lite Review

We are going to give the Skyview Lite Application a thumbs up for IOS users. This application has been downloaded over 9 million times. It has received a 4.4 out of 5 ratings by its users. This application also has family sharing, allowing up to six family members to use it when enabled. Skyview Lite is an augmented reality application. This is the perfect stargazing application to identify what you are looking at in the sky. It is very easy to use, simply point your device at the sky. The app will identify constellations, stars, galaxies, and witness satellite flybys. Users can use the camera feature on their device to capture images. These can then be shared with family and friends and over social media. While using your mobile device, WiFi is not required. This application can be used day or night to identify celestial objects in the sky. Many users of this app are very pleased with it. It is so easy to use and supports Space Navigator binoculars, telescopes and spotting scope.We would highly recommend the Skyview Lite application. This app can be a fun way to teach students about astrology. If you enjoy this app, there is also a full version. It includes an Apple Watch app, a today’s widget, which will display tonight’s brightest objects.

Our Recommendation

If you are into something else besides astrology then you may be interested in some of the other apps from the Apple Store.

What do you think? Does Skyview Lite work or not?

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