Does Donald Trump’s Great Again Really Work?

Does it realy work?

Does Donald Trump's Great Again Work?It’s not too often that we do book reviews but with what has been going on since before, during and after the US election it seems most appropriate to take a look at Donald Trump’s Great Again Book. Whether you are a Trump fan or not, this will probably make for a good read and give you something that you can add to your next conversation about this most controversial individual.

Donald Trump’s Great Again is a book that was previously published under the title, “Crippled America”. A lot of people don’t realize that Mr. Trump has authored several books, some of which have been hailed as best sellers. One has to admit that he certainly has delved into many interesting aspects of life, and has worn many hats over the years.

The Claim
The claims made in Donald Trump’s Great Again book are many, but the key focus in on his campaign punch line of making America Great Again.

The Hype
There is a lot of hype contained within the book itself, but the hype leading up to purchasing the book has already been well played out through the election period.

The Cost
If you decide to buy Donald Trump’s Great Again book you should be able to pick it up for about $4.34 in the Kindle edition, $15.33 hard cover, $8.99 paperback, and $17.67 in audio CD.

The Commitment
As with any book if you are going to have to be prepared to invest the time in reading Donald Trump’s Great Again. It is comprised of 208 pages, so you can probably expect to read visually a lot of what you hear verbally while he was on the campaign trail.

We do believe that a great majority of people have grown weary about the Trump saga and all the rhetoric that was provided during the many rallies and speeches. At least with the book you will find a lot about what Mr. Trump really believes in his written words, so you don’t have to be faced with retorts like, “I never said that”. At least when you read it in the book you no for sure that no mistakes of what you may have heard are true.

Final Donald Trump’s Great Again Review

This latest version of Donald Trump’s Great Again is a reprint edition as of July 2016. So you can consider it as being up to date. Mr. Trump starts right off at the beginning by making it very clear as to who he thinks has had a negative impact on America. Of course its the government, and he has thrown in the media for good measure.Then he provided some words for the illegal immigrants and their job stealing. Oh, and the judges and lawyers have not escaped his wrath. All one has to do is read the preface of Donald Trump’s Great Again and it can be clearly seen that this was the foundation for his campaign run. We are going to give the book a Thumbs up rating because we believe if nothing else you will at least find it interesting, especially now that he is becoming the leader of the United States.

Our Recommendation
If politics is not your thing and you don’t want to waste your time reading about it then perhaps you might find something entirely different while still in CD form more interesting with is the Family Self Defence Program.

What do you think? Does Does Donald Trump’s Great Again Work? work or not?


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