Does LINKA Smart Bike Lock Really Work?

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Does the Linka Smart Bike Lock Work?Whether you are looking at protecting your home, your car or other possessions from being stolen, with all the newest technological advances, many thieves are having a bit of a tougher time. Now you can utilize the newest technology for your bike as well with LINKA Smart Bike Lock.

LINKA Smart Bike Lock is the newest locking system for your bicycle, where you can use your phone to lock and unlock it, and there is even an alarm to detect if somebody is trying to steal your bicycle. Even the newest locks out there can be hacked, but there is hope on the horizon with the new LINKA Smart Bike Lock. Apparently this new lock utilizes a signal from your cell phone, where you can lock and unlock it, simply just by pressing a button. You simply have to press a button on your phone in order to lock the LINKA Smart Bike Lock as it will not auto-lock. On the other hand by simply walking up to your bike and your phone coming into range, it will automatically unlock the unit.

The Claim
As stated, the biggest claim with this LINKA Smart Bike Lock is that you are able to use your phone to control locking and unlocking your bike. The lock itself is attached to the frame of your bike so you do not have to carry it around with you. Even if your phone dies for whatever reason, there is a four digit programmable number that you preset ahead of time, so if you do not have any reception, you can still unlock your bike. Another huge claim with LINKA Smart Bike Lock is that if an individual pays more attention to your bike than what is warranted, an alarm will sound loud enough to attract attention from people around and most times deter a would-be thief from continuing on.

The Hype
Obviously the big hype about the LINKA Smart Bike Lock is that with the new recent technological advances this is something definitely new on the block when it comes to keeping your expensive bike safe from would-be thieves. The team at LINKA Smart Bike Lock certainly did the research needed because just about everybody nowadays has a cell phone and even if there is no signal, a four digit number that you preset into it ahead of time will allow you to unlock your bike.

The Cost
The cost of the LINKA Smart Bike Lock is $169, but there is also a unit that has GSP tracking, as well as the LINKA Smart Bike Lock with a chain. Obviously the price varies when it comes to these new additions and you should check out the website directly to see if there are any special offers being applied to some of the new items that LINKA is bringing out.

The Commitment
The commitment with this item is that it is the first unique smart phone locking system provided by LINKA Smart Bike Lock where you can use to reception of your phone to lock and unlock your bike.

The concept of this lock provided by LINKA Smart Bike Lock is definitely utilizing some of the latest technology, but is one of the many new links that your smart phone is able to provide for you. With some of the newer versions of the LINKA Smart Bike Lock you can even get GPS theft prevention, where even if your bike is stolen with the lock on it, you are able to find out right away where it is located with your phone.

Final LINKA Smart Bike Lock Review

The reception of this LINKA Smart Bike Lock has been quite good, as people love to use their phones for anything new, and the only complaint so far is that when people lose the reception, sometimes the four digit code has not unlocked their bike. Also, there been a few complaints about the coloring fading or chipping off after just a bit of outside exposure. Overall we are prepared to give it a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
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What do you think? Does the LINKA Smart Bike Lock work or not?

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