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Does Pavlok Work?Breaking a bad habit is no easy task. Interestingly, there are a lot of people that say they have at least one bad habit that they would like to break. These people are really interested in finding something that can give them the help they need for this. So, would Pavlok be what they are looking for?

Pavlok is a device that is worn like a wristwatch. It works off an app. Individuals can choose the specific habit that they want help with breaking.

The Claim
The claim is that Pavlok works off of behavioural technology. It emits a mild shock when the individual wearing the device is detected to be enacting their bad habit.

The Hype
They hype really is that Pavlok is a replacement for having someone yell at you to stop do that. Or when you were a kid and were biting your nails your Mom or Dad gave you a tap on your hand.

The Cost
The cost for the Pavlok is not cheap. It comes in at $179.97

The Commitment
There is going to be a lot of commitment for those that use the Pavlok. First it is going to take a commitment to learning and using the app. Without it the Pavlok will be of no value. Then it has to be realized that the Pavlok is not a magic cure all for all bad habits. After all the little jolt that it emits is merely a reminder. If one does not have the mindset to heed these reminders then the device is useless. In other words there has to be a commitment on behalf of the user. They really need to make up their mind that they want to break this habit.

With the Pavlok being a personal device that is used for personal circumstances it is understandable that the feedback would be varied. Some of the complaints lie within the app. Some don’t feel that the app is reliable. It is interesting though to see what some have used the Pavlok for. One in particular used it to help get up on time, as they had a tendency to ignore their alarm clock. Some have used it to break a sugar habit. At least one used it to help quit smoking. Still, there were some that were not as happy with Pavlok as they hoped to be.

Final Pavlok Review

We feel restricted to only giving the Pavlok a try/buy. Mostly because of the price and it seems to be a hit and miss for several of the users. It is difficult to justify a price like this when it is not getting a more substantial rating as per the feedbacks. Unfortunately because the device relies on an app there are some that won’t even consider this product.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking to break a bad habit it may be worth looking at what alternatives may be available to you. For some that want to quit smoking for example there are several different products to be considered.

What do you think? Does Pavlok work or not?

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