Does The One Z Pillow Really Work?

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Does the One Z Pillow Work? New Moms whether it is their first child or not need as much help as they can get. There are plenty of products on the market to help them. It can be a challenge to choose which ones are going to offer the most benefits. One that should be added to this list is the One Z Pillow.

The One Z Pillow is a pillow that Mom can use when breastfeeding the baby. Any Mom that has breastfed will know the challenges that come with this. Some may have heard of the Twin Z Pillow, and if so they will understand that the One Z Pillow is a spin off of this one.

The Claim
The claims being made about the One Z Pillow are that it is a four in one pillow. It asks as feeding pillow. Then it provides a soft surface for baby to lay on their tummy. It can also be used for support and playtime. One of the most valuable uses is for the provision of support for Mom’s back while she is feeding.

The Hype
The hype around the One Z Pillow is simple. It is all about comfort and convenience.

The Cost
The cost of the One Z Pillow is $69.99, but this will depend on where you buy it.

The Commitment
It really isn’t going to take much of a commitment for using the One Z Pillow. Most Mom’s struggle with trying to bunch up a bunch of pillows behind their back for support. Then the next challenge is getting enough support for the babe so Mom’s arms don’t get tired. All of these problems are eliminated with the One Z Pillow.

The One Z Pillow is a great idea and a most welcome one. Most of the feedback is really good although there are a few complaints. Some have said the seams are not strong enough and the pillow bursts easily. Then a few have complained the cover is plastic. It makes it uncomfortable for the baby as they tend to sweat. There are options available to buy extra covers, so that should take care of that problem.

Final One Z Pillow Review

We are going to give the One Z Pillow a thumbs up, because it is a problem solver. The price seems a little steep but if it works as good as what many are saying then it is well worth it. Some Moms have to give up breast feeding early simply because it puts too much strain on their backs. Now with there being a solution for this just maybe Moms can breastfeed longer. For those Moms that are blessed with twins there is the Twin Z Pillow. Don’t forget Dads can make use of this pillow too when holding the baby. It really has some great uses.

Our Recommendation
For those times when the baby isn’t being fed and is put in the nursery for rest, there are additional products that can create some security. One of these is this unique baby monitor.

What do you think? Does the One Z Pillow work or not?

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