Does Smoke Swipe Really Work?

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Does Smoke Swipe Work?Although many have given up the habit of smoking, there are still plenty who have not. Which means there are still lots of non smokers that are around smokers. The problem is for both, the smell of the smoke gets into their clothes. It is not pleasant for anyone. There may be a quick solution for this called the Smoke Swipe.

No, the Smoke Swipe is not a product to help the smokers quit. It is a product that is used on the clothing to help eliminate the lingering odors of the smoke that has permeated them.

The Claim
The promoters of Smoke Swipe are claiming that it will remove the smoke odor from the clothes immediately. Smoke that has left its residue not only from standard cigarettes but cigars and cannabis as well. They are also saying that Smoke Swipe is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

The Hype
The Smoke Swipe is made for convenience. All one has to do is take a Smoke Swipe and gently wipe it over the attire. They are dry so there is no worries about them making the attire wet.

The Cost
The cost of Smoke Swipe is $19.99 for a package of 6. Each swipe can be used ten times. So for about $20. You are getting a total of 60 applications. The cost depends on where you buy it.

The Commitment
It is going to take a few seconds to use Smoke Swipe when you want to be free of the cigarette smoke. For most it is well worth it. There really is no big deal other than quickly wiping the attire with a Smoke Swipe. No different than if you were running a lint brush over yourself to remove pet hair really.

No one would argue that smoking cigarettes really does allow for the smoke to get into one’s clothing. It is usually immediately noticeable to those that don’t smoke. Many times smokers don’t notice it because they have become used to the smell of the smoke. There are a lot of people that have quite smoking, and they no longer enjoy the smell of smoke like they once did. Now they find it offensive. Often people sitting near a smoker will get up and leave because of the smell of the smoke.It is embarrassing for the smoker, and unpleasant for the non-smoker.

So it does appear that Smoke Swipe is definitely a good idea. However, really it is just a odor eliminater that is being used in a different way. Instead of spraying the working ingredients on, they are being wiped on. There is a light odor to the Smoke Swipe. Basically people are now picking up the scent of that as opposed to the smoke. The only problem with this is that many public places now are scent free. However, either they accept the light odor of the Smoke Swipe, or the smoke. Those that have use Smoke Swipe for the most part are quite pleased with the results. The only minor complaint is perhaps the cloths are a little small and as such are awkward for some to use. It is a minimal complaint offered by very few.


Final Smoke Swipe Review

We are going to give the Smoke Swipe a thumbs up. It is a product that is needed. It is convenient to use. No worries about blotching or wet spots on your clothes. Plus, overall it is reasonably priced.

Our Recommendation
For those who are looking to stop smoking there are plenty of products to help with this on the market. One that you may want to check out is the Smoke Away.

What do you think? Does Smoke Swipe work or not?

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