Does Audible Really Work?

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Does Audible Work? Does having the opportunity to download our favorite books for quick and easy listening really add convenience to our lifestyle? Plus, could it be that this method gives reading enthusiasts another alternative to having to purchase their reading material then find time to utilize it? Perhaps Audible meets these needs and more, so lets find out.

Audible allows you to purchase books in audio format that comes with several options for which listening device you want to use. You can utilize your computer or there is a large range of audio devices that you can choose from, so you are able to get the right format.

The Claim
Audible is owned by Amazon so whatever claims they make you can count on them being factual. For this particular product they state that they have over 150,000 titles to choose from. It works on numerous devices and they also state that you can exchange any book that you don’t like.

The Hype
There are other offerings for audio books that are available on the market, but with Audible being owned by Amazon the hype doesn’t have to focus around building credibility of the supplier as that has been well looked after. Basically the hype has been kept to being simple and factual focusing on the ease of use with being able to access the product within minutes after joining, and the versatility of the many devices it can be used on.

The Cost
This is a membership program and currently you can get a great deal on the first three months for $7.49 per month. You pay with your credit card then after the third month is past you will be billed $14.95 per month. You can cancel anytime which will become effective on your next billing cycle. With your membership you also receive one credit each month which can be used towards your audible purchase.

The Commitment
Listening to your favorite books as opposed to reading them can take a little getting used to. Probably at first you will find that in order to focus you are going to have to set some quiet time aside so you can concentrate on the audio. Later once you get used to this you will probably find that you can multi-task which means you can be listening while you are doing other things. You also will have to learn about the different audio features and take some time in making the right choices for your optimized listening experience, but there is plenty of help at the site to assist you.

Audio books is something that we have looked at in the past, and found that many time they come with a lot of restrictions. We also wanted to determine if this was a product that would really generate a lot of interest. We discovered that this is a product that is widely searched for so we feel confident that it is a product of merit. It is not a product that is just restricted to the internet either as many major bookstores like Chapters for example has a good selection of them.

Final Audible Review

Everything that we have discovered about Audible leads us to giving it a Thumbs Up rating. It is a product that is grabbing a lot of interest. It offers a great deal of convenience. It is reasonably priced. Finally the Company behind this product is credible.

Our Recommendation
First we think you should give it some real thought as to whether you can adjust to this type of entertainment. It might mean changing your pattern a little, but that can start by using an audio book during your reading leisure time instead of grabbing a book to read. You can also think about it as being something you can enjoy with others. It is pretty hard to read a book together with someone, but listening to it in an audio version is easy.

Official Website: Audible

What do you think? Does Audible work or not?

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