Does Hurricane Fur Wizard Really Work?

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Does the Hurricane Fur Wizard Work?Anybody that has owned a pet, whether it be a dog or cat, knows all too well that it can be extremely difficult to keep your house clean, especially if your animal sheds a lot. There are specialty vacuums out there, as well as attachments, that you can use to help pick up the unwanted hair but these vacuums can be expensive and the attachments can sometimes be frustrating to use. The Hurricane Fur Wizard can take care of all your cleaning problems when it comes to looking after your animals.


The Hurricane Fur Wizard works far better than vacuums or even lint rollers by utilizing thousands of micro bristles that line the inside of the double-sided special lint brush. Unlike a lint roller that uses sheet after sheet of paper,the Hurricane Fur Wizard is a completely reusable remover of pet hair fur and lint. It includes a self-cleaning base that once you are done you simply submerge the roller into it and the hair is removed and collects in a removable base clip. That you simply dump into the garbage.
The Claim

The claim of the Hurricane Fur Wizard is it will it effectively clean up more than twice as much fur, hair and lint in half the time. You simply just dip the wand into the self cleaning base and both of the sides of the Wizard are clean. It is because of the thousands of micro bristles that actually act like fingers to grab the fur and hair that makes this so much more effective than other items on the market. Because the Hurricane Fur Wizard is reusable you don’t need to buy refills. which can be quite expensive overtime, as you can use this over and over again.

The Hype

The hype with a Hurricane Fur Wizard is with its ability to effectively remove unwanted hair fur and lint from your clothes as well as your furniture. It does this with ease and can even be used in your car if your animals leave their mark when they travel with you.

The Cost

The cost of the Hurricane Fur Wizard at the As Seen on TV web site right now has a special offer. Where you can get two units for the price of one. You just have to pay the extra $9.99 shipping the for the extra Wizard.

The Commitment

The commitment of the Hurricane Fur Wizard is that it will take the place of your vacuum and lint rollers. When it comes to the removal of unwanted hair lint and fur that builds up over time from your animal is. Even short haired animals leave traces of hair and fur and the Wizard is the best ways to get rid of it.

The Hurricane Fur Wizard is lightweight and easy for anyone to handle. mMking it convenient, time saving and a lifesaver in regards to keeping your home clean and free from cat dog hair lint and fur. It also comes with a mini brush that is great for removing hair from clothing in a jiffy.

Final Hurricane Fur Wizard Review

Any item that can make cleaning your home easier already gets attention from us. We are prepared to give it a try/buy.

Our Recommendation

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What do you think? Does Hurricane Fur Wizard work or not?

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