Does Aquapaw Really Work?

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Does Aquapaw Work?Owning a dog is one of the greatest experiences any individual can have. It isn’t long before they become a cherished member of the family. Being a dog owner also means on occasion having to give the dog a bath. This can be a big challenge but something perhaps that Aquapaw can help with.

There is all kind of aids to help with dog bathing. Aquapaw has made sure that it makes this task an easy one. The Aquapaw slips over the hand of the individual who is bathing the dog. The areas in the palm is where the water is disbursed. This gives the bather total control over where the water is going.

The Claim
The promoters of Aquapaw are saying that this pet shower and scrubber really helps to make bathing the dog or cat for that matter a whole lot easier. It is an all in one unit so not only is the water being provided but so is the scrubber.

The Hype
The hyper for Aquapaw really centers around not having to deal with some of the big challenges that come with pet bathing. The water isn’t being sprayed all over the place. The pet owner can use both their hands to help control the pet, and clean water is being emitted all the time.

The Cost
The cost for the Aquapaw is a very reasonable $24.95 depending on where you are buying it.

The Commitment
There is no big commitment to using this very innovative pet product. Other than making sure that you are aware of all its benefits and how to make full use of the Aquapaw.

It has been most enjoyable to learn about how Aquapaw has addressed all of the common problems that come with pet bathing. It s being promoted for being most useful for bathing dogs, cats and horses. One of the biggest advantages is not having to struggle with water control. It is hard enough to have to control the pet without dealing with turning the water on and off. To turn the water on and off it is just a matter of making a fist and pressing the on/off button that is located right in the center of the palm where the device is.

Final Aquapaw Review

Making sure that we weren’t going to get caught up in just good marketing we wanted to check out what a lot of other people had to say about Aquapaw. To date out of 564 customer reviews, the Aquapaw has received a 4.2-star rating. With 71% of the 564 customers giving it five stars. There is no doubt that this product has proven itself. Some of the positive feedback revolves around how easy it is to control the water. Others find that it is much less stressful for their pets. There are mixed opinions as to how well it works with long-haired dogs. Some report they got great results while others didn’t. We decided to give Aquapaw a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
If you want to check out some alternatives for pet bathing devices, then take a look at MIU Pet Multi-Functional Dog Shower.

What do you think? Does Aquapaw work or not?

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