Does the MIU Pet Multi-Functional Dog Shower Really Work?

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Does the MIU Pet Multi-Functional Dog Shower Work?There are lots of different ways that you can go about giving your dog a bath or shower and some ways are easier than others. If you want to get this job done and over with as quickly and easily as possible then you may want to consider the MIU Pet Multi-Functional Dog Shower.

The MIU Pet Multi-Functional Dog Shower is a complete set of shower and grooming tools that allows pet owners to groom and bathe their own pets easily and safely.

The Claim
The claim is that by allowing pet owners to control the grooming and bathing of their pets in the comfort of their own home they can save money and also help the environment by limiting the amount of water and shampoo used with the MIU Pet Shampooer.

The Hype
The hype is the environmental component that is realized by doing the shampooing and rinsing basically at the same time. The hype is that by using the MIU Pet Multi-Functional Dog Shower you will reduce the amount of water you use by approximately 50% and shampoo usage by about 40% and be able to fulfill this in about ½ the time usually needed to groom your pet.

The Cost
The MIU Pet Groomer/Shampooer costs $32.99 at Amazon

The Commitment
The commitment necessary for the MIU Pet Multi-Functional Dog Shower is very minimal for storage purposes. The endeavor of bathing you pets on your own however is another story. As anyone who owns pets understands, it is quite the chore to do this on your own. This package reports to alleviate some of that stress.

As anyone who owns a pet knows, the bathing of your animal periodically is absolutely essential for happy and healthy animal. The task of doing this on your own is not for the faint of heart and that is the reason there are so many pet cleaning services available in pretty much every city across North America. The MIU shampooer actually really does make the job easier and less stressful. The shower head has a compartment for the shampoo that allows you to dispense the shampoo at the touch of a button while at the same time controlling the flow of the water. The rubber tips on the shower head give the pet a nice massage while shampooing and gets the skin and fur nicely cleaned while remaining enjoyable for the pet. The fact that you can control both the water and shampoo flow without having to remove your hand from the pet is actually very convenient as you retain the ability to control the animal while performing the dispensation of the soap/shampoo and the final rinse. The long hose gives you freedom of movement and lets you get into the hard to reach areas without much effort at all. For those who are inclined to bathe their pets at home the MIU Pet Multi-Functional Dog Shower makes the job just that much easier and functional.

Final MIU Pet Multi-Functional Dog Shower Review

The MIU Pet Multi-Functional Dog Shower is a great product for anyone who likes to perform their pet grooming at home. We are inclined to give this product a thumbs up rating. It truly does make the job of showering you pet easier and less stressful. The functions on the shower head make the job of dispensing the shampoo easier and quite simple. This is an easy product to use and overall does what it says it will do. If you like to groom your pets yourself in the comfort of your own home thereby saving yourself time and money than this product is for you. By controlling the amount of water you dispense with the water flow button, rather than just letting the water run, you really do save on water and lessen the environmental impact by using less water overall. Great product and would recommend it to anyone.

Our Recommendation
There are a lot of times where it is not necessary to give your dog a shower or bath but regular grooming is a must. For these in between times when no water is needed then take a look at the Groomaroo as a great tool for helping to groom your dog.

What do you think? Does MIU Pet Multi-Functional Dog Shower work or not?

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