Does Groomaroo Really Work?

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Does Groomaroo Work?It’s that time of year where our pets especially our dogs are beginning to shed their winter coats. This makes for a lot of extra clean up so the Groomaroo might make grooming your pet a little easier and make the shedding less of a hassle to deal with.

The Groomaroo is a cordless pet grooming utility that allows customers to be able to fully groom their pets in the comfort of their own home safely and efficiently.

The Claim
The claim by Groomaroo is that you will be able to groom your pets at home without the possible accidents inherent when grooming by hand with scissors or clippers. The Groomaroo in addition to being safer is less disruptive to the animal as it is quieter and cleaner as it collects the fur as it cuts. Groomaroo claims also that the animal will feel as though they are getting a massage while you trim making them less likely to be disruptive or frightened during grooming.

The Hype
The hype behind the Groomaroo is that it will save you a vast amount of money and make grooming your pet much easier and safer because it lets you do all your pet grooming in the comfort of your own home, negating the need to take your animals to the groomers who charge a large amount of money to do the same thing the Groomaroo does.

The Cost
The cost of the Groomaroo is a respectable $19.99 and for a limited time the company will send you 2 Groomaroo’s for the price of one.

The Commitment
The Groomaroo takes very little commitment. It has a 60 day money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied they will refund your money. It is a cordless unit so it will most likely need battery replacements at some point but the money you will save using the Groomaroo will make that an easy expense to justify. It takes up very little space; you can literally toss it in a drawer when not in use.

The Groomaroo is an excellent product that offers the customer the ability to perform all of their pet grooming in the comfort of their own home. The unit is very easy to operate and cuts down on the mess left behind by clipping or scissors as the unit collects the cut fur as it cuts. It is exceptionally safe, you can even let the kids do the grooming without worrying about the kids or the pets safety. The blades are fully contained and adjustable and the motor is extremely quiet meaning pets that are nervous or skittish will not be affected by the Groomaroo.

Final Groomaroo Review

Based on what the Groomaroo offers we are going to give it a Thumbs Up rating. It easily and safely trims your pet’s fur without the cost of taking them to the professional groomers who charge upwards of $100 for each visit. It is very quiet so it will not scare or upset the animal and it is clean as it collects the fur as it cuts. For the low price of only $19.99 for two units you cannot beat the price. Similar units sell for more than $80

Our Recommendation
The cost is excellent and it makes grooming so much easier and cost effective. The safety features make it easy and safe for virtually anyone to groom their pets without the hazards associated with scissors or clippers that also freak out the animal making it even more difficult to groom the animal. It can be really difficult finding a pet grooming product that really lives up to our expectations.

What do you think? Does Groomaroo work or not?

311 Customer Reviews on “Does Groomaroo Really Work?

  1. This did not cut any hair on my dog to loud for him will be returning to Kmart is piece of crap.

  2. Is it just me or did someone watch Wayne’s World saw the Suck-cut and said “that will do.” Just save yourself the time and headache and get quality brushes.

  3. Paid over 2 months ago! Has not yet arrived, and finally reading reviews. Man, should have read those first.!

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