Does Shed Off Really Work?

Does Shed Off Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does Shed Off Work? One of the biggest concerns that a new dog owner has when choosing a dog breed is how much hair is it going to shed? Perhaps by purchasing the Shed Off at the same time you are buying your new pooch, it will mean that you don’t have to be so concerned about this. Let’s find out why.


There are tons of dog grooming tools on the market. Keeping the shedding hair from your dog under control can be a real challenge. The Shed Off Tool uses the power of your vacuum to get the job done. It is an attachment that just fits onto most standard vacuums, so as you are going over your dog with it the hair is collected into your vacuum making it much easier for you to clean up.

The Claim

The Company claims that this device is based on ionic technology which means it acts like a magnet for drawing out dirt and debris as well as the shedding hair. You can even use it on your cats. They are stating that it has an adjustable comb and it will help to reduce the odors on your pet.

The Hype

Addressing the problem of dog or cat shedding hair is just about all the hype that is needed to draw the interest of pet owners. Some of the real concerns when grooming is making it fast and easy and the marketing promo has addressed this. Also, the clean up of flying hair is always a challenge during grooming time so being able to eliminate that issue is a real bonus.

The Cost

For about $23. you can get the Shed Off Tool and this includes the shipping and handling. If you want to pay approx. $8. more for shipping and handling you will get a second tool free.

The Commitment

How much of a commitment you will have to make is going to depend partly on your pet. If your dog or cat is used to grooming and doesn’t mind the noise of the vacuum then grooming with the Shed Off should go smoothly. Although you won’t have all that fly away hair to contend with, you are going to have to make sure that you clean out your vacuum cleaner following the grooming session.


There are so many different types of pet shedding tools on the market that we were hesitant about doing a review on this type of product. What caught our attention was the fact that it was a simple tool that could easily be hooked up to your vacuum cleaner. Usually after grooming with one of the other types of shedding tools, like the ShedMonster for example, you need to vacuum the grooming area and probably change your clothes because of the fly away hair.

Final Shed Off Review

We are going to give the Shed Off a Thumbs Up rating, but strongly suggest you look at our recommendation. There are a lot of great features about this device that can be beneficial to both you and your dog or cat. It really is important for the health of your animal to keep them well groomed. It also makes owning them much more pleasant when you don’t have to deal with all that excess hair around your home and on your clothes. We also believe that this is a type of product that many pet owners will want. Obviously the well known makers of the Dyson vacuum also thought so, as they created a special pet grooming attachment for their vacuums as well.

Our Recommendation

A lot of times both dogs and cats are afraid of the noise that the vacuum makes. If you just jump in with this new grooming device it could cause panic in your animal and make grooming of any type really difficult for the future. You need to introduce your pet to the Shed Off gradually if you are not sure how your animal will react. With a little patience on your part you should eventually be able to succeed in using this device to it’s fullest capacity.

What do you think? Does Shed Off work or not?


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