Does Spin Spa Really Work?

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Does the Spin Spa Work?There are many different beauty devices as well as products on the market to take advantage of. When you can use a device that enhances the products then you are really getting more value for your money. Spin Spa is a set of devices that allows you to do this, but the question is how effective are they and are they worth the extra investment.

Spin Spa is a collection of body exfoliation brushes that can be used in the shower.It is comprised of a brush head,cleansing head, microderm head,massage head and pumice head. Each of these has a distinct task to perform.

The Claim
The company claims that the Spin Spa will tend to all of the skincare needs of your body. It is really quite convenient to be able to have one unit where you just need to change the head to tend to the needs of your skin. For example, the cleansing head would be great for the back. The microderm for you face and of course the pumice head for your feet, or other callused areas.

The Hype
One of the biggest features about the Spin Spa is that you can fill the unit with your favorite soap. This means you don’t have the inconvenience of trying to apply it to the individual bristles of the brushes and having it run all over. Plus the Spin Spa has an extra long handle so you can easily reach your back and lower legs.

The Cost
You will have to pay $29.99 for the Spin Spa plus an extra $5.99 for shipping and handling. If you want to add an extra $1.99 you will get the mini spa kit as a bonus.

The Commitment
The first thing you will want to remember is to keep the Spin Spa in your shower so you always have easy access to it. Probably you will want to keep it filled with your favorite body wash. If you are using a separate product for your face then you may not want to keep the unit filled with the regular soap. In this case just add a small amount of whatever product you are going to use at the time.

Overall this is a neat idea. Many of us have a least three of these types of brushes on hand. So why not have just one simple unit that can do it all?

Final Spin Spa Review

We are going to give the Spin Spa a Try/Buy rating. It looks like this may be a battery operated device although this is not mentioned anywhere in the promo material. For some this may be a game changer when it comes to buying. Overall though it does have some good attachments to it that are really beneficial to the body. The bonus mini facial spa looks interesting too. Overall when you add up what you get and the benefits the price is fairly reasonable.

Our Recommendation
There is no doubt that body brushes are something that a lot of people want. We have talked about a few others in the past like the Prosonic and some people have really liked this, but the price is a lot more. So you may want to do a comparison minus the products that are used with the Prosonic.

What do you think? Doesthe Spin Spa work or not?

54 Customer Reviews on “Does Spin Spa Really Work?

  1. Save your money. When you apply the least bit of pressure the spinner stops. The brushes and loofa barely touch the skin surface, and as I said, if you attempt to get more contact with your skin the spinning stops. I may have a deficient product but it is not at all what is depicted on the commercials. I got this as a gift so I’m stuck with it. It is basically useless.

  2. Beware of this product when using, do not wear necklaces that can get twisted around the head and choke you. Happened to me!

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