Does Riddex Plus Charge Really Keep Pests Away, or a Scam?

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RiddexThere are not too many people who don’t end up with unwanted visitors in their home from time to time. These are the ones that fall into the category of pests, such as mice and rats and of course insects like cockroaches. Once they are detected in means looking for a quick solution. This brings many to take a look at Riddex Plus Charge.

What Is Riddex Plus Charge?

Riddex Sonic Plus is a device that is being promoted as sending a sonic signal that rodents and insects do not like. Once they hear it they are supposed to look for the nearest exit. Along with the unit there is the option to be able to use an indoor repellent. The Riddex system is called the Pest Repelling Aid. This is a “As Seen On TV” product. Normally there is so much hype around these products that this sells them rather than the merits of the product itself.

How Does Riddex Plus Charge Work?

Riddex Plus Charge

Riddex claims to have patented technology that make their units work. When the unit is plugged into an outlet it releases electromagnetic airwaves. The human ear cannot detect this but rodents and insects can and they want to get away from it.

  • Plug the Riddex unit into a power receptor
  • When the red light is flashing it is going through a 3-minute cycle of emitting the soundwaves


Is There Science Behind the Technology?

Most experts claim that at first rodents and insects may be startled by what they hear. Many of them soon adjust to the sounds and pay no further mind to it.

The Advantages To Using Riddex Plus Charge

There are many ways that people will use to rid their homes of these types of pest. However, most come with some drawbacks such as:

  • They contain harmful chemicals to children
  • They are a cruel way of disposing of the pest
  • They can be messy and cumbersome to work with
  • They are chemicals that have to be used on a regular basis
  • There is a danger that the household pets could get into them.
  • With Riddex it is completely safe and does not have any toxic substances


Common Questions


Those that are interested in the Riddex often have several questions before they invest such as:

Will it hurt dogs?

  • The answer given was from personal experience that it did not hurt their dog.


Does it work on other insects like fleas and termites?

  • The answer is inconclusive as the person is not sure.


Can It be used Outside?

  • Some potential buyers are wondering if Riddex would work in areas like the patio or garage. The answerer talks about her own success with the product but does not mention that it was used in the areas that the question pertains to.

Will It Work On Squirrels?

  • Again an unanswered question.

Other questions focus mostly on why the red light keeps blinking, and delivery issues.


What Area Will Riddex Cover?

According to Riddex it will provide coverage for several rooms but does not give specifics


What Will It Get Rid Of?


The providers of the product only claim that it gets rid of the following:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Cockroaches


Will The Cockroaches Respond to Riddex Ridex Plus Charge?


While mice and rats are distasteful many worry about cockroaches because when they enter the premises they multiply rapidly. They are not only ugly to look at they have the ability to spread 30 different types of bacteria.


A study that was conducted way back in 2006 revealed that the cockroaches do not respond to sound waves. Therefore it is unlikely Riddex would be effective.

Why Do People Buy?

Even though the Company has not provided any scientific proof of their product it has been around for several years and is still selling effectively.

One of the reasons that most people buy a product like this is in the hopes that it will work. It is worth a chance.

The Cost

As with most of the As Seen On TV products the promotion is buy one, get one free. Currently, you would be paying $29.95 for this deal plus shipping and handling if you buy direct from the provider

The Outcome


Looking at the ratings on Amazon indicates the product has been reviewed 455 times giving it an overall 3.5 out of five star rating. 47% have given it this highest rating. Based on that there has to be some merit to this product.

Overall the comments are either it worked or it didn’t. There are going to be some variables that come with its level of success. For example, which specific rodent or insect is it being rated for. Plus, how bad was the infestation. If the review was based on just one mouse then there is not much substance to the review.

Options and Alternatives

Choices for pest control

If you are not convinced that you are ready to try Riddex for roaches then it is worth looking at alternatives. Here is an example:

Combat Roach Killing Bait


This is a popular product that has earned a 4-star rating based on 1,318 reviews. It is a totally different system compared to Riddex, but it may be the solution.

The Rodent Sherriff

Rodent Sherriff

For those who feel they have to resort to more traditional methods then they may want to look at Rodent Sherrif. It is an all natural product designed to go after the same insects and rodents that Riddex is.



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