Does the Rodent Sheriff Really Work?

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Does Rodent Sheriff Work?Now that fall is here it’s time to start preparing the home for winter. What you may not realize is that the rodents are looking for a place to bunk down for the cold season too. So you may want to make it clear they are not welcome at your home by introducing them to Rodent Sheriff.

The Claim
According to the promoters of Rodent Sheriff this product is all natural yet has the ability to keep critters such as mice, raccoons and roaches and a few others.

The Hype
The biggest hype that goes with Rodent Sheriff is that it is all natural.

The Cost
What you will have to pay for the Rodent Sheriff will depend on where you buy it. If you buy it from their promo site you will be paying $10. plus $7.95 for shipping and handling, but if you add an extra $1. Then you will get a second bottle free. However, you can also buy it on Amazon for $15.36 but you are not getting the second bottle.

The Commitment

The commitment that you will have to make to Rodent Sheriff will probably be a lot less than what you will have to made any of the common rodents happen to get into your home.

Okay to begin with we can all agree that there is a need for rodent repellant. What is slightly unclear as to exactly what rodents the Rodent Sheriff is effective against. Although the promo video shows racoons, mice and ants. As far as it being natural it is promoted as being a formula based on peppermint extractions. Peppermint really is known to be an excellent insect deterrent so the Rodent Sheriff is just a more convenient form of using it.

Final Rodent Sheriff Review

Rodent Sheriff is a product that has received some feedback as it is sold on Amazon. Out of 566 reviews it has received a three star rating. What many are saying is that you better like the smell of peppermint because this product is potent when it comes to the odor. It is interesting to see that the comments are mixed. Some are raving about it being great others are seem to be quite disappointed. What has to be taken into account that rodents may be of the same breed but they will respond differently. It also has to be taken into account as to how much of the product was used and under what conditions. Based on everything that has been said it leads us to recommend the Rodent Sheriff as a try buy. It is reasonably priced and it is a natural product so there are no risks, and it is a more humane approach to a rodent problem. If you happen to be one that gets good results then it is money well spent, and if you don’t you have not lost a great deal of money. Getting rid of rodents can be very difficult and while there are tons of products to help with this there are not too many that bring total success.

Our Recommendation
If you are only dealing with an ant problem then you may want to look at the Terro Liquid Ant Bait which has produced some great results.

What do you think? Does Rodent Sheriff work or not?

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