Do Tac Glasses Really Reduce Glare Safer Day/Night Driving?

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tac glassesIt may seem a little strange to talk about sunglasses for those who are in the midst of the winter months. However, the sun still shines in winter and sometimes with the glare there is an even greater need for sunglasses. We have decided to talk about something a little different than just the regular sunglasses and this is the Tac Glasses.

Tac Glasses

People are always trying to come up with new and innovative products that are designed to make our lives easier, and one such item that is a necessity for those that especially drive at night are called Tac Glasses. Unlike regular glasses, you can use these glasses day or night and they work amazing at cutting down the glare from the sun or at night when driving from the glare of oncoming headlights

Why Are Tac Glasses Great For Driving?

Driving with tac glasses


For anyone that has ever driven either day or night, you know that sometimes you encounter problems with the glare from the sun or headlights from oncoming cars.

Having the proper protection for your eyes is essential and these Tac Glasses do a lot more than regular sunglasses because they actually block the glare when driving, especially at night.

This is important because you can miss certain things on the road if the glare is to bright which can be dangerous.

How Do Tac Glasses Compare To Other Sunglasses?



Having the right protection for your eyes is vital to being safe on the road, but you also need to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that our sun produces.

Even if you spend a lot of money on glasses that look great it doesn’t mean they necessarily protect your eyes as well as they should.

Tac Glasses block these UV rays and allow you to see images much sharper and clearer than normal sunglasses.

How Do Tac Glasses Work Better Than Other Sunglasses?

Many regular sunglasses end up blocking out the clarity of what you are looking at when they are blocking out the sun. With Tac Glasses it’s almost if you weren’t wearing glasses at all because they sharpen colors as well as images, making them super clear.

They are able to do this because they use what’s called polarized glass for their lenses. It’s this process that allows these glasses to sharpen how everything looks while blocking out the harmful UV rays that can damage your eyes.

How Do Tac Glasses Look?

Tack Glasses


Obviously you want to look good when you are wearing your shades so In addition to providing excellent protection for your eyes,

Tac Glasses are designed to be extremely stylish as well. The manufacturer wanted these glasses to look like higher-end glasses and they achieved the wow factor they were looking for.

The beauty of these glasses is that they look great, are extremely functional, and they won’t break the bank.

Where Did Tac Glasses Come From?



These kinds of glasses were originally designed to be used by the military and other enforcement individuals, such as police for example, in tactical and military operations.

Classed as a multi-purpose high-grade piece of equipment these glasses are an essential part of their gear because of how clear you are able to see with them on.

This is done by using technology that actually helps to filter the light in a certain and specific way.

How Are Tac Glasses Made?

Tac Technology


Obviously the kind of Tac Glasses the military and police use are a lot more rugged and expensive for that matter, but the same principles and lens technology are used for these glasses as well. It is this filtering technology combined with polarized lenses that allow you to see much clearer than normal glasses and what prevents the glare from bothering your eyes both day and night.

Are Tac Glasses Good For Just Driving?


These glasses are really so much more than regular glasses and are great for much more than just driving through that 5 pm sunset you may encounter coming home from work or even driving at night with oncoming traffic .

If you are an outdoor person and like hunting or fishing or even just hiking, the clarity you will experience is second to none. The clarity and the way the glare is blocked allows you to see past the trees much easier when hunting, and even into the water better when fishing.


No matter what you are going to buy it is always a good idea to learn about what others have to say about it. There are positive and negative reviews for the Tac glasses.


Most people find that these glasses live up to their reputation and are great for all types of outdoor activities throughout the day.

The way they block out the UV rays, as well as the glare from the sun, makes it far more enjoyable to be outside and it really is incredible how much better you can see and how much sharper and clearer the colors are.

Also for those that drive, whether during the day or especially at night, these glasses are something you should not go without. The price is very reasonable for what you are getting and they do look pretty stylish for the cost.


One of the only things that people complain about is that although the manufacturer advertises how durable these glasses are, in truth, many people find they the frame itself is cheaply made and not very durable at all.

You really are paying for the technology that goes into the lenses themselves and what they can do for you.



Most online stores charge around $19.99 for the Tac Glasses which isn’t a bad price for the advantages these glasses offer both for drivers and the outdoorsman or woman.


If you are looking for a pair of stylish and good looking glasses that offer some great advantages, not to mention making it safer for you to drive, then paying the $19.99 is well worth the money.

They really do work in cutting down the glare from the sun, as well as headlights from oncoming traffic as night.

If you have ever seen the commercial showing what images can be missed in the glare you would be surprised at how much better things look when you are wearing these glasses. For these reasons, we believe that these glasses are definitely worth having.


If you have had an experience with the Tac glasses then please share this us, so our other visitors can rely on your knowledge


623 Customer Reviews on “Do Tac Glasses Really Reduce Glare Safer Day/Night Driving?

  1. GARBAGE! Does not perform as advertised! A waste of money! Bought two pair and had several friends try them just to get objective opinions. GARBAGE! FALSE ADVERTISING!

  2. You didn’t proofread your message either. In the first sentence the word should be “principle” as in rule. Spelled principal means main. Second sentence also contains a grammatical error; i.e., should be written as a contraction — didn’t . . . Last sentence should say “author was so lazy that he or she couldn’t proofread what he or she wrote? The word author takes a singular pronoun.

  3. I’m very disappointed in them. I wear prescription glasses and they do not fit over them. What a waste of money. I thought they would fit over my glasses.

  4. justplain old night vision glasses (that go over Rx glasses price $12 are just as good.

  5. I was one of the idiots who bought the tac glasses so I could see my tablet screen outside….they are absolutely SHIT….did not do anything to help me see the screen !!!

  6. Bought these glasses hopping to improve my night driving vision. Like the other people commented they are dark and couldn’t be used a night. Junk! I will try getting the charges to my card reversed.
    Pure CRAP!

  7. I purchased these glasses and at first thought they were OK but nothing special. After a month the nose piece cracked in half and the framer broke. I understand there is a life time warranty but it is not worth the cost of sending them back so I just super glued them.

    When I used them they were soothing on the eyes but they seemed to darken everything. I could not see the in car map screen without lifting the glasses because it was too dark.

    The Night vision glasses did not remove the star image from the headlights as shown on TV they only seemed to make everything yellow

    Those are my experiences. You get what you pay for.

  8. Absolute rubbish! They fell apart as I took them out of the box. Cheap crap that you would not buy if you could see them in a shop

  9. No wonder these things are being advertised thru mail order sites. If you were able to try before you buy they would bet a big thumbs down.They are no better than what you can get in a petrol station shop for $5. I would say not even equal quality.A BIG RIP OFF!

  10. These Tac Glasses are absolute crap.
    I bought them of an Australian shopping channel, 2 sets and both broke in less than 3 weeks apart even from normal use.
    Apart from that, they were no different than $10 petrol station sunglasses I bought before and no special optics.
    Avoid them……..

  11. While, the glasses did make it easier and clearer to see both day and night. The glasses are so fragile that they broke within two weeks of me receiving them. I would loved to have been able to wear them longer. after they broke, I did not want to go through the hassle of trying to return them. I did not see a return policy. They are excellent glasses however, they need to be more durable. I am one who pay for and keep sunglasses for years. These were ones I expected to keep for years not weeks.

  12. The lens seems to work as they claim, but the quality of the product is poor. The frame is very flimsy. The soft plastic nose piece will not stay on, came off in the first 15 mins. I could have gone to the dollar store and gotten a better quality pair of sun glasses! I will not buy another product of theirs as of now. I do NOT recommend this product!!

  13. Do you want to know what there real business is? They take yours and every one else’s money first and then they invest that money over the 28 days it takes to send them out to you and the 30 days they give you to try them out, making millions of dollars on the interest and don’t care if you send them back as this is part of the on going cycle that maintains the pool of funds interested and will happily send your money back.
    Now you know the real scam

  14. I also brought a pear of Tac sunglasses thinking that I could use them as safety glasses for work. Shortly if they are good enough for military use then they would be fine with construction.. Right? Well apparently not thay don’t meet safety standards. Oh and one other warning started was that these glasses (Tac) should not be warn whilst DRIVING. Doh..! Oh is there not a semi trailer streaming past from out of the blinding glare on there TV ads and now you should not use them while DRIVING.. and now I know why. Because they are CRAP really CRAP I’m getting my money back well less postage costs to send them back hay! Rippoffs

  15. broke the first time I went to put them on. cheap. junk. do not waste time or money. go to a bass pro shop pay the same price and get a decent pair of glasses.

  16. The prop 64 warning is in almost everything in Ca. Melting and ingesting large amounts of plastic “could” cause a problem, but CA requires the warning for anything that has even a minute amount of dangerous chemical. Almost anything manufactured has SOMETHING that can cause problems if ingested in large amounts.

  17. Nice one there Daryl,
    How about you learn the difference between bold and bald you two timing son of a gun.
    Also Dave,I know about you and my sister and your mum, sleep with one Tac covered eye open pal.

    One more thing Darren, I don’t like your face, change it before I change it for you.
    Thanks Bud,

  18. Hi.
    I am a retired Optometrist.
    I don’t like how these glasses are advertised. The reason why the eagle appears is they have placed a flat Polaroid filter on the front surface of the laptop screen. The screen is also set very bright with a dull eagle picture in the background. So the light leaving the the screen is polarised in probably the horizontal orientation similar to light bouncing off water. So if you put any Polaroid sun glasses on the bright screen will become markedly duller and the eagle will then be able to be seen. There is also nothing special about the reflective coating on the front of these sun glasses. It’s mainly for show. So this product is a scam in the way it is portrayed as being superior to other sun glasses when in fact from the testimonials of those who have bought them they underperform for the price.
    If you want sunglasses then try them on in a shop or a market. If it feels good to you then that is the correct pair for you so long as they meet the standards like UV and clarity but even the cheapest these days do that.
    Also if your having trouble with glair then have your eyes checked. You may be slightly short sighted or any number of different conditions which will need attention.
    Take care Mark. PS I will be sending you the bill !!!

  19. I bought 2 pairs of Tac glasses, both of them broke within a couple of weeks. The vision quality is crap, quite frankly they are just totally useless.

  20. Crap is not a descriptive enough word to describe the frames on these glasses. I bought two pair, one I wore 5 times, then the frame broke near the bridge as I took them off (using two hands) the other one, the bow broke as I was closing them the FIRST time I took them Off. I did not heavy hand these. Buy the $10.00 glasses in the gas station.
    Mike H

  21. Smoking pot doesn’t give you cancer, eating processed foods does pfag. Read it up ya brain washed yank

  22. I purchased 2 sets of these TAC glasses and found they seemed to make everything very dark.. I had to lift them to see the instruments in my car as I drove along as I could not see what the speed was I was doing. They are to me just extremely dark glasses you struggle to see through. I also did not find them very comfortable to wear and I would say the lenses’ shape is more to look special and trendy than to actually serve any other point such as comfort.
    Don’t waste your money as they are the worst sun glasses I have ever owned and they are a con. If Americans believe all the hype in the American made Advert which tries to make it look as so you will look so macho in TAC glasses like an American Marine but I doubt the US marines would be wearing them into battle as they would be fighting blind. Go back to making movie projectors Bell and Howell as you suck at making sun glasses.

  23. Mine broke while I was sitting on an airplane. I called customer service and talked to Nancy. She said to just send them back along with a copy of my receipt and they would replace them. It cost me $7.00 just to send them back and guess what, I’ve never seen the replacement. So much for the guarantee.

  24. Rip off !!! Don’t waste your money. End of the ear piece scratches the lens. I was very careful to carry the tac glasses in the provided bag. With the ear pieces folded to fit inside the bag, the end scratched the plastic lens and obscured my vision. Very disappointed

  25. Tac glasses are very poor quality and do not give proper protection against the sun rays from the top or side. They are very uncomfortable to wear and have sharp edges. Buyer beware, I am giving my glasses away, 10 pair to be exact. False advertisement should be addressed here. Another scam job.

  26. The TAC glasses are a scam. I bought two pairs and each broke on the very first day of using them. They do not enhance your vision. It is just another global shop direct rip off item. Don’t bother wasting your time and money

  27. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. These glasses don’t enhace anything, color, images, etc… . They just shade/darken what you are seeing like any “old-fashioned” sunglasses have been doing for decades. complete rip-off. The commercials are obvioulsy using CGI technology to produce the images as supposedly seen through these lenses.

  28. Hello I am look to see if you make the tac glasses in a clip on or some thing like that. Need to know because I ware Glasses and would like some tacglasses tto fit on my glasses . Do you make any like that.

    Humbly Yours
    DeWaren Clark

  29. Bell+Howell is a very old US company. It’s a shame they don’t know the difference between a Bold Eagle and an American Eagle.

  30. Remember when we were kids and the teacher emphasized on proofreading what you write/type? Now I see why the teacher was so adamant about that principal. Whoever wrote this gives me the impression that they were probably drunk and/or just didnt care enough to proof read so they wouldn’t look drunk. Either way, how much weight should I give this review if the author was so lazy that they couldnt proofread what they wrote?

  31. You’re not supposed to be eating them, nor most any other plastic. Oh, and smoking pot will probably give you cancer too.

  32. Was investigating them but no listing or talk about the glasses blocking eye damaging UV put a stop to that.

  33. the worst quality ,,,Liars,it will be more worth it to donate these money to a charity org.they will send you free stuff has more quality than this crab….if you try to return it,it is more head ache ,so save your money and don’t buy it…..

  34. TAC GLASSES ARE NOTHING like was expected….NOTHING like was advertised…..Customer service people are terribly rude…..
    DO NOT BUY THESE……………..throw your money in the trash can where perhaps a homeless person can find it and buy some food.

  35. Lol, you will have to live naked in the Amazon jungle if you want to avoid cancer-causing chemicals.

  36. DONT Buy Global Shop TAC Glasses. They are false. Put them on and they are so dark you see nothing, The advertisments show they enhance vision. The complete oposite. They are cheap plastic.

    The main reason not to buy is CANCER. These glasses are made from plastic that causes cancer. There is a warning on the box. Calif. Prop 65 Warning. “This product contains chemicals known to the state of california to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm”

    They will harm a pregnant womans baby firstly and give you cancer.

    FRAUD totally to use plastic that causes cancer in a product that is designed to prevent eye damage.

  37. I ordered two pair of the HD Tac glasses with the extra night vision lenses. this was over 1 month ago. I was charged a total of $88.13 on my credit card. I have yet to receive them but they took my money. I’ve tried to reach their customer service department by phone @ least 8 times during the hours they say they are available. have yet to get ahold of any of them and when I check my order status I’ve found no shipping confirmation. so far this whole site is a ripoff scam to get you mailing & credit card info.

  38. I was eager to purchase this product as I believed the advertisement. What a joke! They are cheap, uncomfortable, and a total scam. Very disappointed.

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