Do Tac Glasses Really Work?

Do Tac Glasses Really Work?
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Do Tac Glasses Work?It may seem a little strange that we would choose to talk about sunglasses when the winter is just about to hit many of us. However, the sun still shines in winter and sometimes with the glare there is an even greater need for sunglasses. We have decided to talk about something a little different than just the regular sunglasses and this is the Tac Glasses.

Tac Glasses are offered by Bell Hpwell and they have been designed based on military technology. They are supposed to be able to reduce glare, enhance colors and give better overall vision clarity.

The Claim
The promoters of Tac Glasses are saying that they are made with new light filtering technology that dramatically helps to reduce glare plus by having color enhancement with what you are seeing this is supposed to give you better clarity. They say that these Tac Glasses can deal with any type of environment.

The Hype
They hype is focusing on the technology that is built into the Tac Glasses which is supposed to be the same as what the military relies on. This is meant to boost the integrity and validity of the technology.

The Cost
It will depend on where you are going to buy the Tac Glasses but if you buy them from the promo site then you can pick them up for $19.99. If you are a Amazon shopper then you can buy them there for $34.44 which is a big price difference.

The Commitment
Not much of a commitment needed for the Tac Glasses other than you have to remember to take them with you wherever you go where you may have need for them. With them being so reasonably price you may want to pick up a second pair so you can leave one in the car.

These are not the first type of glasses to come out on the market making these claims. However, similar types may be expecting a lot more money for the purchase of them. It still comes down to whether the Tac Glasses can live up to the claims being made about them. It would appear for a few they are very happy with the Tac Glasses but to date there are several that are not all that impressed with them. For these ones they are complaining that the glasses make everything too dark, or they are too bulky to store.

Final Tac Glasses Review

With what we have seen and heard the Tac Glasses as of yet are not impressing us enough to go beyond a try/buy ratng. We feel that they may be okay for some depending on the expctations that they are going to place on them, but they certainly don’t seem to be gearing up to be a total crowd pleaser. There are no doubt other types of glasses on the market that can and have been classed as top performers.

Our Recommendation
If you still want to invest in a pair of sunglasses that are being hyped as being at least a little bit different then you may want to check out the Night View Glasses.

What do you think? Does Tac Glasses work or not?


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