Do Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Really Work?

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Do Eagle Eyes Sunglasses really work?If you’ve been looking for a good pair of sunglasses at a reasonable price, you no doubt took an interest in Eagle Eyes Sunglasses. The television spots make it seem like you’ll see a whole new world when you put them on. They also bring up the concept of using NASA-based technology in the lenses. But is it all hype, or do they really work?

Sunglass manufacturers have been trying to design and develop better eyewear for many decades now, but just in last two has there been moderately priced glasses that are able to drastically reduce the amount of glare from the sun. The most well-known of these is BluBlockers, which ran television ads for many years in the 1990’s.

Since then there has been several different brands to enter the market of sunglasses advertised on TV,Eagle Eyes Sunglasses being one of them.

The Claim
The biggest claim that the makers of Eagle Eye Sunglasses make is that they are using space age technology developed by NASA in their eyewear.

The Hype
The hype is that these sunglasses will make a striking difference to what you can and can’t see, and that they will be way better than ordinary sunglasses.

The Cost
Even though they seem like they are simply a sold-on-TV product, there’s actually an entire line of models that you can buy. If you buy direct from the website you can look to spend about $40 for their lowest-priced pair, all the way up to $100 for a titanium framed model.

The Commitment
If you’re already used to wearing sunglasses outdoors, then you won’t need to do much to your lifestyle to accommodate Eagle Eyes Sunglasses. Just replace your current pair with them when they arrive.

If you currently don’t wear sunglasses, or don’t have a pair, but recognize the need to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, you will need to get used to bringing them with you everywhere you go, and to put them on instead of squinting in the sun.

When put to the test against standard sunglasses, the Eagle Eyes gave relatively the same improvement in vision in sunny conditions. It also gave everything a yellowness, which regular lenses don’t do. If you think that you’d prefer a yellow, but less darkened view of the world, you would probably prefer them over conventional sunglasses.
However, if you feel that you wouldn’t be able to seeing the world with a yellow hue to everything, then you should stick with a regular pair.

As far as quality goes, and whether you buy into the hype of NASA technology, you may still want to use them and just get used to their yellow nature. It’s impossible to determine whether or not they are effective at blocking the UV and Blue-light that they claim.

On their website they have a pretty good-looking blue-light test that makes them appear to be rather effective. How this translates to actually using them and having better vision in real-world scenarios is yet to be determined.

Do Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Really Work?

They do provide a good level of protection from the sun for your eyes. The Eagle Eyes Sunglasses may not live up to the expectations set by their advertisements, or the claims made, but as far as making a giant improvement in your vision they are pretty much the same a normal pair.

It is up to you whether you want to believe the claim that they are using NASA-developed technology. It is our impression that they wouldn’t be authorized to use the NASA name on their site and in their ads. They don’t use the logo, but we think NASA would have filed a complaint by now if the claim wasn’t true.

Our Recommendation
If you need a pair of sunglasses, or your current pair just aren’t measuring up, you can get a pair of Eagle Eyes Sunglasses and be relatively happy with their performance. They are not super cheap, and you can pick up a pair of HD Vision Ultras for about half the price.

What do you think? Do Eagle Eyes Sunglasses really work?

33 Customer Reviews on “Do Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Really Work?

  1. I have three pair of Eagle Eyes and they are great sunglasses. The world is a brighter place with those yellow lenses! I fly RC airplanes and I always wear my Eagle Eyes. With other lens colors the visibility is reduced, and the color is distorted. I once mixed my plane up with another one and my plane was fling away. I realized in time and found my plane in the sky. With any other sunglasses if you fly by the sun you will lose your plane in the glare, the Eagle Eyes are fine. Lastly with dark color lenses the world is dimmed, visibility is reduced, with Eagle Eyes the world is bright, brighter than before you put them on. Visibility is enhanced while glare is gone. The best sunglasses, I like them so much I have seven of them, one for each of my vehicles!

  2. I own a couple pair of Eagle Eyes, I also purchased a few for others as gifts. The lens quality and some of the styles are better than what is available by other lines of glasses. Personally, I’ve notice the difference in the way that Eagle Eyes reduce glare. I was amazed when I could distinctly see the spray spots of the factory tinting on my car windows when looking through the glasses, which otherwise would be invisible to the naked eye. I was also able to noticeably see a difference through the glare of another car’s windshield into the cabin of that vehicle; without the glasses I could see only silhouettes and with the glasses I was able to see some detail of the people inside. Another thing I found is that they somewhat distort the light of my phone’s screen. It’s not a benefit of the lenses, because I am forced to take off the glasses to look at my phone. But it does speak to the difference of how Eagle Eye lenses process the light that come through them. I compared all of what I just shared against other glasses, and Eagle Eyes were the only ones that I found to do any of this sort of altering of light.

  3. If it wasn’t for this poorly researched, worthless review, I wouldn’t get to see the real reviews from the people that actually use them.Thanks everyone.

  4. The best I have ever had. I have an eye problem and do not see well in the sun. Cannot drive without them. They work in the sun, even in misty weather, overcast weather and evenings. Now the arm broke off (after a lot of wear) and I cannot find a supplier in Cape Town South Africa. Very upset!!

  5. Ummm, obviously you have no idea what “lackadaisical” means. Contrary to your claim, the author is not too lazy to do a too-lazy review.

  6. While reading your review I also found it useless and basically un- professional…I see no tests…or trials backing up what you say….and you don’t even mention that it is being polarized that makes the biggest difference….so in that case I would think if you really want to compare you would compare with other polarized sunglasses…in reality that is what cuts the glare ….additionally the yellow or amber color (which is what counteracts the blue light)…was not compared……
    There are people who do not like polarized glasses(you can’t read electronic screens with them)..that does not mean they dont work…evidently you just tried them on and gave your own personal uneducated opinion…the review of one person should be stated as such …not written as if it were a large multicenter study…I find this review a bit dishonest…it is your opinion…your personal review…not a review of the masses….and your personal review does not even address the things that make these glasses different ….1) YOU ARE COMPARING APPLES TO ORANGES….2) IN REGUARD TO GLARE THE IS NO WAY THAT A NONPOLARIZED SUNGLASS CAN COMPETE WITH A POLARIZED SUNGLASS….JUST SAYIN’…

  7. The nose guard pads disintegrated so I called customer service and they found my account and sent me new ones. Now the film on the inside of the glass is coming off and now they can not find my account and they will not replace the lens.

  8. Jean Cote
    I’m looking for a good pair of sunglasses based on the research you have done which brands seems to have better protection.

  9. Would like to ask if this sunglasses work well when you have poor eyesight? I am using glasses with +300, this sunglasses still works?
    Thank you very much,

  10. There is HUGE difference between eagle eyes and standard glasses, dare I say better than Raybans/Police or any other bigger brands…and this is not just my own personal experience but almost anyone who has tried.

    for e.g. My uncle is a landscaper/gardener, he saw me wearing them once and asked if he could borrow it/try it on, I didn’t give him any of the NASA spiel etc…so no placebo effect….as soon as he put on his first comments were “WOW, they give this kind of strange cooling effect on my eyes, what are these? where did you get them from”….

    In Australia we have very intense sunlight and glare during clear skies peak summers, these glasses allowed me to see into the water that was glaring white, I could actually see fish probably a couple of meters deep….on long drives I could differentiate between the different hues of green on the pastures/rolling meadows….

    It seems like everything is color corrected using photoshop, a normal pair simply darken everything, while eagle eyes clears your vision….the ONLY color that seemed off to me was the blue sky…it looked almost greyish.

    I am sorry but I agree with all the other commentators….very lousy review.

    I broke my eagle eyes from a couple of years ago, its a big hassle buying these are they are not available for shipping to australia… so I tried a lot of knockoffs and even a rayban gift…none of them compare…the ONLy pair that were “similar but crapper” were the HDultras you mentioned.

    HD Ultras feel similar to the eagle eyes lowlight, in daytime they are too lightly coated to give enough protection, in night time they don’t compare as well…around the evening time is when they were of best use….lowlight…but they simpy dont match up to par…

    If you are strapped for cash…you can get Eagle Astros for $34.95 which I definitely consider as cheap compared to any name brands and for the quality it is. but I am personally going for the 3-in 1…as I was looking for a good pair of bluelight glasses for my heavy computer screens usage.

  11. Scott Lovelady & Josh… may want to do your own research. NASA did not and does not license the technology to Eagle Eyes. Even the Eagle Eye website states “Developed from Original NASA Optic Technology”. Who knows what technology they used or use and how dated it is. Eagle eyes claim they are “Certified by the Space Foundation for UV and Blue Light Eye Protection”. The space foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with revenues primarily provided by individual, foundation and corporate donations; corporate memberships; events fees; product sales; and fees for service. Nothing about NASA. Eagle Eyes pays a fee to be a member and be certified. Its pay for play which is not necessarily a bad thing but it’s certainly not NASA. As for myriad of benefits attributed to their TriLenium® lenses, where is the proof? Are they ISO / UL / ANSI / ASQC compliant or certified? Are they 21 CFR 801.410 compliant? If so Eagle Eyes should post the independent lab results validating their claims and proof that they have met the standards above.

  12. I’ve had 3 pairs off eagle eye sunglasses now and they definitely do improve vision in bright sunshine.
    I work as a window cleaner and these are ideal, i can feel my eyes squinting less with the bright reflecting sun in the spring and summer months and always wear them when the sun’s out, admittedly not often enough here in the UK.
    Couple of downsides, firsly after some regular use you can get some noticable tan lines, but suppose that means they are keeping out the harmful UV. Secondly, build quality not that great, with one polarised pair looking scratched within a few weeks and the plastic type lenses can crack quite easily.
    Overall would recommend.

  13. I agree with your customer service (or lack of customer service) observation. I asked for eagle eyes glasses for my one xmas gift for 2016. I even paid an extra $10 for shipping & handling so the glasses would arrive within 2 days of the order.

    Well, … about 2 weeks later and by accident the glasses arrive in xmas-eve mail. At least the glasses arrived, albeit damaged.

    So, the day after xmas, I contacted the worthless customer service. These people are either incompetent or liars or both. I’m not sure what I’m going to do? I may just send the entire order back, if I can not get some resolution soon? The customer service … I don’t know … totally worthless ….

    The representatives are nice and agree with everything you say. But, their actions do not support their words. I believe actions speak louder than words. Thus far, I’m not happy with the customer service. I’ll give it a few more days, if no resolution to my issue, I’m sending everything back – sad because I thought I liked the product.

  14. I have to agree. I found statements such as these complete bunk:
    “It’s impossible to determine whether or not they are effective at blocking the UV and Blue-light that they claim.”

    “It is up to you whether you want to believe the claim that they are using NASA-developed technology”

    If you’re going to do a review, do a little research. This is an empty review with no substantive data and too many empty assertions.

  15. I couldn’t agree more; horrible review. Was it written by a child?
    Several misspelled words, and wrong words, that did not make reading it any easier.
    Are the rest of the reviews this bad on this website?
    I seems like a bad copy of

  16. I have worn Eagle Eyes Sunglasses for over 10 years. They are excellent for me. I have a yellow pair for nighttime driving (they cut the glare down to nothing, and I can handle my nighttime driving without any issues, no matter what other drivers’ headlights may do (and especially with those blue-tinged nighttime headlights that I used to find so annoying? Not a problem with my yellow-lenses pair).

    I have had maybe 4 pairs over the many years, and these glasses are the only glases I will wear for daytime/nighttime while behind the wheel. They perform very, very well.

    Also, if I may add? Your review lacks the experience of someone who has actually worn the lense while driving.

  17. Shame on you for being too lazy to do such a lackadaisical review. If you know what lackadaisical means.

  18. I have been using Eagle Eyes for over 6 years now, after trying several types before, these are the best, cut glare, clarify field of vision, etc. etc.
    Your review lacks sense, seems it is based on simple antagonism, not scientific minded.

  19. I’ve been using Eagle Eyes since the day I first put on a pair…8 years ago. I do a lot of driving and these work in sunny conditions reducing glare so much that one doesn’t realize just how much until you remove them for a moment, plus in rainy season it cuts down on the overspray from vehicles allowing one to see through it better. The yellowness goes away after a few moments- you get used to it, and then you get to enjoy the vibrant colors of everything around you. They even light up shadows, allowing one to see into the darkness. No windshield glare…it’s no wonder Police wear these, keeps surprizes from happening. The HD glasses were okay, but lenses scratch really easily…so saving a few bucks…not really.

  20. I have several pairs of these glasses. I was looking to purchase several more for the holidays. I called customer service and it was a horrible experience. They said “upper management” would contact me in 24 to 48 hours..NEVER happened. Glasses are OK…Customer service…HORRIBLE…Go to your local mall and support the local economy of your community.

  21. So the TL;DR of this “review” is “we didn’t do any research more than watching a commercial and skimming their website so, meh, maybe?”
    This page is wasting valuable kilobytes of data on the internet.

  22. Stupid review. It should be pretty easy to verify or not, whether NASA had anything to do with their development. Also, any review of sunglasses should consult an optician who could certainly give worthwhile opinion of how they affect vision, or protect from the sun.
    Otherwise you’re just anybody saying they’re as good as any other sunglasses. Don’t bother. We all sort of figure at least that much.

  23. I first tried Eagle Eye back in the 90’s when I seen them advertised on TV and I loved them. In 2009 I had Shingles in my eye which left me with a scare on my eye and a dry eye from nerve damage. After that I was very light sensitive, especially in the sun and with glare. I remembered Eagle Eyes and ordered a pair. WOW, helped every way possible, clearer vision, way less glare, less eye strain, I don’t notice the yellow color, etc. Using dark glasses now is just that, makes everything seem dark, dim and reduce my vision. I was telling my eye doctor about it when during a check up. He told me it made sense, since scare on my eye defuses the light that hits it and causes glare making me more sensitive to lights and glare. He added the blue light is the major light that causes glare and yellow filters blue light. Just broke my last pair on vacation last week – they lasted five plus years of every day use, bouncing around on my dashboard, and a active life style. Will be ordering new ones right after I finish this review! I can’t give you any quantifying numbers, but I can swear they really help me and I’m staying with and recommending Eagle Eye to all my friends. You are going to buy sunglasses anyway, so try something new that may just add to your life. PS: The review at the top of the page sucks.

  24. I totallt agree with Jim. I have tried all kinds of sunglasses, usually high end stuff.

    I must say that the eagles eyes have been the most profound experience in sunglasses.

    First off, yes they will turn the whole world yellow. So if you have to distinguish between subtle differences in green and blue, these are not the sunglasses you want.

    But if you are in a very bright and glaring environment, say in snow, water or a very slight overcast, where the whole sky is bright white, like a giant light box, then these lenses are amazing.

    They will completely remove the glare, and at the same time make everything brighter and clearer. It sounds like a paradox, that they at the same time both makes everything seems brighter AND our eyes is completely relieved, but is my experience. As they also filter the blue light away, the image is also crisper and sharper.

    That combined with the polarization is quite simply the best lenses I have ever tried.

  25. I have tried many sunglasses of all types and I got my first pair of Eagle Eyes several years ago. They cut the glare, make everything brighter and clearer and the color contrast is really vivid. They are the ONLY glasses that cut the reflection from the dash board up into the windshield when I am driving, which is a big concern for me. It’s dangerous not to be able to see clearly when you are driving.

  26. This review is worthless – not a single quantitative measure of the sunglasses’ effectiveness in reducing UV or blue light transmission. I can’t use the review for anything! … Blue light reduction is said to be needed for people with IOLs (Intraocular lens replacements) to prevent retinal damage, so some sort of measured values are important. If you can, please do some measurements and comparisons with other measured values and standards or criteria.

  27. Hi
    I purcbased a pair of eagle eyes for my husband in Dec 2013. It is the best pair of sunglasses
    He as owned. The yellowness is not a big deal and I really don’t care where the tech comes from, they work and that’s most important.
    I’m off to get me a pair today. They don’t only work in sunny conditions; but in ay weather.
    Well done!

    South Africa

  28. This review is horrible! If you did the slightest bit of research on eagle eye sunglasses then you would know that NASA developed the technology and licensed it to eagle eyes sunglasses.

  29. After reading your review about the Eagle Eyes Sunglasses I decided to purchase a pair, I went for the cheaper model in order to try them out. They work fine, they look really good but I am yet to get used to the yellowness, I use them outside most of the time but I don´t use them to drive.

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