Does the Labrador Retriever as the Best Dog Breed Really Work?

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Does the Labrador Retriever Work?When it comes to bringing a new canine friend into your family the next big challenge becomes the choosing of the best breed for you. While there are plenty to choose from, and then mixed breeds added to the choices where do you start. It may be that you want to rely on the expert opinions for this and choose the Labrador Retriever.

Most often when we are going to purchase something it is either a product or service. But on occasion there is the purchase of a living entity like a pet. When it comes to the dogs the general concensus depending on the experts opinion which is the American Kennel Club for the US the best breed is the Labrador Retriever.

The Claim
According to the American Kennel Club the Labrador Retriever is the top breed and it has held this title for 26 years in a row.

The Hype
The hype around the Labrador Retriever is based on its many characteristics that seem to get passed down from generation to generation. They are noted for their pleasant nature. The Labrador Retriever is recognized for its sporting capabilities. It is classed as being an easy and intelligent learner and is often used as guide dogs for many different types of medical purposes.

The Cost
The cost for a Labrador Retriever can range from anywhere between $300 to $1000. It will depend on whether you are looking for one that comes from the show blood line.

The Commitment
The commitment for a Labrador Retriever is much the same as for any dog but perhaps more attention needs to be given in order to allow this dog breed to display their fullest capabilities. They thrive on being trained for different jobs and they love to be exercised, and they love the opportunity to play.

Overall when looking at different dog breeds there are many that have some great characteristics and some of which are the same as the Labrador Retriever. But if you want it all then this would be the choice. However, size may be an important factor for you. If you don’t have plenty of space for the Labrador Retriever both inside and outdoors then you may be better off choosing a smaller breed.

Final Labrador Retriever Review

We are definitely going to give the Labrador Retriever breed a thumbs up. This however is under the assumption that you have a requirement for a breed of dog that possesses these characteristics and that you can make the right commitment to them. We also feel that the AKC is the best resource for determining which breeds are the best depending on what the new owner requires in a canine.

Our Recommendation
To find out more about the Labrador Retriever or to research other breeds you can check out the American Kennel Club. Also, no matter which breed of dog you finally settle on, be sure to check out the information that we have provided on many different products for dogs and other pets

What do you think? Does the Labrador Retriever work or not?

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