Do Money Making Programs Really Work?

money making programsWe’d all love to have more money, and most of us have heard of an urban legend or two where people that have cashed in big from money making programs online. Perhaps you’ve been trying to make money with different systems, but nothing has worked for you yet. Or maybe you’re just getting into the world of making money on the Internet and all of this is new to you. Whatever your background, it’s important to get a solid grounding on what you’re getting into. So here’s your briefing, Cadet!

It’s human nature to want to make money, and more of it. It’s a very powerful tool that can be used for both good and evil, and many people get hung up on it. They worship it, think it will solve all of their problems, and continually chase it in a never-ending exercise in futility.

Because money does have the ability to bring you more experiences into your life, it’s a good thing to want to get more of it. You can help yourself, as well as your friends and family, and even total strangers with the extra money you make. But what’s important is to not throw your money down the drain in your attempt to bring more in. That only makes your financial situation worse, and ends up alienating you from the very people you care about most.

Program Review Recaps

Does AdSense really work?
AdSense Recap
AdSense is the monetization system run by Google that lets website owners put ads quickly onto their sites and start earning money when people click on them. It’s been around for years and has created a cottage industry of AdSense “gurus” that attempt to lead people to riches by using the ad network.

Although many of these AdSense experts claim to be able to make a full-time income and much more from AdSense, it is unclear how many of their followers have been able to do the same. There are always examples of webmasters making six figure sums with AdSense, but these are usually giant sites that have been around for many years and now generate massive amounts of traffic. If you don’t want to put the time and effort in, AdSense is not the choice for you.

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Does Income Hybrid really work?
Income Hybrid Recap
Income Hybrid is a perfect example of a program you should turn and run from. If you analyze 10 income earning programs, 9 of them will be just like Income Hybrid. Lots of claims, lots of hype, but once you buy the burger you find out there’s no meat in it.

It’s supposedly a “secret system” used previously only by the rich and famous. Seriously, that’s what they say. If you’re silly enough to believe this then you can drop the $50 and see what it’s all about. You’re protected by the ClickBank guarantee, so the only thing you can really lose is the time it takes to order it, sift through the mess, return it, and wait for your refund.

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Does CafePress really work?CafePress Recap
If you have many unique ideas and can make shirt and product designs that people would like to buy, you might experience some success by uploading them to CafePress. Many of their members moan and complain every time they change their Terms and Conditions.

For example a while back they forced everyone to take 10% commission on sales made from the main website. It used to be that you could set your own price for things, even if people found them through the CafePress site, or through an online search. But since all you basically have to do is upload an image and the site does the rest, there’s no harm in uploading everything you’ve got to see what sells. It’s basically free money after that.

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Does Video Traffic Academy really work?
Video Traffic Academy Recap
If you’ve ever wanted to take over the top spot in YouTube, or have your videos show up on the front page of Google, the makers of Video Traffic Academy say they have the answer. In a series of modules, the owner goes through all of the steps that you need to take to have the proper mindset, and the proper strategy to take over your niche.

But many programs like this exist, and of course there are the pros out there that know exactly what to do with their videos to get them ranked. Can you really compete by using this product?

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Business Credit Jumpstart Recap
If your personal credit isn’t very good, you’ve probably thought of getting business credit, or had trouble finding people to lend you money for your business. The promise of Business Credit Jumpstart is that you won’t have to put your personal information on the line, and you can establish credit even for a new business.

The claim that you can get credit for your business is not so outlandish, but they make some claims that say you can get thousands and thousands of dollars in a short period of time. So we had to look into it.

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Does DreamSphere Live Trading Room really work?
DreamSphere Live Trading Room Recap
If you’ve ever been interested in trading on the Forex markets you probably wanted some help. That’s exactly what they’re offering with the DreamSphere Live Trading Room. At certain times of the day they let you look over the shoulder of a professional trader as he watches the markets, makes trades, and gives advice.

But does following their lead produced the same sort of results that they get? The Forex moves so quickly it could be hard keeping up if you are just trying to copy what they are doing. Find out if we recommend jumping on board with this or not.

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Does Penny Stock Prophet really work?
Penny Stock Prophet Recap

If you have dreams of trading penny stocks or being a daytrader, the Penny Stock Prophet system is something that would definitely catch your eye. The way this works is you get a weekly newsletter with that weeks stock picks made by the prophet himself. All that’s needed is a little due diligence on your part, and then make the trades as recommended.

So the only question remains, can you actually make the kind of money they promise by following the recommendations that come in the newsletter. Find out our tips and recommendation in our full report.

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Does Commission Junction really work?
Commission Junction Recap
Commission Junction is the tracking system used by the affiliate programs of some of the biggest namebrand on the planet. By getting an account with them you will have access to these programs and be able to list their offers on your website. If visitors click on their ads and end up making a purchase the tracking system credits your account with the commission, and everybody goes home happy.

At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. Find out if it’s really this easy to make money with Commission Junction, and what you need to do to get started.

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Does Mass Income Multiplier really work?
Mass Income Multiplier Recap
Mass Income Multiplier is one of those hands-free software concepts where all you have to do is set it up, and it makes money for you on autopilot. The way they say this works is they have a proprietary network of visitors, so the content you create gets automatic and instant visitors. If you’ve ever created content and waited months for people to see it, you can appreciate this feature.

But what sort of traffic are they driving to your content, and doesn’t actually convert into sales? This is the question we delved into unfocused all of our attention on in order to give you our recommendation.

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Does Google Sniper really work?
Google Sniper Recap
The Google Sniper program is responsible for a lot of the affiliate sites you see out there that act like review sites. It instructed users on how to target specific keywords so that you could get quick rankings for products out there. It goes on to advise users to make phony reviews as if they had actually try the product, and liked it, and how to put their affiliate link but make it look like an official link.

If come out with a second version, but they have yet to address concerns over the Panda Update, which did a lot of damage to the sniper sites out there.

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Does Asea really work?
Asea Recap
Asea is a multilevel marketing program designed to get people to buy expensive saltwater that is supposed to relieve people of all sorts of ailments. These sort of network marketing programs always come about in one form or another, and the basic premise is they found some sort of magic elixir that people will be dying to try.

Asea is no different, but they do do things a little differently in regards to how you get paid. You’re basically just an affiliate that given your own affiliate link, so it doesn’t appear like you have to buy in wholesale and then sell at retail. Find out if you should join up in our full report.

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Different Types of Money Making Programs

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there’s hundreds of ways to make money. The Internet has made it possible for just about anyone in the world to start their own venture and pull themselves up by the boot straps. Choosing which program is right for you can be the tricky part. Different personalities respond to different systems differently, but there are some overall things to be aware of, and to avoid.

Get Rich Quick Schemes

There are several money making programs out there that promise amazing returns in a very short amount of time. They use clever wording in their copy to assure the reader that it is indeed possible to make large sums of cash quickly, and they come up with very real-sounding reasons why you haven’t made a lot of money yet, and plausible-sounding ways on how to do it.

All of these can be avoided entirely. They are a waste of your time and money and are usually just the entryway to more products and services. The makers of these programs know that if you were desperate enough to buy the first product, that you’ll be easy to upsell to larger and more outlandish products. By making your first purchase you’re what’s known as a “warm lead” which means you’re gullible and willing to spend money without much proof of what you’re getting.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are one method of making money online that has a long and proven track record. Since there is not much of a barrier to entry, this is a popular way for the lay person to get started making money without quitting their day job. All you’re required to do is send leads or traffic to a product page using your unique website address. Any sales made from this traffic will result in you getting a small commission from it.

There are many affiliate programs, so you can choose a product you believe in, and can stand behind. There are also several ways to make money with affiliate programs, you can either make your own pitch pages, start a review site that doubles as an affiliate site, or simply start a blog and recommend products that you actually use in real life.

One popular affiliate program is for NetFlix. So for example, if you use NetFlix you could start a movie review site, where you talk about movies you’ve watched, and then put your affiliate link after your reviews that leads people to the free trial of NetFlix. If they sign up, you get paid. How awesome is that?

Network Marketing

Network Marketing has been around for several decades, and is endorsed by some of the more well-known money gurus like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. These programs usually incorporate something resembling a pyramid scheme, but they call it a “downline”.

You want to build up your downline because you make a small percentage from everything they do. Of course, once you join you’re already under someone else’s downline, so all of your efforts are trickling up, and everyone in your downline is also in the person above you’s downline, and the person above them’s downline.

Eventually, somebody’s got to do some work, or nobody will get paid. This is the major flaw to Network Marketing. The big focus is on recruiting new members, but if no one is selling product than the well remains dry, and the size of your downline matters not.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing, commonly referred to as IM in the industry, has been around nearly as long as the Internet itself. This involves mostly information products, digitally delivered as ebooks. It can also include membership sites that provides information through digital downloads or videos. It usually involves a “guru” that knows a secret system to making money, or has some other valuable information that they’re holding under lock and key.

If you’ve managed to make it onto one of their email lists, you can easily spot an Internet Marketer by the nearly daily emails they’ll send you, recommending products from other IMers which is known as a Joint Venture in the IM circle. These guys repeatedly state that “the money is in the list” and their entire goal is to build up a large list of email addresses that they send to every day, pitching a new product and making lots of money for themselves.

The Catch-22
The thing about money making programs is that if one actually did work for 100% of the people that tried it, it would become so popular, so quickly, that before long everyone in the world would be doing it, and we’d all be rich. If you look around you will see that this is not the case, so there is nothing out there that will enable you to make boatloads of cash with little work.

That’s why you should completely disregard every testimonial you see that tries to show you an “Average Joe” that made lots of money quickly and didn’t know anything about the program before they started. These are ploys that are used on nearly every pitch page for every money making system in existence. It’s something that is very convincing, because it speaks to the human soul. “If they can do it, I can definitely do it because I’m better/smarter/savvier than they are” is the general thought process.

Things to Avoid
Run away from any program that promises some miracle way of making money, and spouts off really good-sounding reasons on why it will work. The real genius to all of these programs comes in the ad copy of the sales page. They have perfected the system to make you want to buy their stuff. There’s a formula to it. First they have to establish themselves as the expert. Next, they have to connect with you on a personal level. This usually comes in the form of a backstory on the tough times they had before they struck it rich.

Most of these sites will end their pitch by saying that you have two choices. One, to order their product and leave behind your old ways and start living life in the fast lane. Or two, to not order their program and continue struggling with money and living paycheck to paycheck at a job you don’t like.

But really you have at least two more options. You can order their program, find out it’s not for you, and end up more broke than you are. Or you can not order their program, and start taking small, calculated steps towards your goal of being financially free. There’s really plenty of options, but if you get roped into one of these sales pitches, they might make it seem like you’ve painted yourself into a corner and need their system to bail you out.

What to Expect
No matter which money making program you go with, you can expect to put in a lot more time, effort, and energy than what’s been promised in their pitch. Being your own boss is hard work, but many people envision a lot of sitting in a hammock sipping a Pina Colada. The truth is at first you end up working harder than you did at your job, but it’s worth it because you’re doing it on your terms.

After you’ve dedicated yourself to it and have developed a workable system, then you find others that can help replace your efforts. That’s when things become effortless, not at the beginning, but in the middle. That’s why most people never make it, they look for results way too early.

Does Anything Actually Work?
With so much junk out there, it can be difficult to sift through it all to find the diamonds. Something for nothing programs are all scams, and only work for the people that create them, leaving everyone else foraging for scraps.

But the strange thing is that many of the money making programs out there do really work, but only if they are taken on by people with the right mind set. If you have the drive, determination, clear-headed, positive attitude that it takes, plus you are not panicking about making money, you have a shot at making some cash with most anything out there.

Our Recommendation on Money Making Programs

If you’re serious about making money, real money, then you’ll need to be ready to roll up your sleeves and work hard. It’s not a popular answer, but it’s one thing that produces results. Don’t treat it like a hobby, you have to take it seriously if you ever want it to replace your current income. Register a business and treat it like one. Take daily steps to improve on your business and become successful. Only then will you be able to use money making programs make the kind of income that is easy to dream about, but harder to make a reality.