Does Stream Clean Really Work?

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Does Stream Clean work?Stream Clean might be the answer to your pet’s accidents, and claims that you don’t have to bend down or get on your hands and knees to clean up their mess. It definitely ranks up there for ease of use, just point and shoot is the promise, but let’s see if it really lives up to the infomercial.

Potty training your dog can be a real pain, and even if they’re trying really hard they still don’t make it outside every time. The problem worsens because once a stain has soaked into the carpeting they can smell it with their keen senses and will opt to go again and again in their favorite spot. To take care of the problem you need something that penetrates through the carpeting and vanquishes the odor in the padding as well.

Rather than becoming complacent about your pet peeing inside, you’re helping them by removing the odor that is making them want to go inside rather than outside. At least that’s the idea.

The Claim
The makers of Stream Clean claim that all you have to do is point it at the mess and give it a squeeze. It causes its own stream and lands right on the urine, neutralizing the odor and the stain. They say you don’t have to scrub, and that the enzymes do all the work. They also say that you can spot unseen messes with the included black light so you can go around your home and make sure that you get it all from everywhere.

They also say that it is safe to use around your pets, so that you don’t have to worry about them sniffing or licking at the spots where you’ve used it. They also say it doesn’t leave behind any sort of stickiness or residue once its done its job.

The Hype
They’ve got pitch man Marc Gill on this one, and he seems to be taking the reins from Billy Mays as a guy who can basically yell at you and get you to want to buy something. He does a good job of demonstrating how easy it would be to use this, and they show a blacklit stain disappear once the product is sprayed on it. But we’re all familiar with how these infomercials make a product look amazing, and then something is lost in translation when you get it home.

The Cost
Your total comes to $26, which gets you two cans of Stream Clean and a bonus black light that’s supposed to allow you to spot stains and messes that you can’t see under normal lighting. The black light that comes with Urine Gone, a similar product sold by the same company, was a piece of junk, FYI.

The Commitment
This is supposed to represent less time and effort on your part, and after an initial scan of the house you should be potty free and back to normal, with only regular maintenance necessary as you go forward. Of course if it doesn’t work you’re back at square one, and out a minimum of $16.

The premise for Stream Clean is a strong one, and they make a very believable pitch for the product. It shouldn’t be that hard to come up with an enzyme or other all-natural way to neutralize pet odors. However, you also have to question how “clean” this product really gets it. Even if it stops the odor and the stain, is it really cleaning it up? You’re still left with a mix of cleaner plus urine with some enzymes added to it.

What’s most interesting is that they say that your pet won’t mark the same spot again because the enzymes completely break up the odor civet smell and eliminate it. Excellent the biggest problems pet owners have when they are trying to housebreak their dog. The dog would rather remark their territory then go outside, it then becomes a struggle to get them to choose an outdoor location to do their business.

A call to customer service during regular business hours resulted in the system hanging up on us saying that they were too busy. After several attempts we were able to confirm that you have to send the bottles back if you take them up on their money back guarantee, meaning that you’re going to incur the added expense of return shipping just to get your $10 back. They did say that you could use up the entire product, so at least you wouldn’t have to ship back full bottles.

Final Stream Clean Review

The Stream Clean is getting our Risky Try rating, as it attempts to solve most of the problems associated with your pet having accidents inside the home. Not having to get up close and personal and using a lot of elbow grease is a real draw, and worth trying out if you can brave the possibility of losing out on some money. The reason that it’s risky is that if it doesn’t provide the results you want you’re out $16, as their guarantee is only good on the product price of $10.

Our Recommendation
We tried out a similar product from the same company, Urine Gone, and it didn’t get the results we were hoping for. In all likelihood this is a similar formula, or the same formula, repackaged so that you can use it while standing. This doesn’t bode well for the product, and the fact that we were unable to reach a live human on the phone after multiple attempts leads us to recommending against trying this.

If you want to get rid of your pet stains we suggest going with a highly recommended brand like Out! Stain & Odor Remover or Nature’s Miracle.

What do you think? Does Stream Clean work or not?

40 Customer Reviews on “Does Stream Clean Really Work?

  1. I use stream clean all the time. My dog occasionally makes mistakes ( when it is raining or terrible outside). You have to use common sense. Catch it early. Towel up as much as possible. Use the stream clean. ( I like no hands and knees). I saturate the spot, let it sit for a few minutes, then drop a shop towel on the spot and apply circular pressure with my foot. I leave the towel in place for a couple hours then lift it off. Most of the liquid and stain lift off with it. I cactus the next day and use my shark or Bissell once a week to clean my whole carpet. I have kids and pets. My carpet has no smell with this regimen and stream clean has been effective as a spot remover even on red koolaid. So I use this as part of a carpet cleaning regimen. It has been effective on stains from all bodily fluids. I have not used this on cat urine. The only product I have ever used semisuccessfully on cat urine came from Urine Planet. I think you will be satisfied with this product if you do not expect miracles. It is not going to replace serve – pro at a crime scene but I have gone back again and again. If you don’t want your 2 cans I’ll gladly give you 10 dollars. Definitely hands down beats wool it and resolve for stains

  2. I work with people with special needs. I tried it on a fresh stain from a liquid poop diaper leak. I was very impressed with the odor control. It went from nauseating to breathe through your nose in seconds. Ten minutes after completing clean up a guest came in and couldn’t detect the smell after being asked if they could smell anything. The stain left on the carpet is another matter. Where it worked it worked really well and the carpet is lighter than the surrounding carpet that wasn’t affected however the central stain keeps coming back. I left work soon after the accident. The next morning when I returned the stain looked almost new. I reapplied Stream Clean and blotted the new application. More mess came up on the clean surface. I kept spraying and blotting until the stain was barely visible. I sprayed again and left it to soak while I took my client out for a while. When I returned it was dark and terrible looking again!!! This time I sprayed and scrubbed. It’s now Monday morning and guess what I see when I walked into work!!?! Yep. It’s back like Jaws 3. I’ll try something else to see if I can get the stain out today. I’ll use this to kill odors but not so much on stains. Luckily I only have $5 into it since I picked up up locally on clearance.

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