Does the AfterShokz Headset Really Work?

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Does the AfterShokz Headphones Work?Most anyone can put a quality set of headphones to goo use and will be most appreciative of them but if they were to receive a set of the AfterShokz headphones then they are really going to know what top notch headphones are all about.

AfterShokz headphones are truly different from all other headphones on the market today. Yes, pretty much EVERY company that comes up with something new states the exact same thing but in most cases that is simply advertising hype. With AfterShokz it IS reality!

The Claim
The claim from AfterShokz is that these headphones, which are made with a revolutionary new technology, differ from all other headphones in that they provide much better ability to hear not just your favorite music BUT also everything going on around you at the same time.

The Hype
The hype realized by the AfterShokz headphones comes primarily from the “bone conducting” technology that is incorporated in the AfterShokz line of premium head phones.

The Cost
The cost of AfterShokz headphones varies from model to model. You can get wired models starting at just $39.99 and go all the way up to the top of the line wireless models from about $99.95 up to $139.95 depending on the model. Really a good price for a quality headphone in general and when you add in the bone conducting technology designed to keep you feelin’ the groove but also safe at the same time that is a pretty good price point overall. You can check out all the models at Aftershokz.

The Commitment
No more commitment required for the AfterShokz headphones than any other headphone requires. When not in use simply toss into a drawer or on the night stand or in your work out bag for when you need them next.

The idea behind these headphones was initially intended for Special Force Operators and Law Enforcement Officers who need to communicate via wireless headphone and microphone while still being able to maintain what is referred to as “situational awareness”. This means that you need to be able to hear what is going on around you at the same time as hearing what is coming through your headphones. Researchers over time discovered that we humans do not only hear with our ears, or rather just our ear DRUMS but that sound is also conveyed to the brain via the BONES in our ears. This is obviously an oversimplification for the purpose of this article but the history behind these headphones is exceptionally sound (get it?…sound!) in that the Bone Conduction technology allows the sound to be processed through the cheekbones which allows the ears themselves to be uncovered and therefore the wearer is able to hear everything going on around them at the same time as hearing the music.

Final AfterShokz Headphones Review

While for some the mere thought of the outside world intruding on their music may send them running in the other direction there is a whole host of people who desperately NEED to be able to stay situational aware while listening to music and these are the headphones that allow one to do that comfortably and with the highest quality to the music at the same time. We are going to give these headphones a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
This is a great product for anyone who really needs to be situational aware at the same time as listening to headphones. They sound fantastic and also offer the wearer the added element of safety. We think they are a great product and encourage anyone who loves to listen to music via headphones to check them out! For another option check out the Koss.

What do you think? Does the AfterShokz Headphones work or not?

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