Does Revitive Medic Really Boost Feet & Leg Circulation?

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RevitiveA lot of people suffer from discomfort in their legs and feet. Often the problem is poor circulation and this is particularly true for those who have osteoarthritis or diabetes. A solution to help with this problem may be the Revitive Medic, but what makes it different than other products of a similar nature?

What Is Revitive?

Revitive Medic is classed as a circulation booster for the feet and legs. Technically called an EMS standing for Electronic Muscle Stimulator  It acts similar to a foot massager but has some additional features and functionality to it. It isn’t just a matter of putting your feet on the Revitive Medic and letting it do all the work. You have to participate by allowing it to gently rock back and forth which in turn this activity is helping to increase your circulation.

The premise behind Revitive Medic is that it stimulates the nerve endings that are in the leg. When this happens it increases the blood circulation to the area, which helps to relieve some of the common leg problems.

Common Leg Problems

Leg Problems

  • Poor circulation
  • Muscle Cramping
  • Joint aches caused by arthritis
  • Injured muscles due to overuse or sports
  • Too much weight
  • Medical conditions caused by heart disease or diabetes
  • Other medical conditions such as MS
  • Neurological damage
  • Aging loss of strength
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling in legs and ankles

Possible Solutions

The solution for any medical issue always begins first with trying to determine the cause. With the long list of common leg problems, this can create a challenge. Sometimes it can be mix of several of the issues. Which means the solution has to be able to address multiple causes.

Is Revitive Medic The Solution




Sometimes it takes a combination of treatments to deal with the entire issue. For example, for some types of pain, there may be a need for over the counter pain relief. In other cases, it may require prescriptive medicines. So this raises the question as to whether Revitiv Medic can be used in conjunction with these other treatments.

Word of Caution: Nobody should self treat themselves. Every medical condition should be properly diagnosed by a qualified health care provider. Then when at-home treatments like this are going to be used they should be cleared by the medical person first.

There are also some types of stimulation that could be dangerous for people with heart conditions. Like some of the TENS units for example.

Does Nerve  And/ Or Muscle Stimulation Really Work?

This is another one of those questions where it’s a wait and see type of answer. There is a lot of interest in the medical profession. But most of this interest comes from so much positive feedback from people that have gotten results from nerve stimulation rather than from medical studies. Overall there is a lot of positive talk about nerve stimulation being beneficial for many of the leg problems. But that now means making a decision as to whether Revitiv Medic is the best choice.

In the last few years as popularity has grown, there have been units that come out on the market called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).  As medicine and the understanding of the human body progresses then new medical approaches surface. Revitive has been on the market for several years so it raises the question as to whether something better and more effective has come along.

Variations In Revitive and TENS Units

TENS treatment


The TENS units usually come with pads connected to electrodes that are placed on specific areas of the legs where the pain is the most intense. Whereas with the Revitive you are getting stimulation to the entire leg. But the delivery of the stimulation is different. With Revitive you are making your body do the stimulation which increases the circulation. Here Electric Muscle Stimulation is being used.  With the TENS units, the currents being delivered are doing it but it is not stimulating the entire blood flow to the whole leg.

Making The Decision

The Cost Factor


The other consideration is the cost factor. TENS units can be relatively cheap ( some under $100) compared to the Revitive which currently sells for about $287 depending on where you buy it.

How To Use The Unit

Revitive ems stimulating

It is best used while the individual in sitting in a comfortable position.

User should sit straight up and place both feet on the pads of the unit. Making sure that the back is comfortable using support if needed.

Once the unit is turned on the user should begin to feel some contractions in the back section of their calves. A low setting should be used first.

An increase in adjustments can be made if it felt that more is needed and once the legs have become accustomed to the start setting.

As the unit is turned up it will start to rock which lends to the benefits of the treatment.

What Do The Users Say?

There are plenty of reviews popping up about this product on various sites including the brand site. But using Amazon as one of the standards out of 413 reviews it has received a 4.4 star out of 5 ratings.

Negative Aspects

The negativity seems to come mostly with the quality of the product and not the results. Several complain that it stops working after a few months. Also, there were some concerns about using it in Canada because it had not been covered through CDN. Regulations. Keep in mind that the company has been around for several years so if this were an ongoing problem it is not likely they would still be in business.

Making Your Decision

Revitive decision



So to summarize you are going to have to:

  • Decide on whether EMS is the better solution for your leg problem. EMS puts the focus on muscle stimulation. TENS is working on the nerves.
  • Decide whether you want to pay more for Rvitive compared to some TENS units.
  • Take the chance on the durability of the equipment.
  • Or think about a two in one treatment.

How About A Combo?

It didn’t take long before someone came out with the idea of a combination. So you may want to take a look at the DR. Ho units to see if this fits into this category.


25 Customer Reviews on “Does Revitive Medic Really Boost Feet & Leg Circulation?

  1. I have fibromyalgia and it works for me.. dreadful leg pain and I have also had knee surgery a year ago and it’s hurts more now, particularly if I walk any distance.. I’m a week in with this and I’m getting up and down the stairs better already.. Fingers crossed the improvements continue..

  2. Bought this with high hopes for my aching legs, used it a lot but although it made my legs tingle slightly for some time afterwards, it actually did nothing to help me. I found a recumbent exercise bike to be of much more benefit.

  3. The unit is small and doesn’t allow for the proper placement of feet for people that are overweight, forcing the feet to rest slightly angled on their sides if the person is in a relaxed position. If the unit had six more inches of spacing between both feet, that might make all the difference. In addition, only felt the vibrating in my ankles and strangely on the lower thigh behind the knee on one leg! The settings go from low to very high. On an 87 yr-old, we placed it up to above 70 and she didn’t feel a thing whereas others could feel it at a low setting of 10/20. Does that indicate poor circulation or something else in that 87 yr-old? Who knows but probably. It is too early to tell if there are any benefits to doing it daily or at all.

  4. just purchased Revitive— I would like to have different strengths for each foot..
    could you please tell me how I can adjust — would reallly appreciate some help.
    Thanks in advance Lois

  5. Use Revitive everyday and it defo works for me – I have diabetes and circulatory probs, plus ulcers on my foot at present !!

  6. Since there doesn’t seem to be an answer, I guess the answer is no. It doesn’t work. Such a crock!

  7. This comment is reflective of someone who is an insensitive idiot. May you get the pain that these people are suffering, and pray for anything that will help relieve that pain so that you are ABLE to walk.

  8. Elvis….My Mom is 77 and been active all her live but has gone through triple bypass heart surgery , has diabetes which has knocked her for a loop , has major swelling in knees, legs, feet due to this. I also have rheumatoid arthritis, still manage to work , but can’t run hike and can swim but have problem getting out of pool. You comment is pretty rude considering you don’t know the facts

  9. I used Metanx and you are right it does work for neuropathy as far as pain. Didn’t know anything about nerves growing back. It has vitamin b and I believe niacin in it. You have to be careful that Vitamin b does not get high due to Metanx. Even though Metanx is water soluable (supposedly) too much Vitamin D can cause irreversible nerve damage.

  10. I agree with Joe. Elvis shouldn’t even be on this web sight he obviously doesn’t need this machine. If he can handle all those activities God bless him. I had a brain tumor, stroke, in a coma 2 weeks had to learn to walk, wash, feed myself so yes I can’t can walk to well or even stand. I’m desperate to find relief & have a life again. Think of all the people not as lucky as you while you’re Riding your Bike.

  11. Injuries from a car accident make all those activities impossible you smug git. That’s exactly why i have circulation problems. Serves you right if you find yourself unable to be active for such lack of empathy.

  12. The comment from Elvis outraged me. Maybe it is people who cannot walk, swim, ride a bike or get off the couch due to medical reasons who desperately search for help.

  13. I bought one on the strength of their reviews. It doesn’t work for me but I plan to open my home up to renters, including the handicapped. Perhaps it will work for them – which will make me happy.

  14. Get out and walk. Swim. Get a bike. Get off the couch. This will improve your circulation more than a machine that massages your feet while you sit.

  15. I agree! Zero proclaimed feedback, not even those called 5 stars or fact based stats. I was liking into something for my Mother since her stroke, not a bunch of wasted words and seconds telling me what I already know of the product it the fact they even off up a cheaper version! What website is this even pertaining to?!!

    Signed sincerely(sarcasm)
    Still wondering in WV

  16. Question: Does this device help relieve nerve pain caused by shingles ,when patches are applied to the upper part of your back? Works great on the feet and legs.

  17. I just met a podiatrist that Changed my Life! I have neuropathy Not from Diabetes…so my Dr. Has never diagnosed it. My podiatrist has started me on Metanyx and I can tell you THE NERVES ARE GROWING BACK! check it out AND HELP YOURSELF! This is Amazing!!! Metanyx is a Food Source replacement!!!!

  18. I have diabetic neuropathy . The value of this item must have more support for the cost. Has this been proven to successfully relieve the agony of neuropathy ?

  19. I too agree. I am going to get a knee replacement next month and have poor circulation so i need
    Something to relieve leg pain as well. I do have osteoarthritis in both knees. I need to know does this work.
    Period. Please reply with a proper answer. I need help. Thank you

  20. This write up doesn’t even come close to answering the question. I would expect a website called “does it really work” to speak to the efficacy of the product, and back that up with citations of actual research on the subject. This article tells me nothing of the sort, just a regurgitation of the claims made on the product manufacturer’s website.

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