Does As Seen on TV Stuff Really Work?

Does As Seen on TV stuff really work?If you’ve ever had a bout of insomnia you’ve know doubt been subjected to an As Seen on TV infomercial showing the latest and greatest invention. You can’t help but ask yourself, could this possibly work? And if it does, why are they selling it for just 3 easy payments of $19.99?

Since the dawn of television, companies have been using the medium as a way to sell their wares. As technology has improved so have the ads, and these days they’ve got it down to a science. As Seen on TV professionals know the psychology of the human mind and they know the formula that works. If you’ve got eyeballs and a brain and are watching an As Seen on TV infomercial you’ll probably get the urge to buy. That’s what it’s designed to do.

The Claim
The claims made by these ads and promos can range from anything under the sun. You might see a new product that can repair the scratches on your car, or fix your leaky faucet. You may find weight loss programs that promise a cut body or a six pack in just a few weeks or months. Nearly anything you can imagine is fair game.

As Seen on TV Product Review Recaps

Does the Perfect Fit Button really work?
Perfect Fit Button Recap
IF your jeans aren’t fitting like they used to, either because you gained weight or lost weight, the Perfect Fit Button is designed to bring them back to their original fit. It does this by replacing the original button, either to the left or to the right depending on whether you want a larger or shorter waistline.

There are a few complains on this one, but find out whether or not the overall consensus is to buy it or not. No product is perfect, but sometimes they have minor flaws that can overlooked if it actually does what it says.

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Does Jupiter Jack really work?
Jupiter Jack Recap
Jupiter Jack promises to keep you hands-free while driving and talking on your cell phone. It does this by transferring your phone calls to your car stereo so you don’t have to wear an earpiece or hold your phone to your ear. It also includes a microphone in order for your caller to hear you better.

They’ve got their work cut out for them because most people that talk on their phones a lot while driving have already invested in a Bluetooth, so the quality needs to be better than that if they expect to make sales. Find out whether they got it right or wrong in our evaluation.

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Does the Half Time Drill Driver really work?
Half Time Drill Driver Recap
Half Time Drill Driver gets its name because it is supposed to cut down the time it takes to drill and drive a screw in half. The usual steps you need to take, putting on the drill bit, drilling the hole, taking the drill pit off and putting the driver bit on, and then driving the screw, can be far too time-consuming.

The method this uses is a sort of flip mechanism that allows you to quickly flip the drill bit and driver bit without detaching and reattaching them. So does this perform like advertised, or are people saying it doesn’t work?

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Does Fuel Shark really work
Fuel Shark Recap
As gas prices rise and rise it seems that more and more people are getting interested in Fuel Shark. It promises you’ll save on gas by just inserting it into your cigarette lighter. The theory is that your electrical components will be optimized, and that when this happens your car automatically gets better gas mileage.

We asked several mechanics if the reasoning behind this product is sound, and you’ll be surprised to find out what they told us. See if you really can save at the pump by plugging the Fuel Shark into your car. Can it really be this easy?

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Do Space Bags really work?
Space Bags Recap
Space Bags have been around for quite awhile, so they’ve at least stood the test of time. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the things you need to put into storage, or you have had items ruined by storing them improperly in the past, then you might find them useful.

The way they work is by sucking up all of the air in the bag, which removes the air from big cushy items like comforters, pillows, and sweaters. They claim to be able to give you 4 times more space with their system. We put it to the test in the real world and are hear to report on their promises.

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Does Turbo Snake really work?
Turbo Snake Recap
If you’ve got a monster hair clog in your shower or bathroom sink, you’re probably sick of standing in backed up water, or brushing your teeth in a half-full sink. The Turbo Snake promises to save you from having to call a plumber, or from repeatedly buying Drano or other clog liquids.

They do this by incorporating the same sort of snake system that plumbers use, only this one is made especially for hair clogs. It looks amazingly easy in the ads, so we just had to see if it works like that in “real life”. See it in action and find out whether it can tackle those hair monsters in your life.

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Do Miracle Socks really work?
Miracle Socks Recap
If you have sore, throbbing legs the As Seen on TV informercial for Miracle Socks probably caught your eye. They promise to be able to relieve the pain and soreness from your lower legs, and get you back to your original self. This can be great if you spend a lot of time on your feet, or if you used to work in a job that required you to stand for long periods.

The concept is the same as that of compression socks, you just put them on and they’ll do their thing. The major benefits they tout is that they fit better than traditional compression socks, and work better too. Find out if they’re right:

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Does iHeater really work?
iHeater Recap
If you’re worried about home heating costs, or you just want to heat one specific room, the iHeater is made for you. It is designed to replace your existing space heater, and it addresses all of the problems that people have with traditional units. The biggest improvements are that it heats the room evenly, and at significantly less cost.

This would be a great way to save on energy costs, and enjoy a nice comfortable atmosphere in your home , even during the coldest months. Find out if it lives up to its claims, or not.

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Does Get a Grip really work?
Get a Grip Recap
No matter where you need a handle, Get a Grip says it is the answer. It uses a double suction cup technique to hold it in place, and this means you can stick it to any flat, smooth surface. The main areas they show it being used in is the shower and toilet in the bathroom.

If you or someone you love is in need of extra support getting into and out of the shower, or onto and off of the toilet, this seems to be a handy fix, and doesn’t require any tools to install. You don’t have to drill holes or mar the surfaces. Plus you can travel with it. Only if it works though!

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Do Curve Control Jeans really work?
Curve Control Jeans Recap
Jeans are great but not trying to fit into them! Curve Control Jeans hopes to solve this problem and promises that not only will their jeans fit most any figure, but they will also accentuate your curves and make you look great. This is a lot of promises for one piece of clothing.

The reason they say their jeans are better is because it is not made of denim, the way traditional jeans are. It uses a special material that makes it look like jeans, but also stretches to fit your body, and also to hug all of your curves. Find out what women are saying about it.

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Does Blankid Buddy really work?
BlanKid Buddy Recap
Is it a blanket, a pillow, or a backpack? It’s all of these things, and the makers behind BlanKid Buddy hope that it will become your child’s new best friend. Hopefully not literally, but the thought is they will want to use it every day and take it with them wherever they go.

The system they’ve created here is pretty innovative, with a cute stuffed animal that doubles as a backpack when you Velcro its limbs together. It then transforms to reveal a blanket when it’s nap time. See whether or not your child would like this or not, and whether they would get use out of it.

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Do Happy Nappers really work?
Happy Nappers Recap
Happy Nappers is not just a toy that your children might really like, it also helps establish a routine and gets them comfortable with the idea of taking naps. This is because it is a stuffed animal that doubles as a pillow. The pillow is actually the “house” that the animal lives in and goes to sleep in.

When it’s time for your child to take a nap the idea is their friend also needs to take a nap. This not only gets them ready for nap time it also teaches them that friends and people can go away but also come back. Find out if your kid will really like it or not.

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Do Bendaroos Really Work?
Bendaroos Recap
Bendaroos are basically pieces of strings with a waxy coating that are able to stick to things. You are supposed to be able to make creations with it, or decorate items around your home with it. It comes with stencils to follow as a guide, and also comes with an idea book if you’re stumped.

Their As Seen on TV commercial shows them making all sorts of unusual yet creative things, and it also says you get 500 of them in various colors so you’ll never be short on them. But are these as fun as Legos and other building toys, and how do kids react to them? Will these get played with, or tucked away in a closet and forgotten?

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Does Bottle Top really work?
Bottle Top Recap
IF you’ve ever spilled your beverage in an aluminum can, or wanted to save some for later, you’ve probably wished for something like Bottle Top. It turns a can into a bottle pretty quickly. This way you are supposed to have an airtight seal, like you have with a plastic bottle, making it spill-proof and able to be stored.

While this does seem to solve a few inherent problems with aluminum cans, we had a couple of issues with this product, but you’ll have to check out our overall evaluation to see whether or not this gets the ax or our recommendation.

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Does Total Pillow really work?
Total Pillow Recap
Total Pillow is designed to be the ultimate traveler’s pillow. It bends and twists in all different shapes to accommodate whatever situation you find yourself in. Is your head bouncing against the window of the car or train? Are you getting awkward with the person next to you on the airplane by putting your head on their shoulder?

With the Total Pillow you’re supposed to be able to have a comfy pillow either on the go or while you’re at home, but we had to see whether or not people can actually use this in their day to day lives.

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Does Sobakawa Cloud Pillow really work?
Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Recap
When Sobakawa first came out it was made with buckwheat hulls and it’s biggest features was that it stayed cool while you slept on it, so you never had to flip your pillow to get to the cool side. It said it followed the Japanese philosophy of sleeping where you have a cool head, but a warm body.

Now it is made with little micro beads that are supposed to provide the same result as the buckwheat, but also conform to your head more, and be hypoallergenic. Any time a product like this tries to evolve we like to check it out to see if its new version stacks up to its former self.

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Does Watanabe Pillow really work?
Watanabe Pillow Recap
The Watanabe Pillow is that one As Seen on TV commercial you may remember where they dropped dumbbells on a pillow and it doesn’t crack the egg beneath it. This may not be an apples to apples comparison of resting your head on a pillow, but it is quite convincing that their product absorbs a lot of force.

They’ve been around for quite a while, and many people swear by the sleep they get while using it. Of course, no pillow alone will solve all of your sleep issues, but by using this in conjunction with the rest of your sleeping environment you may be happily surprised. Find out more about what we have to say about this.

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Does Millionaire Memory really work?
Millionaire Memory Recap
If you think that a better memory is the key to unlocking a fortune, you were probably intrigued when you saw the Millionaire Memory ad. It says you’ll be able to remember just about everything better, including people’s names and where you left your keys. You’ll be able to retain what you read better, and also be able to retain important information at your job or at school.

It’s designed by an award-holding master of memory, but can the system really teach an average person how to remember things better. It comes with a speed reading program so we had to evaluate this as well.

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Does ZQuiet really work?
ZQuiet Recap
Snoring can be a big problem for some couples, leading to arguments or at least mild resentment. ZQuiet is positioning itself to be the answer to most of these situations and promises to put snoring to a halt the day you use it. Unlike big headgear or small nasal strips this one gets placed in the mouth when you sleep.

It works, they say, by moving your jaw out a little bit, which opens your nasal passage a little bit more, which they claim is all that’s preventing you from being snore-free. We’ve collected the feedback and are hear to report that it…

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Does Easy Reach really work?
Easy Reach Recap
If you love hanging plants in and around your home, you probably hate having to water or care for them. They can be hard to reach, and there’s no really good way to get water to them. With the Easy Reach you’re supposed to be able to raise and lower these plants with ease, pulling them down to your level in order to water them, and returning them skyward when you’re finished.

But does this pulley system get the job done, or does it leave something to be desired. We gathered all of the available data and have reached our conclusion.

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Does Aluma Wallet really work?
Aluma Wallet Recap
When you first see Aluma Wallet you may not think it looks like much, but they’ve packed a lot of features into one unit. It is designed to be water resistant, so your money and your IDs stay nice and dry, it’s also meant to protect your credit cards from being charged by wireless payment gateways in stores.

It’s also supposed to be able to hold all of your different cards with ease, and fit nicely into your pocket or purse. Although it is mostly made out of metal, there is a plastic clasp that holds all of it together. They say it has an easy open clasp that makes it a breeze to use. Find out if they’re right:

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Does the Gyro Bowl really work?
Gyro Bowl Recap
The Gyro Bowl looks a little strange, but it’s not meant to be a fashion statement it’s meant to keep food in the bowl. It’s designed so that no matter how you hold it it keeps the contents level, and when it flips upside down it covers the food to keep it in the container. The thought is you can give it to your little one and not worry about a big mess.

But how does this stack up to feeding a 2 year old? Will you still have to wipe up a mess all over your kitchen when they toss their bowl on the floor? Find out what we discovered.

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Does the Wonder File really work?
Wonder File Recap
Wonder File is a rather large filing system that folds up into a regular-sized space. It is designed to hold all of your important paperwork that would be otherwise strewn around the house and hard to find. This keep it all together so you don’t have to go hunting for old bills, receipts, and other important files.

It’s interesting to watch the Wonder File fold up into itself, and leave a normal footprint behind. Depending on what sort of filing system you currently use, this will either be better or worse. Find out its features and drawbacks.

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Does EZ Moves really work?
EZ Moves Recap
Moving furniture can be a pain, especially as you get older. The EZ Moves system is set up so that you don’t have to lift your furniture anymore, you just slide it where you want it to go. They include a lever that gives you the leverage needed to lift your furniture just a bit so you can put the sliders under it. Then it’s just a matter of pushing it where you want.

You have to see our full review to find out whether this is the pain-free way to move her furniture, and whether or not it leaves scratches on the surfaces of your floors.

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Does Magic Mesh really work?
Magic Mesh Recap
Magic Mesh came about from so many people having doors that they go into and out of repeatedly. It involves using two screen curtains that connect together magnetically. All you have to do is use a hand, elbow, hip, or shoulder to break the magnetic seal and make your way through. It should automatically reseal behind you so bugs can’t follow.

This would be great when you’re having an outdoor barbecue on your deck you have to keep going in and out of the house to get food. It can also be used as a doggie door, once your pet figures out how to use it.

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Does the Pocket Chair really work?
Pocket Chair Recap
The Pocket Chair is the proposed answer for not having a place to sit everywhere you go. It’s name is a bit incorrect because unless you have very large pockets it won’t fit in there. It is pretty small though, but at the same time it doesn’t allow you to sit very high up.

There are plenty of places that you can bring your chair along with you, but some of the most obvious are for camping trips, sports stadiums, your kid’s soccer game, or waiting in line to buy tickets. See if this chair is worth buying, or if they missed the mark.

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Does One Second Needle really work?
One Second Needle Recap
If you’re tired of the hassle of threading a needle, then you will find a lot of value in the One Second Needle. Even if you have perfect eyesight, it’s still hard to get the thread through the eye of the needle the old-fashioned way. As you get older and your eyesight worsens, and your fingers get a little less nimble.

One Second Needle uses a special way to thread the needle so you could even do it with your eyes closed. The way it works is that you tie a loop in the needle and then it follows the track and basically threads itself. But is it really that foolproof?

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Does the Snuggie really work?
Snuggie Recap
It may take a lot of flak for the way it looks, or for the fact that it was even invented, but the Snuggie is something that still makes sales and people keep buying it. The concept is that you can wrapped up in a blanket but still be able to use your arms. This may not win any Nobel Peace Prizes, but on a cold day it makes sense.

Having to undo your whole snuggle atmosphere can be a real drag, and this lets you move your hands so you can read a book, use your laptop, or change the channel without disrupting your cozy set up. So while people may make fun of you while you’re in it, you’ll be able to weather the storm.

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Does Riddex really work?
Riddex Recap
The promise of Riddex is that all you have to do is plug it into your wall socket and it will keep away roaches, mice, and other pests without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. The one drawback is it takes two weeks to a month in order for it to reach full strength. This has led many people to say that it doesn’t work.

While it may not do much right away, the instructions clearly state that it takes a while for it to work Sedo have to be patient with this one. Find out what people are saying when they see it perform at full strength.

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Does the Clean Step Mat really work?
Clean Step Mat Recap
Traditional door mats leave a lot to be desired. They don’t necessarily help too much, and leave behind a lot of dirt and mud on your shoes, even after wiping your feet repeatedly. The Clean Step Mat shoes people just stepping on it to remove dirt and debris from their shoes.

So how can this be? What sort of material could it be made out of that doesn’t require any wiping, that just whisks away dirt and mud just by stepping on it? We had to investigate the claims being made and find out for sure whether this is something people should buy.

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Does Alligetter really work?
Alligetter Recap
It may seem strange that they’ve devoted the time and cost of creating a product designed for one very specific purpose. But if you’ve ever stuck your hand down your kitchen sink and cut your finger on your garbage disposal, you’ll appreciate the effort that has been made.

Also, if you’ve ever moved furniture or strained to reach for something it’s fallen and a hard-to-reach spot you’ll also be glad you have an Alligetter to help you grab it. But does it work the way it’s shown on its as seen on TV infomercial?

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Does Aerogarden really work?
Aerogarden Recap
If you’ve ever wanted to grow an indoor garden but didn’t know where to start the Aerogarden might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. It comes with everything you need already pre-planted and pre-fertilized so you take the guesswork out of getting started. All you need to do is keep up with the watering and it should grow as planned.

But what our actual users of Aerogarden saying about how well it works? We’ve analyzed all of the reviews and come up with our conclusion.

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Do HD Vision Readers really work?
HD Vision Readers and Ultras Recap
HD Vision Readers and HD Vision Ultras say that they provide high definition vision, so you won’t have to squint in the sun. The readers go one step further and provide a set of reading glasses along with the sunglasses so you can read in the sun and not have to switch between to pair of lenses.

So can you really get high def vision from a pair of relatively inexpensive sunglasses? The only way to solve this question is with a comparison test of a regular pair of sunglasses with the HD Vision Ultras. That way we can see which performs better and if they really do provide a crystal clear view of the world.

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Do Eagle Eye Sunglasses really work?
Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Recap
If you buy into the hype these sunglasses employee NASA technology. The makers of Eagle Eyes Sunglasses have been making this claim for years, and our research shows that they actually do use some space-age technology in their product. They say that their glasses provide a glare free experience without reducing clarity.

Products like these are easy to put to the test, and users have been getting their feedback for quite some time. Find out whether it’s positive or negative, and whether or not you should buy it at the price being offered.

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Does the Omni Dual Saw really work?
Omni Dual Saw Recap
The Omni Dual Saw intrigued us from the moment we saw it – no pun intended. Watching it cut through all of the different materials on the As Seen on TV informercial, we just had to see if it performed the same way under real world testing. Most times when you see Billy Mays pitch a product, he picks a winner. That’s how he got a good reputation as a pitch man.

So how did it stand up to the tests we witnessed it go through? Find out how well it did against PVC piping, copper tubing, all sorts of wood, wire mesh, and more.

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Does EuroCozy Really Work?
EuroCozy Recap
EuroCozy is like the Snuggie taken to a whole new level, and made to travel. It has a special set up so that you can be on an airplane and be just as comfortable as you would at home in your own easy chair. It includes a pillow, and a blanket, and is special designed so you’ll be self-contained and not bother the people sitting next to you.

It does this by strapping your arms in to the blanket, and the pillow around your neck. This provides the stability that is often missing using a regular pillow and blanket set up. But does it perform as promised, or is it a flop?

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Does Back2Life really work?
Back2Life Recap
A sore back is something that many of us live with and take for granted most of the time. This is because we’ve either tried other treatments that didn’t work or we can justify the expense of going to a chiropractor. The Back2Life system claims to be able to relieve you of that pain, and all you have to do is lie back and let it do its thing.

The way it works seems simple enough, and sometimes simple products are the ones that actually work. Find out if this is one of those simple products that comes through, or bombs.

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Does HandyBar really work?
HandyBar Recap
Getting into and out of the car can get harder as we get older. Especially for those jjthat have a disability, an extra supportive handle is always a good idea. The HandyBar has been designed to fit right into that little nook that appears when your car’s door is open. It wedges in there and it allows you to put your weight on it or use it as leverage to pull yourself out of the car.

For SUVs and other high-standing cars this can make it easier to get into, and for low-riding cars this can make it easier to get out of. Find out what real users have said about how well it works.

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Does the Knight Hawk Pen really work?
Knight Hawk Pen Recap
The Knight Hawk Pen combines three products that have been around for ages into one. A magnifying glass, pen, and flashlight. However, they say that each of these products are the top of their class so you’re getting a powerful magnifying glass, a reliable light, and a smooth writing instrument.

So if you’ve ever found yourself in need of all three of these products at the same time, or find it handy to have them readily available, you’ll probably really like this. But see what we found out after researching more about what the actual product entails.

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Does GPS Pal really work?
GPS Pal Recap
GPS Pal says that it is the answer to conventional ways of installing your GPS unit in your car. They claim that sticking it to the windshield or onto the dashboard is ineffective because it blocks your view or comes undone and flops around your floorboards.

So what they’ve designed is a GPS mount that uses your car or truck’s cupholders as a way to solve these aforementioned problems. There’s just one problem with this concept. We break it down for you and let you know whether this is a pass or a buy.

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Does Keypout really work?
Keypout Recap
Keypout is for those that might be a little bit paranoid, or live in a high crime area. It’s a way to prevent people from being able to unlock your door even when you have a deadbolt lock. They claim that people are able to use a trick to open your door and that their product prevents it from happening.

Aside from trying to freak people out, we found a highly unlikely that someone would use know this method and be able to use it to enter someone’s house. But if you still think that you need something like this, we have analyzed it and are able to give tell you what we recommend.

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Does Shoe Dini really work?
Shoe Dini Recap
Shoe Dini is great for those that have trouble bending down to use a regular shoe horn. It’s basically a conventional shoehorn with a telescoping wand so you don’t have to reach down to get your shoes on. They also claim that he has a grasp or so you don’t have to bend down to get your shoes in the right place.

This would come in handy if you’re getting older and finding it harder and harder to do things you used to do with ease. This product is designed to take on mundane task and make it easier. See whether it makes the gradeor gets placed in the doesn’t work pile.

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Does Brainetics really work?
Brainetics Recap
If you would get a kick out of having a better memory, and being unable to solve math problems more quickly without the use of a calculator, Brainetics is a product that would catch your attention. The makers of it say that with their training to boost your memory’s performance and learn new ways to solve problems.

It comes with a hefty price tag, which wouldn’t be such a big thing if it works and improves your learning capacity which could change your life for the better over the long term. Will let you know what we discovered after delving into what this product has to offer.

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Does Soap Magic really work?
Soap Magic Recap
Soap Magic lets you bring the convenience of an automatic soap dispenser out of the airport bathrooms and into your home. having to touch the soap dispenser with your dirty fingers sort of makes the process a little gross. And using bar soap to wash your hands is the worst. So the Soap Magic system allows you to make the whole process as germ-free as possible.

By using a motion sensor that goes off when your hand is near, and dispenses the proper amount of soap to get the job done, you don’t have to worry if you’re using the right amount of if you just transferred germs to the dispense. Find out how well this operates by seeing our test.

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Does Total View 360 really work?
Total View 360 Recap
If you’re tired of having the common blind spots that are in almost every car or truck Total View 360 is supposed to be exactly what’s needed. It’s quite simple really, it’s just a few mini mirrors that you affix to your regular side view mirrors and voila, now you can see everything that’s around you as well.

The kit that you get comes with everything you need to install it, and there’s been a few complaints about the installation process. Are these claims enough to make you pass on this one, or can they be overlooked because of its usefulness?

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Does Cell Control really work?
Cell Control Recap
Cell Control is for the wannabe spy, or a concerned parent, or paranoid boyfriend or girlfriend. It is supposed to allow you to access another person’s cell phone and monitor their calls and text messages, without being detected. It would be great for a parent that wants to keep tabs on their kid, or to see if there’s anything going on behind your back.

It does bring up a lot of debate on whether or not this is a major breach of someone’s privacy, but you’ll have to decide for yourself how it makes you feel. See if this thing actually works as advertised.

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Does Furniture Fix really work?
Furniture Fix Recap
IF you’re furniture is looking pretty shabby for all of the use you’ve put it through, Furniture Fix is designed to bring it back to life. You simply insert the PVC sheets under the cushions and it lifts them back up to their original position, making them look the way they used to.

This product seems almost too simple to fail, and the quality also seems legitimate. But is putting plastic sheeting under your cushions the answer? We found out for you and will let you know what we uncovered in our research.

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Does magicJack really work?
magicJack Recap
magicJack is for those that want to add a phone line to their high speed Internet connection. It is basically a VoIP line that you attach to your computer, and then plug your phone into. They charge a very modest fee per year to give you service, and this is represents a cost savings over a normal landline.

We ran into several flaws in the magicJack business model, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the right product for you. Find out both the pluses and minuses we uncovered and decide for yourself if it’s something you need.

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Does Flex Seal really work?
Flex Seal Recap
Rubber in a can is the premise here. With Flex Seal you just spray wherever you want a thin film of black rubber to be, and when it dries that’s what will be there. They show it fixing leaking gutters, broken flower pots, and even use it to waterproof a screen door on a rowboat.

You may not have a rowboat with a screen door on the bottom, but you might have plenty of things that need fixing around the home that Flex Seal says it can help with. See if it actually works, or if this is one of those products that joins our Wall of Shame.

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Does Fast Brite really work?
Fast Brite Recap
If you had your car for a while, it’s only natural that your headlight covers will become dirty and cloudy, thereby reducing the effectiveness of your headlights. Fast Brite says that their process is quick and easy and will return those covers back to their original clarity.

No one can dispute the importance of having a clear view of the road while you’re driving at night, or in the rain. This makes the product very useful and almost a requirement for older cars. Of course, this is only true if it does the job it claims to. Find out what we found out in our expanded review.

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Does Energy Armor really work?
Energy Armor Recap
Energy Armor says that works with your body’s inner energy field, which immediately should raise an eyebrow since there’s no way to test this out at all. It’s entirely subjective to whether or not you believe this wristband is actually interacting with your body.

Products like these rely heavily on the placebo effect, so it’s pretty hard to get an accurate idea of whether or not it works judging from user experiences. The only real way to know if it will work for you is to try it on and see what you experience.

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Does the iRenew really work?
iRenew Recap
We all want to feel good, or feel even better, but can we get these good feelings from a plastic bracelet? The makers of iRenew say that you can, and just by slipping on their bracelet you’ll start feeling the positive effects right away. You also have increased endurance, power, and balance.

This is basically the human condition, we all want more strength and balance in our lives, but these are very vague concepts and it’s hard to label these feelings accurately. Find out what sort of reviews this bracelet is getting and whether or not you should spend your hard-earned money on it.

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Do LifeStrength Bracelets really work?
Lifestrength Bracelets Recap
LifeStrength Braclets make a lot of claims that can’t be proven or disproven by the average consumer. That’s because they say their product works on the molecular level. By constructing their bracelets at the nanotechnology level they give it a negative charge and these negative ions permeate your skin, enter your bloodstream, and interact with your mitochondria.

That’s a big pill to swallow, and requires a strong level of trust and a corporation. But if you can get behind it, there might be enough placebo effect to make you believe it’s enhancing your life.

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The Hype
These products don’t need any outside hype because they hype themselves up without the help of anyone else. Usually they use “typical users” as testimonial that are actually anything but. They are usually either paid actors, or exceptions to the rule.

The Cost
They’re usually modestly priced for what they claim to be able to do. For the longest time the winning price was $19.99. Nowadays there are usually multiple payments involved, so you might have to make 2, 3, or 4 payments of $19.99 to get the product. Other times it’s a one-off and they just want as little as $10 plus shipping and handling.

It depends on how well they’ve built up the value of the product and how much they can get you to believe it works. If they have 30 seconds in a commercial they probably will only ask for $20 or less. This will get you to call or visit their website where they will try to pitch you for a higher priced option.

If they have a full hour in an As Seen on TV infomercial they will likely ask for more, up to $200 or more broken up into monthly payments. This is because they’ve taken the time to hook you and they spend the rest of the time reinforcing the benefits so that you can justify the higher cost.

The Commitment
The biggest lure for these types of products is that there isn’t much you have to do other than break out your credit card and make the order.

It’s a mixed bag of faulty and worthy products, so it’s really a crap shoot whether or not something you buy from TV will actually work the way you want it to. A basic rule of thumb is that the more outlandish the claim, and the cheaper the price, the less likly it is to work, but this is not always the case.

Sometimes you can pay a lot for a product that makes modest claims and it doesn’t work when it arrives at your door. Other times you might pay a little for a product that makes outlandish claims, and to your amazement it does what it says it does once you try it out.

Final Review of As Seen on TV Stuff

It really depends on the manufacturer and distributor. Some are better than others and have a long history of producing quality products at reasonable prices. Others are just the opposite and are known at producing shoddy products, using clever advertising and marketing, and trying to get your credit card so they can auto-bill it and auto ship monthly product to you.

Our Recommendation
Since you never can tell if it’s going to work or not, you just have to try things out that you really want and see for yourself. There’s no hard and fast rule to things, and some of the products do work, and will enhance your lifestyle. One thing to avoid is getting signed on for recurring payments, or auto shipments. At the time of purchase be sure to ask the operator if there is any recurring billing or shipments, and if so, cancel the order.

There is always another way to get the As Seen on TV products, either through places like eBay or Craigslist. You don’t have to go through their sales channel in order to try it out. You owe it to yourself to try it out. Worst case scenario it doesn’t work and you’re out a few bucks. Best case scenario it makes your life easier and more enjoyable. If you’ve had a bad experience with As Seen on TV products a long time ago, you should give them a second chance.

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