Does EuroCozy Really Work?

Does EuroCozy Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does EuroCozy Really Work?If you’re a frequent traveler then the ads for EuroCozy would definitely have caught your eye. It attempts to offer an all-in-one solution to many of the discomforts found when traveling by bus, train, or airplane. But is it really as comfortable as it looks on TV?

Traveling can be a bear if you’re on a long-haul flight, or if you take several smaller flight or trips for work. The supplies that you’re issued by the airlines, if you’re given anything at all, are usually not enough to get you comfortably through a trip.

Most airlines will give you a pillow and a blanket if you are on longer flight. The first issue that comes to mind is that you don’t know how clean either of these items is, or what the process is on washing and drying them. The second issue is that while it’s thoughtful of them, the pillow is rarely able to give much support to the head, or stay in place, and you may need more than one blanket to stay warm on the flight.

The Claim
The EuroCozy aims to solve all of these problems with one package. Their claim is that you will be extremely comfortable on your travels, and end up feeling refreshed on the other side of your journey.

It’s rather nice to have a product that doesn’t go over the top in its promotion. All that should be necessary to sell a product is to show its features and benefits, offer it at a reasonable price, and let the orders come in. That seems to be the method that the makers of EuroCozy are taking.

The Hype
There isn’t too much hype surrounding this product. No outlandish claims were made, other than how comfortable you’ll feel while using it.

The Cost
You can pick up the EuroCozy for $30 from Overstock, or for $40 from Amazon. This isn’t a bad price, considering that it’s a complete set, and is designed to fit nicely into it’s travel case.

The Commitment
This product will collect dust in your home if you don’t travel very much. Although you could use it at home when watching a sports game or a movie and you think you might fall asleep. It’s designed to keep you securely in place so your head won’t go rolling around as you nod off.

The set includes the traveling pack, as well as a few attachments. The first one is the blanket, and it snaps to the head pillow. It may look funny, and feel a bit awkward at first, but once you are all in place you will see that it does indeed work.

Some of the best features are the head pillow, which provides comfortable support, even with extended use. Also the arm supporter is great. Many times in cramped quarters you have to share an armrest with a stranger. This can lead to quite a battle of wits. When you have a EuroCozy you could care less about the armrests, because your arms are up off of them and fully supported by the device. Many times the arm rests are cold and hard and not even very comfortable so there’s no point in jockeying for position.

Does EuroCozy Really Work?

It sure does! You’ll feel securely and comfortably in place in any situation where you’re allotted limited space. The most common place where this would get the most benefit from is on an airplane. The longer the flight you take the more important it is to feel comfortable, and this product delivers.

It keeps your head in place, gives you a way to support your arms, which ends up relieving the pressure on your shoulder, and the straps help keep the blanket from going all over the place.

Our Recommendation
Grab the EuroCozy and never look back. If you have a long-haul flight on the horizon, or a Euro trip planned, it will definitely come in handy. Even if you just have it available, you’ll no doubt find situations where you can use it.

What do you think? Does EuroCozy really work?


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Mike Doherty July 17, 2013 at 5:45 am

Okay, well, this is essentially a standard traveler’s neck pillow with an attachable blanket to hang from your neck, plus an eye mask. You’ll be inside a cocoon on your plane seat, and hopefully you’re not sitting on the aisle in coach, as you’ll be a formidable obstacle. You could also just wear a poncho instead and use a normal neck pillow. At roughly $40, the Euro Cozy seems a bit trumped up. And how often do you travel anyway? Many of those neck-supporting pillows run around $15 or less, and some can even be inflated for use and deflated for storage. They’ve always worked just fine for me.


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