Do LifeStrength Bracelets Really Work?

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LifeStrength Bracelets are just one of a number of energy, balance, and strength-improving pieces of jewelry that hit the market in recent years. They say that by wearing the bracelet you’ll experience increased levels of energy, balance, enhanced Chi, life force, and more. But can something that you wear on just one wrist provide better balance, or is this all just a lot of speculation?

Bracelets like these have been around for about the last five years. The first to come out was the iRenew, which promised increased energy. Of course these companies always add a celebrity athlete endorsement to try and make it seem like they know some secret that the average person doesn’t know. Some of these bracelets say they use magnets, but LifeStrength Bracelets are different, their claim mostly involves ions.

The Claim
LifeStrength Bracelets talk about negative ions mostly, but also they include the use of minerals and gemstones. Their slogan is “the vitamin you wear” so the basic claim is that their bracelets, watches, and other products are enhancing your life the same way vitamins would.

They bring up the term anion a lot. An anion is simply an ion that has more electrons than protons, which will give it an inherent negative charge. It is up to you to decide whether this company really does create products that are developed at the proton level. You must further decide whether or not this charge lasts indefinitely, will still be there once you receive the product, and will remain there after daily use.

They also use the term nano, saying that they crush the mineral particles into nano sized bits. We’re skeptical of any company that brings up nanotechnology as a buzzword for why the product works. Crushing something up into small particles is one thing but to say that these are nano sized particles would require them to have very sophisticated machinery to handle things on that small of a scale.

When they explain how it works, they say that anions permeate the skin and get absorbed into the bloodstream. They then get to work at the cellular level in your body. They even say that it works on mitochondria, and specifically helps maximize serotonin levels. The net result from all of this is increased energy.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that nearly all of the technology that is mentioned in the development of LifeStrength Bracelets is on the invisible level. There’s no way to tell by looking at it whether or not it contains negative ions or nanotechnology. And even if it did contain what they say it does there’s little evidence to prove that wearing the bracelet on your wrist will help ward off positive ions or other toxins in the body.

Their promo video:

The Cost
To get started with LifeStrength Bracelets you’re looking at about $30 plus shipping. Some of their more expensive products, such as watches, can cost anywhere from $60 to $200 and up. This price is on par with competing bracelets that make similar promises.

The Commitment
They are meant to be worn 24 hours a day so you just have to put it on once and forget about it. That’s part of the draw, since it has a very low commitment level for the user, so it attracts those that want to invest little time in improving their health and well-being.

Ridding the body of positive ions and other toxins is important, and should be done by most people. But there are other ways to go about it than simply wearing a bracelet and hoping for the best. You can drink ionized water, and watch your diet so that you don’t ingest a lot of positively charged foods.

Final LifeStrength Bracelets Review

There’s a pretty big split on whether these bracelets work or not. One side says that they don’t work and that it’s all a waste of time and money, while the other side swears by the effects and gives it the thumbs up. Keep in mind that many of the reviews you see with people proclaiming the benefits can be written off as the placebo effect, or are paid endorsements or affiliates. When you get down to real reviews from real users you get a better picture or how well it works, and the consensus is that it doesn’t do anything.

Our Recommendation
When sizing up a product like this, you have to weigh it against your other options. This is not the only product or system in the world that promises better balance. For example, if you want better balance, there is no better balance training then Yoga. This has a very proven track record of success, and also yields lots of positive health benefits in addition to balance. Couple that with a healthy diet and you’ll be well on your way to feeling great without the need of any extra plastic jewelry.

What do you think? Do LifeStrength Bracelets work or not?

144 Customer Reviews on “Do LifeStrength Bracelets Really Work?

  1. Total BS. I have been using one I found in with my things after I left an ex. Didn’t even know what it was all about just loved the color. Haven’t found it had any positive benefits to my balance. Now granted I walk with crutches, I am working at getting my legs back. An on going battle for 3 years and I have been wearing the bracelet for 6 months.

  2. I was skeptical as well. Honestly, I had shoulder pain on the side I sleep on and it is gone. I was also having a hard time sleeping. I am sleeping like a baby now. I am very impressed with this product.

  3. You claim it’s for weak minded people.. I have 180 IQ.. Makes well into six figures, wife is a doctor and we are sold..

    The strength test alone was impressive as well as balance improvement.

    Before you try this weak minded crap Leo you might give it a try..and the form an opinion..

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