Do LifeStrength Bracelets Really Work?

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LifeStrength Bracelets are just one of a number of energy, balance, and strength-improving pieces of jewelry that hit the market in recent years. They say that by wearing the bracelet you’ll experience increased levels of energy, balance, enhanced Chi, life force, and more. But can something that you wear on just one wrist provide better balance, or is this all just a lot of speculation?

Bracelets like these have been around for about the last five years. The first to come out was the iRenew, which promised increased energy. Of course these companies always add a celebrity athlete endorsement to try and make it seem like they know some secret that the average person doesn’t know. Some of these bracelets say they use magnets, but LifeStrength Bracelets are different, their claim mostly involves ions.

The Claim
LifeStrength Bracelets talk about negative ions mostly, but also they include the use of minerals and gemstones. Their slogan is “the vitamin you wear” so the basic claim is that their bracelets, watches, and other products are enhancing your life the same way vitamins would.

They bring up the term anion a lot. An anion is simply an ion that has more electrons than protons, which will give it an inherent negative charge. It is up to you to decide whether this company really does create products that are developed at the proton level. You must further decide whether or not this charge lasts indefinitely, will still be there once you receive the product, and will remain there after daily use.

They also use the term nano, saying that they crush the mineral particles into nano sized bits. We’re skeptical of any company that brings up nanotechnology as a buzzword for why the product works. Crushing something up into small particles is one thing but to say that these are nano sized particles would require them to have very sophisticated machinery to handle things on that small of a scale.

When they explain how it works, they say that anions permeate the skin and get absorbed into the bloodstream. They then get to work at the cellular level in your body. They even say that it works on mitochondria, and specifically helps maximize serotonin levels. The net result from all of this is increased energy.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that nearly all of the technology that is mentioned in the development of LifeStrength Bracelets is on the invisible level. There’s no way to tell by looking at it whether or not it contains negative ions or nanotechnology. And even if it did contain what they say it does there’s little evidence to prove that wearing the bracelet on your wrist will help ward off positive ions or other toxins in the body.

The Cost
To get started with LifeStrength Bracelets you’re looking at about $30 plus shipping. Some of their more expensive products, such as watches, can cost anywhere from $60 to $200 and up. This price is on par with competing bracelets that make similar promises.

The Commitment
They are meant to be worn 24 hours a day so you just have to put it on once and forget about it. That’s part of the draw, since it has a very low commitment level for the user, so it attracts those that want to invest little time in improving their health and well-being.

Ridding the body of positive ions and other toxins is important, and should be done by most people. But there are other ways to go about it than simply wearing a bracelet and hoping for the best. You can drink ionized water, and watch your diet so that you don’t ingest a lot of positively charged foods.

Final LifeStrength Bracelets Review

There’s a pretty big split on whether these bracelets work or not. One side says that they don’t work and that it’s all a waste of time and money, while the other side swears by the effects and gives it the thumbs up. Keep in mind that many of the reviews you see with people proclaiming the benefits can be written off as the placebo effect, or are paid endorsements or affiliates. When you get down to real reviews from real users you get a better picture or how well it works, and the consensus is that it doesn’t do anything.

Our Recommendation
When sizing up a product like this, you have to weigh it against your other options. This is not the only product or system in the world that promises better balance. For example, if you want better balance, there is no better balance training then Yoga. This has a very proven track record of success, and also yields lots of positive health benefits in addition to balance. Couple that with a healthy diet and you’ll be well on your way to feeling great without the need of any extra plastic jewelry.

What do you think? Do LifeStrength Bracelets work or not?

146 Customer Reviews on “Do LifeStrength Bracelets Really Work?

  1. That bracelet caused tingling on my wrist. I wore it overnight and felt nausea and very tired the next day. I think it is a powerful item and would not wear it again.

  2. I will never bye this kind of nonsense. It is like horoscope. Gemini is the time to look for love and if you look hard enough that perfect partner is waiting for you today. I read and I don’t find anyone, so it must be me not looking or missing a signal. I met someone and she is fantastic. I am not even looking as these are stupid.
    You will always get a good result if enough people try something. If women can not get pregnant yet I sell a magic rock that aids fertility someone will buy it and get pregnant. Law of how numbers work. However if you sent an email to every customer then you would see a different outcome. Save your money these snake oil remedies have been around forever.

  3. Total BS. I have been using one I found in with my things after I left an ex. Didn’t even know what it was all about just loved the color. Haven’t found it had any positive benefits to my balance. Now granted I walk with crutches, I am working at getting my legs back. An on going battle for 3 years and I have been wearing the bracelet for 6 months.

  4. Denial, close mindedness, negativity, and ignorance are symptoms of a weak mind.

  5. I was skeptical as well. Honestly, I had shoulder pain on the side I sleep on and it is gone. I was also having a hard time sleeping. I am sleeping like a baby now. I am very impressed with this product.

  6. You claim it’s for weak minded people.. I have 180 IQ.. Makes well into six figures, wife is a doctor and we are sold..

    The strength test alone was impressive as well as balance improvement.

    Before you try this weak minded crap Leo you might give it a try..and the form an opinion..

  7. Placebo effect, wishful thinking, and positive thinking can be had for free.
    No need to spend money on quack devices that only enhance the well being, and fill the pockets of those preying on weak minded fools looking for quick fixes for life’s problems

  8. Pharmaceutical companies are selling millions of drugs that they have no clue how they work , with high costs and deadly side effects. I can’t see electricity either but the lights come on
    . Science at one time said the world was flat, and there was no medical use for marijuana. So much for science

  9. I bought the LifeStrength ion bracelet about six years ago. For me, it absolutely works.

    In a sentence: I experience increased and sustained vitality when I wear the bracelet.
    Here are some specifics: Increased energy, stamina, productivity, attentiveness, patience, restfulness, and overall sense of well being.

    I do not wear the bracelet everyday. Rather, I wear it to reset my energy balance when I feel “out of sync”, and I always wear it while traveling.

  10. I find this bracelet brilliant but I just can’t figure how long they last. As in will the minerals ever run out? Or is there a lcertain time that this will stop working?

  11. Hi Angie we w t too the delmar fair I my daughter in law bought one I got the one that looks like a tennis bracelet and my daughter in law got a nice silver one because we got 2we hoy them for &99 each on line mine was &385 I love the look I have really bad depression lost my mom and I was a mess for a year and I have bad neuropathy really bad in my feet and legs and going into my feet tired of pain. Medicine and aniety meds and nurve medicine I got it Friday and hoping it works so I can get of meds so it worked really good for you so happpy for you we are going too retire when I turn 65 because I have too have insurance is it still working hun there was a lot of people buying them let me no how you are doing I realize now this was 2012 please get back to me if you can take care Angie

  12. Yes, the life strength works just great for me!
    It helps to keep me calm at all times. It’s a great product.

  13. Yes, I know that the life strength bracelets work. There have been a few occasions where I was feeling depressed and really nervous and couldn’t figure what was happening, then I realize that I didn’t have my bracelet on. And a short period of time after putting it back on, I started feeling like my self again. It is still strange to me, but it really works!!

  14. I find all the different comments very interesting. I do think these bracelets have some effect and the effect varies with individuals. My friend told me about a mutual friend who is has worn a bracelet for weeks and really feels energized and more balanced. I wore a similar bracelet that I ordered on Amazon first–only cost $2 or $3 and noticed only minor changes. Then I ordered the Pure Strength bracelet from the Feel Good Store. The next day I noticed my blood pressure was just a little high (I never have blood pressure problems). During the next 5 or 6 days the blood pressure continued to be a little high and on the 5th day I began to feel a lump in my chest. On the 5th day I woke up at 6AM and could not go back to sleep. (I always sleep well) On the 6th day still had the lump in my chest and I woke up at 5AM and could not go back to sleep. I pulled the bracelet off and laid it on the bedside table and I was very soon sleeping and slept until 9AM. Now while I wore that bracelet, I felt much more energetic and maybe a little more positive thinking (I do experience SAD a little). However, I do not want to have a heart attack to achieve that difference. I am going to wait a day or two and let my body adjust before trying the weaker bracelet again, but I will watch my blood pressure.

  15. Try the strength test with out wearing it . Then put it on and do the test again . I bet u will see the diff then

  16. I bought three of these bracelets ,one for me one for my husband, and one for my mom. my mom has severe anxiety and she could instantly feel a calming effect from the minute she put it on, my husbands hands haven’t hurt since he put it on and usually he can’t even move them in the morning, and as for me I have had a weird tingly sensation in my arm like when your arms trying to wake up when it fallen asleep and when I first put it on when I picked up my cell phone in my other hand my both arms got like a weird charge from it. It hasn’t happened that intense since but I can still constantly feel it in the arm I have it on. don’t know if that’s good thing or bad thing but so far I have no issues.

  17. I thought this article started wth the assumption that the bracelets are fake. I figured they were, but tried one. It could be coincidence, but a day or two after I started wearing mine, my gout was better. The arthritis in my hands seemed better, but they still get sore if I play guitar for too many hours. As far as balance, I am still a clutz, and recently fell pretty hard wearing it. But I took it off for the spa, I totally forgot about it for a few days, then wondered why my gout came back. If it’s all in my head, I’ll still take feeling better. I went from sometimes having to use handicapped parking when I go to Walmart, to taking walks and thinking about hiking paths.

  18. I know the subterranean pink bunnies exist! I have seen them, just after entering hollow earth through the hole at the North pole! Strangely enough, the pink bunnies wear the Lifestrength bands. I’m not exactly sure how they get them, or how they’d pay for them, but clearly there is some relationship there.

  19. i bought a braclett and noticed that my iphone works better. had the phone for 5 years, they told me the batter was going dead. it would only last a few hours without use, used the braclett for 2 days and now it last most of the day. can’t explain but it made me happy. as for health can’t say i feel a lot better, but i CAN SLEEP and can wake up in a BETTER MOOD. thats worth a lot too me.

  20. I was waiting for my wife outside a store in Las Vegas when a young (20?) Russian-accented woman accosted me. I had time to kill so I listened to her spiel. She spoke a combination of “common sense”, science, and high-pressure salesmanship. It added up to nonsense. She knew the words, but didn’t know that they meant nothing, combined as they were. She pushed me over while I wasn’t wearing the bracelet, but couldn’t budge me while it was on. How’s that for fast action? And inaction.

    She inundated me with platitudes, which is funny. I am 61-years old and have Parkinson’s disease. My knees are bad. My balance is poor. The bracelet had no effect on those aspects of my physical abilities.

    Put me me down as an intelligent person who sees through this collection of crap. I call “bullpucky”.

  21. If you showed a caveman a little white pill and told him it could take allergies, pain or help him sleep better, I bet he wouldn’t believe it either. Plus pills don’t work on 100% of people so let’s just pay attention to those few it didn’t work on and forget about the ones it did and better yet the ones it could have helped if someone was willing to say something more positive and less biased about them

  22. The article is very biased against the bracelets, I am living proof that it works, and I also agree that it does not work on everyone, there isn’t many medical remedies that work on everyone even in today pharmaceutical company based research. I seen many people that were very skeptical including some doctors get many benefits from wearing the bracelets, me to, this is something that is new and is good for the world, bringing more skepticism to this is very irresponsible and will keep many people from trying it that will never know if it would have worked on them, I didn’t believe, I used a cane since my total hip replacement 15 years ago, after wearing the bracelet 1 month I don’t use the cane anymore, if I would have read this article before I bought he bracelet I would not have bought it and I would still be a cripple. By the way , the science and proof and medical trials is there and does exist, it was discovered in 1952

  23. Gabrielle, I have a disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD. It affects the nervous system much like being a diabetic. It is very painful thru my limbs and back. I would be very interested in trying a bracelet such as you talked about. Can you tell me how I could find one to have mailed to me?
    Thank you for your time,,
    Donna Lehmann

  24. Hi, I sell a very similar product working for a company called Negativeionstore, its a band with minerals (tourmaline, volcanic ash, and germanium) inside of it. And they really do work. I have people come back to my stand and tell me about how they’ve helped them. My friend has scoliosis and these help his back pain immensely. I personally have had chronic migranes and suffered from insomnia for years and they help me. This seems to be basically the same product (although ours are a few bucks cheaper, plus free shipping)

  25. I was just stopped at a kiosk in the mall where a guy maybe in his early 30s, high as fuck! Eyes looked like road maps! Trying to sell my wife and i these bracelets. He did the stand on one leg with arms out while he pushes on my arm trying to make me fall. And it worked….BUT, when we weren’t interested. He stopped the price from $60 a piece. To $40, to $30 to 2for $20!!!! So if they were so great they’d sell themselves! You tell me!

  26. I bought 2 Pur Life bracelets after a demonstration was performed on me at a Las Vegas mall. The saleswoman proceeded to ask me to balance myself and attempt to hold her in the air on one side of my body. I immediately fell over because of her weight. When I was asked to place the Pur Life bracelet on my wrist I was then asked to balance myself and hold the saleswoman up with 1 arm again. I immediately was able to lift the 135 pound girl in the air with 1 arm! What’s more, my headache from my hangover immediately went away. The Pur Life bracelet definitely works! Any person who says the bracelet works as a placebo effect is definitely stating false claims. People who experience placebo effects know and believe in an intended result before they take the placebo. On the contrary, I experienced results from no knowledge of an intended outcome. Never heard of Pur Life until I walked past the sales cart that day. Thank god. I’m an avid weightlifter and I increased my bench press from 250 to 350 pounds and look great with increased muscle mass. The benefits of ion therapy are amazing!

  27. I was scammed and purchased the bracelet from Expo Enterprise INC. They did the arm test, the sales person was charming. I was fooled. They fist told me that the cost was $250, since I hesitated they dropped the prize to $150 and then to $99. I tried to return it the next day and the salesperson gave me a second one different model for free!. The next day I went back and they were gone form the exhibition booth area. I got the receipt via email, with a statement of no returns.
    It is a scam. I contacted the credit card company and they deal with the refund.

  28. I purchased my bracelet approx one month ago. Before having the bracelet I was afraid of going up and down stairs; wouldn’t stand on a step stool or a ladder; and wouldn’t even consider trying to step up on bleachers because I had no balance. I was always afraid of falling because if I tripped, I couldn’t stop myself from falling. Since wearing this bracelet I can go up and down stairs with no problem I went to my granddaughter’s soccer game last week and climbed to the top of the bleachers with just lightly holding my son’s hand. I have climbed up on the step stool to change lightbulbs and reach for things. I don’t understand exactly how this works, but I do know I’m not taking it off. I feel like I have been given my life back again. Everyone close to me is shocked at what I am now doing. One more thing – before putting on this bracelet I had a difficult time trying to walk fast. It was like my hips wouldn’t allow my legs to move.Since wearing this, I have no problem walking. I purchased my bracelet from PurLife, and it was the best money I have ever spent!!!! I’m sure their are copy cats out there selling fake bracelets, but the one from PurLife works amazingly.

  29. I bought two about 3 weeks ago. One for me and one for my fiancé. He has swore from the beginning that he doesn’t feel any different. But i disagree for myself. In the beginning I bought it in one of those “What’s the worst that could happen?” Moments. I had first put mine on about 3 hours before i went to bed that night. I woke up around 2 in the morning covered in sweat with a HORRIBLE ache in my stomach. Extreme nausea with the sensation in my stomach that someone had just beat me there with a bat and tore out my insides. It was intense. I almost went to the emergency room but i tried to do everything i could not to. I didn’t eat anything unusual that day, no difference in my schedule, just another typical day…, the only difference was the bracelet! So after i outweighed the options i immediately took the bracelet off and tried to lay back down. Within 30 mins. my pain subsided by about 75% and i was able to fall back asleep. I woke up in the morning perfectly fine. A couple days layer I decided to try it out again. After all i spent that kind of money on it and didn’t want it to go to waste. Within a few hours after i put it back on, i felt rejuvenated. I had more energy and wasn’t as fatigued as i had been. I was also able to focus more and be more alert at my job. So i believe the first night was my body adjusting to the “vitamin intake” per say. Although the positive effects didn’t last long…only about a week actually. I had about a week of the increased energy and then it gradually vanished. Either the “vitamins” washed off from showering everyday, or my body adjusted to them. So for now, i wear it as an accessory and hope for the best (Lol).

  30. I have been looking into the claims of both users and Lifestrength. I’m not certain the purpose of condemning others if they feel it helps them – even if the current science can’t support the claims by either. The human mind is much more powerful than acknowledged far too often. If it is solely psychological and it improves someone’s life – great! Whether or not these bracelets actually deliver as claimed is moot. If they do deliver, like any substance or procedure imagined or real, that’s an optimal result. What I understand about the human body, it’s systems, and the ever changing environment around us leads me to believe the science is weak on this and to support the Lifestrength claims would be nearly impossible. I’m buying one today.

  31. I bought a lifestrength bracelet at Walgreen s a week or so. I didn’t know what it was, thought it was one of those inspirational bracelets. Don’t laugh, as my grown kids say you are so behind the times. I wore this bracelet everyday I liked the look. Then just yesterday, my mother, said where are you getting all this energy from. I said I don’t know, and went on with life. Then, this morning, I remembered the bracelet I was wearing, got the box out began to read what it is really supposed to do. I was amazed, it works. I also realized I’m sleeping a lot better. What can I say , I didn’t know what is was supposed to do and then realised what it did for me. It works. I’m going to become a sales rep for them. I bought my parents one, my love, and my kids. I’m hooked. Try it out, you will be too.

  32. Have to put this out there . . .I bought the bracelet at Walgreen on clearance for $5 and had wore it 24/7 for about two weeks until today. Yes, I did have that slightly nauseous feeling as stated by a few others. Yes, I had been sleeping better. Didn’t think much of it. But the wrist I wore the bracelet on started hurting the past couple days, similar to carpal tunnel wrist. Painful when I moved it. Typing. Driving. etc. .I was going to make a Dr. appointment today, knowing he’d say I sprained it. Then I thought, it couldn’t be the bracelet. . . until I removed it this morning at 8am and my wrist is no longer hurting at 4pm. No pain. Completely gone. Odd? Skeptical? Everyone’s entitled. I’m not putting that bracelet back on.

  33. I is odel, so I barely sleep and most of the time I’m anxious, tired and my diet is way off. I purchased mines at Walgreens for 30.00. It’s been a week and honestly I feel much better. My mood is balanced so is my diet. I sleep well, waking up refreshed. This wrist band has changed me life for the best. I do workout everyday and I’m very committed for living a fit, healthy life. I would recommend this product. Overall I love the fact you can never take it off 😉

  34. Ok so I have had the bracelet for 2 months now (without removing more than once for 1 hour).

    My judgement: it works if you let it.

    Have always strongly believed that you can make things better if you believe that you will. Case and point. I was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. Went through the treatments and surgeries. Have no new incidences of tumours nearly 5 years going. I drink ionized water and but no diet change (much to my wife’s chagrin). Bought the bracelet when it spoke of ions rather than magnets. Haven’t really looked back since. Did I feel something when I first put it on? YES. It was a tingling sensation that traveled up my arm. Since that day, I have had to be careful when using my laptop. If I touch the bracelet to the mouse pad, the pointer flies all over the monitor. So it shows me the bracelet is emitting something and since my doctor has not called me in for any sudden spikes in my test results I am assuming things are going well.

    Oh and my left knee doesn’t hurt when I walk around. I change shoes often and several of the dressier ones do not have a lot of cushion. But regardless my knee doesn’t hurt. And to answer. I am not overweight. Am deemed by my doctors to be physically fit. Yeah they say I could take it up a notch and eat cleaner but really I believe the trade off isn’t there. You get one life and enjoy things that you can in moderation is my belief.

    Investment on the bracelet for what $100? We are talking $10 a month. I Certainly hope everyone sees the value in this type of investment. I would be very skeptical if asked to repeatedly purchase or join some membership but this is potentially a 1 time charge if it doesn’t work for you. Me? Already looking at maybe replacing the bracelet once every year just to be sure I have a fresh supplied of ions.

  35. I’ve had my bracelet for about 6 months now and I wear it 24/7. I have alot of medical problems. I have systemic lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic migraines/headaches, hypothyroidism, type II diabetes, chronic GERD, chronic back pain, major depressive disorder, chronic anxiety and panic disorder, bipolar disorder, ovarian cyst’s, and chronic fatigue syndrome. With all of these issues, I take a number of medications daily. But since I started wearing the bracelet, I almost immediately felt a boost of energy and felt more awake. I have to admit, I was skeptical when I first got my bracelet but that boost of energy that I got when I first put it on made me a total believer in this product. I wear it 24/7 and I can tell you it really does work. It helps me sleep better and I have so much more energy than I did before. I’ve also been able to come off of several of my medications because I feel so much better. Thank you Lifestrength Bracelets for making this wonderful product!!! It has made me feel so much better overall over the past 6 months that I’ve been wearing it. I’m going to keep wearing it every day!!! I love it so much, I got my boyfriend one and he also wears his bracelet every day and says that it has increased his energy as well and that he’ll also continue to wear it every day. We both recommend this product to everyone.

  36. You are one of those eskeptical idiots that just spends their time critizicing other people get a life.

  37. “Before I got this I was voting Democrat but the moment I put on this piece of plastic I saw the truth of the Tea Party. Now I’m really stupid too.”
    Another way to separate crazy people from their money.

  38. I tried this about a year ago with same effect but figured since I am healthier it would have positive effect. Nope. I wore it for 4 hours during work and I work in a fitness center and I just didnt feel like myself like the energy and life force was sucked right out of me. My coworkers said the same of me. After my shift, I removed it and within minutes I felt like my energy was restored. I guess that some people are just sensitive to this type of product. I am hypersensitive to medicines and foods as well.

  39. Here’s what I find very funny people are very skeptical about products they come across. If you are really that concerned then do your homework before you go out and buy any product on the market then you can judge for yourself if its for you or not for you. But one thing people need to remember whatever you buy if it did something for you or to you that was not done before then its a good chance that product works in one way or another. We all are different as well as our bodies some people are going to complain no matter what if it works if it didn’t work that just in their nature. You be the judge and not take anyone’s word for everything then you would know yourself. Let the product speak for it self and if it didn’t work it was not mint for you. We spend so much money on crazy thing good or bad but you only have one body take care of it invest in yourself you do with everything else so our body should be no different.

  40. It is really hard to please the public why can’t people try something that just might help them. I have my bracelet and like most I was skeptical about if it works or not. I am 440 pounds I have problems walking I have major problems on my right foot my Achilles tendon at 12pm 6/29/14 I put the bracelet on and I have no problem with walking or moving around it is a lot better. I have sleep apnea I slept 6 straight hours with out my machine and woke up not feeling tired or sluggish. Different things work for different people. We’re all too quickly to judge everything so harshly if you tell yourself it not going to work then it will not. You have the power in the words you speak. No one look at anything with an open mind any more. Do what you think is best for your life you only have the one. My opinion it has work for me if it didn’t i would say so. I have nothing to lie out just giving you my honest opinion on this bracelet and it has not been 24 hrs and i can tell the difference and it will become apart of my every day life.

  41. Sorry for typos, I’m using my phone and it restricts me from being able to re-read and correct.

  42. I put the bracket on then won the lottery and my wife got pregnant as we were trying for months so I place the “happening” all through the bracelet, what a wonderful/magical bracelet……………………….of course I’m joking, in fact I stole the bracelet from a local store & I feel less balanced because it’s on one hand and the other hand weighs less now. If you wanna try it, I would advise against wasting money.

  43. i bought mine at Walgreens today. i thot it was 16+ bucks but it rang up at $4.10. apparently clearanced in the system but it was not marked as such so tomorrow i’m going back to get one to be a new collar for my 20 year old cat. he could use some fashion too, and it’s spring loaded so he can’t get caught in it. it just might put some spring in both our steps.

    I’m with whoever said it looks cool, and feels comfortable. i put it on my arm where it fits perfectly without adjusting and i can’t even feel it which is nice also. if it does nothing, it is still a really cheap fashion accessory. if it does anything at all i’ll be streets ahead! +)

    Now i’m going to visit their website and believe! the mind is the most powerful thing… i like to use it to my advantage whenever i can! +) yes inded!

  44. i just bought my bracelet on my way home from work tonight. I have lived with Lupus for the past 20 yrs. As of late, my blood sugar borders on Diabetic and have had a high stress level due to work. I have been on many medications including injectables. I stopped all the medications 5 months ago and started on natural supplements. Not sure which had made me sicker! As a nurse by trade, I am skeptical of anything like this, but figured, like some that I have spent a ton of money on meds so the $15 bucks I paid for it was not going to put me out. I have tell you that I had a negative mindset an hour ago when I put on. I immediately felt a tingly feeling all over! Wierd bur good. I haven’t slept more than 2 hrs at a time in over 10 yrs. I hope it helps with sleep! That alone will be worth it! Shame on those of you that knock the positive out of people! Who cares if it’s mental?! As long as it has a positive effect it’s all good!

  45. I’ve been wearing mine about a week. I tend to be a VERY skeptical person and view all stuff like this as “snake oil.” I’ve always been a very poor sleeper, waking up many time throughout the night and not just rolling over, but being very much aware of being awake. For the past two nights I have slept COMPLETELY through the night, for no good reason. Even in the midst of some crappy personal stuff that would make a person in my situation “lose” sleep. I’m going to keep wearing mine. If something isn’t backed by scientific evidence and is more likely a placebo efffect……..but it still does something beneficial…….that’s kinda worth it to me.

  46. I bought one for my son not realizing their is sizes. My bad, so now I have a black and green one and my son’s have blue micro size ones. My guys have adhd and I struggle successfuly with focuss. They sat down and did 2h of math homework. And I was able to sit with them and help calmly the youngest son on 3 separate occasions. 9 year old son said ( this bracelet does not work) as he emailed his teacher successfully his answers.

  47. Its funny that you should mention the weird feeling in the stomach. I am experiencing this but wasn’t told it was a side effect of the bracelet. I have what feels like a cold feeling in my stomach. Last night, I was nauseous and concerned I might have a touch of the flu. I have no nausea today, but I still have the cold feeling in my stomach.

    I have had my bracelet a week. For the first time in a long time, I am sleeping through the night and getting more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep. I feel more relaxed before I sleep than I normally feel. Also, I stopped taking my supplements – Magnesium, Calcium – to see if the bracelet helped. This is what I found.

    1. I had surgery on my feet a year ago. They hurt terribly, no matter what I do to alleviate the pain. They still hurt, but I am surprisingly walking easier these past few days.
    2. I have restless leg syndrome. I can’t sleep without my Magnesium because of it. The muscles in the back of my legs pull and hurt. Without my supplements and with the bracelet, I have minimal pulling in the muscles, but it doesn’t keep me awake at all.
    3. I have allergies and need my anti-histamine nightly. I try to do without it at times because it is drying to my system, but I end up with a terrible headache. Since I have worn the bracelet, I am not taking my anti-histamine, and I have no sinus headache in the morning or during the night (this is one of the reasons I don’t sleep well).

    Nothing else has helped with these symptoms/problems in years. The only thing I can think of is, its the bracelet.

  48. I think that the mind is a powerful tool and if you believe in something strong enough then you make it happen so goes for these bracelets . I wore one for about a yr and not really sure if it helped with anything on its own but I wanted to believe so it helped me with motivation. I have not had one for about 6 months and feeling like I need to get more motivated again so I think I will buy a new one and tell my self that this will help and my mind will make it happen. So on its own NO WAY will it do anything you need to make your mind believe it will. So it is up to you to make it work or not work

  49. I saw this product on the shelf yesterday at a local Walgreens for $15.00 dollars. I was skeptical at first but figured, what the heck I am only out 15 bucks. I had a major (left) knee surgery over ten years ago that involved insertion of a cadaver ACL, and was advised that I would need a total knee replacement within about ten years. Fast forward 17 years. I am due for my knee replacement and am hoping that this will help with my strength and balance. Also I must add that in 1956 my (left) foot was injured badly in a lawn mower accident at age 3. I have had lifelong balance problems from missing bones in my foot. Time will tell if Lifestrength will help with my recovery and balance. I will write an update after my total knee surgery!

  50. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome & being overweight.I’ve only had mine for 24 hours.However my energy levels are up.I really like this product & encourage people to try it.For thirty $$ I can’t complain.This is a good thing!net.

  51. I was in the mall last night when I went by the Life Strength booth. I haven’t heard of this particular brand before, but I have heard of other’s. And never though that what they claimed was true. The guy demonstrated how they work, mostly with balance and a few strength exercise’s. And they worked. I was surprised as hell. I didn’t buy one, but I regret it. So the next time I get to the mall I will be picking one up.

  52. OK, I bought one of these on a whim last night. I’m going through some stuff and decided that, heck, I’ll try it. My mom had previously bought me an iRenew, which I wore for awhile with no really noticeable effects. This thing…Well, I put it on my right wrist and didn’t really feel anything. Then, I decided that, no, I didn’t like it on that wrist (I wear a diamond bracelet on that wrist.) So I moved it to my left wrist and just about fell over! I mean, Zip, I was really feeling it. Sort of a combination of a little bit sick and a little bit high. Then just clarity. So, I get home and I’m ready to go to bed. Put it on my right ankle. No big deal. Went to bed. OK, but I always sleep well. Then I got up this morning, put it on my left ankle and the same Zip… Not sure if it’s a good effect or a bad one yet, but there is certainly something going on. Much more so on my left side. Weird.

  53. Watch the clearance shelf @ Walgreens. I purchased two Lifestrength bracelets there today @ $1.75 each.

  54. Bought it for $20 at a big box store. Took several days to take effect but I really feel it works. My energy level is great. Watched my 16 monthd old granddaughter for 7 days and I could keep up with her, I am 54. I am very pleased with my personal results with this product. I am miserable at remembering to take vitamins, this I can’t forget. Would definately recommend this product. I am a nurse and I’m on my feet a lot, I’ve recently worked till 11:30pm and came back at 7:00am the next morning, I felt well rested and full of energy. I did not crash at work or after work.

  55. I was picking up my new arthritis prescriptions at Walgreens and saw these hanging up near the vitamins. I felt guilty for spending 18 bucks on something so silly, but I thought the design was attractive enough, so I bought it. I have suffered greatly from physical pain and depression for months until I finally went to my doctor for drugs. Maybe I WANTED to believe in the magical powers of this bracelet, but I actually have felt better in the 24 hours I’ve worn it. Feels like I took a Xanax and my pain is cut in half (haven’t started my new meds yet!). On top of it all, and I know this is TMI, my missing sex drive returned, which was very lucky for me and my partner last night. So for whatever it’s worth, I have a “buzz” from this bracelet — with no calories, hangover or side effect to deal with.

  56. I thought I saw a money back guarantee on their web site…with instructions on how to get a refund…check it out if you’re not satisfied, but I would agree with the advice to give it more time…I don’t know if this is real or not, but I’m willing to give it a shot for the $18 I paid at Walgreens…

  57. I purchased a Lifestrength bracelet and it immediately stopped my 6 month battle to stop foolishly spending money. Other than that, nothing.

  58. Nathan, You know the rules. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Well in your case, just don’t say anything at all. I assume you have been working so hard at proper english and grammar that you have not educated yourself in how to tear down, spec, fabricate, and assemble a y-block 292 with at t-98. I assume you can’t double humboldt, a 65in. DBH Western Larch. I assume you can’t build a birdhouse let-alone a craftsman double story 2500sq. foot home. For that, I guess the rest of the world thinks YOU are an idiot and far from credible. Grammar does not dictate intelligence. Maybe, book smarts, but that doesn’t get you far in the real world. This is not a peer-reviewed thesis, its a forum. Get your #2 pencil pulled out of where ever its stuck. Speaking of pencils, I’m certain you are the size of a pencil and anything but athletic or health oriented so, your opinion regarding such a produce, lacks validity. I think its time you go back to playing WOW. Also, next time you are at Jiffy Lube remind the idiot to tighten you’re muffler belt and fill your blinker fluid.

  59. Purchased a bracelet 45 days ago and wore it religiously everyday. I have to tell you that I felt absolutely no change in my energy level, drive or any other category that they claim to have an affect on. I am 54 years young and have wasted money before, so this isn’t a shock to me, but please, buyer beware.

  60. A vitamin you wear is a bunch of nonsense. And that’s precisely the technology on which Life Strength Bracelets are based. There’s a lot of talk about magnets and blood flow and “nanotechnology” to improve circulation and athletic performance. There certainly are a lot of baseball players who wear a variety of products along these lines. But really it is a lot of smoke and mirror. If you believe that a $30 bracelet can manipulate the molecules inside you for the better, I have a bridge to sell you. Save your money, and maybe purchase some herbal tea and acai berries instead.

  61. I have to agree. I was very skeptical and wouldn’t purchase one of these bracelets but my husband purchased it for me and I put it on only because he gifted it to me. I have had total knee reconstruction and am delaying replacement because I’m to young. I suffer with knee pain and sometimes cannot walk – I must add I am not over weight, my bad knees are from years of gymnastics and dance. Anyway, I put it on and have been wearing it for a week, The day before I put it on my right knee was in a very weak state. I swear to you I’ve had no pain for the week it’s been on (24/7). Now, could it be a psychosomatic release of pain, maybe but, pain free is pain free no matter what you say. Try it before you knock it.

  62. This bracelet does nothing. What do people actually think ions are? they are elements in solution in the body, such as Sodium, Calcium, Hydrigen, Oxygen etc. Your skin does not absorb ions. If it did then any immersion in water would simply kill you.

    Anyone who thinks this bracelet does anything is fool, and as we know all to well: A fool and his money are easily parted.

    Life strength are making money from the ignorant.

  63. I bought this bracelet for my son and within 4 days he developed a terrible rash all over his body. The doctor said he could of had an allergic reaction to this band. Returning it to store today. I would not recommend this product on young teens.

  64. I got my bad yesterday, but it was only 4.59 on clearance so I thought for 5 bucks, why not. It’s only been one day, so I have not idea if this works or not… hope it does… would love more energy, and less headaches, body aches…. etc.

  65. Actually, the burden of proof is on the ‘contestant’. Thats just a fact. As far as their clims, maybe so, maybe not. Beliefs plays a big part, bigger part I think is your starting health/wellness. If you have a good core and don’t believe, why bother?

    Personally , I believe. However, really like the style- or the price, what accesory was going be much chaper? For a CHANCE at better wellness, well worth the $$ especially since I know I got a ‘ everyday’ fashion accesory out of it. My headache meds alone cost more in a month- a shot at better sleep and possibly help with headaches, worth the risk.

    BTW, someone posted ‘no vitamin’ helps energy- MANY MedPub studies prove that statement wrong. does THIS work, I let you know when I do/don’t buy my husband one. The $40 isn’t gonna break me anytime soon.

  66. This has totally happened to me!

    Even when I put on the bracelet, within the first hour I felt very weird – I believed it was anxiety, I felt a strange feeling in my stomach but figured it was beneficial since they’re advertised as such. After the feeling subsided, I felt refreshed like I had just woken up and my mood had changed completely.

    Maybe it’s because I put two on… not sure, really wanted to feel something – and sure enough I did. I’ve only ever tried the quantum pendant with scalar energy ( and I felt the same effects, really wasn’t sure what to believe.

    Even if it’s just a placebo effect, it’s an effect nonetheless – so I’ll keep wearing them.


  67. My husband bought me the bracelet and I think it works great. The only problem I have is that I can`t nap in the afternoon anymore with the bracelet on, so I take it off if I would like a nap. I am 54 with cancer and I found that I got really dragged down during the day. This bracelet keeps me awake all day and I sleep fine at night with it on. It don`t make since but I am on sleeping pills at night so this is probably why I sleep. But I really do feel energized with it on and I don`t get tired any more at all. I love it and want to get my husband one. Try it!

  68. Bro,

    Just as there was no solid proof for the 15th Century Copernican Theory of placing the sun at the centre as oppose to the earth? Science is forever evolving and revolutionizing. The thought of something not being legitimate because there is no solid proof seems to be a bit elementary and closed minded. To use your example of a bright light decending on earth, an ailien spacecraft is as good of a guess as any if you cannot determine what it actually is. Last I checked the universe is pretty vast and we havent discovered the depths of it. So anything undiscovered must not exist? Not saying the bracelet works or not, just not beneficial for anyone be close minded.

  69. This braclet and all others like it are a scam. No vitamin or braclet will give you increased energy or sleep.

    There are several things that need to be combine to make your life better…..let me give you a few examples for free.

    1. Pathology – get your blood work done and understand what’s wrong. If you have a vitamin deficiency, fix it. Test and retest a few months later. It’s always a life long process.

    2. A good steady life long food change. If its man made or in a box, don’t eat it. A paleo diet works wonders.

    3. Start a mobility program. Kelly Starrett has one of the best around. It has saved my life.

    4. Water, water, water. Drink LOTS of water!

    5. Sleep – always get at least 7-8 hours a night. There will be a lot of people that will argue they don’t have time, but will sit in front of the TV for 4-5 hours a night eating chips. Pony up and take care of yourself.

    These are just a few examples and there are many more that will help if you just know where to look.
    Also remember shills are rampnant on the Internet and will say anything to keep selling products that will never work.

    So take my advice as it is(free) and take care of yourself. It’s been a year now for me and I’m doing well.

  70. My 94 year old mother -in -law is dizzy all the time. Anyone of that age range try it?

  71. ok I just purchased the life strength bracelet. Do I just put it on , nothing to activate . I am a little confused here

  72. Why everybody so mad? Its just a bracelet. This bracelet making everyone so mad at each other cause guy said it don’t work. Why so mad? Who care if don’t work? Piece of jewelry anyway. Jewelry for to make you look better. Bracelet look cool. Don’t be cry. Stop be so upset. It’s just a bracelet.

  73. I recently bought the Lifestrength bracelet. I was sold on the demonstration…but, later that next day I found another stand and had the ‘balance test’ again. He didn’t know I had the bracelet on under my sleeve. I failed the test and then showed him my bracelet and asked why? That makes me wonder if it will work and/or be a benefit to my health/balance. Since I bought, I’m hoping so!

  74. Actually I have sold LifeStrength. When I did the test on people I did it without the bracelet at least three times until they could resist strongly. I would only put the bracelet on after they got the hang of the test. I would tell them to pay attention to the amount and direction of the downward pressure, alerting them to make sure the direction the pressure was applied was the same each time. Then I would tell them that the test was just anecdotal, non-scientific, but that it did help some people believe that there really were anions coming off of the bracelet and that your body really was able to utilize them. Some people were very strong without the bracelet. The majority of people were pretty weak. I would say that about 70% of the people I tested were markedly stronger after the bracelet. It is more impressive to DO the test on someone rather than to be tested, because you can feel the rigidity of the muscle and the difference in the strength when you are pushing down. I wear a band. Initially I was a skeptic and I still am. However, the band does seems to keep me from getting “computer headaches”. It also has made it easier for me to wake up in the morning. There are scientific studies on the benefits of being in an atmosphere of anions, just google it. The question would then be, does the LifeStrength Bracelet produce anions and can your body utilize them. LifeStrength has a video of them using an ion meter on theirs and other bracelets to show the amount of anions being produced. I have seen this demonstration in person. So the final question is, can your body utilize them, and I guess that is up to each individual to test for themselves, because it is like taking a vitamin or eating better foods, or doing yoga, etc. You just have to try it to see what works for you.

  75. Testimonials are the weakest form of proof in any scientific community. Also, proper grammar would lead me to give you a bit more credibility; however, your grammar is much like mine was in 3rd grade: poor. I wouldn’t trust a 3rd grader’s judgement on a product such as this and since you have a third grader’s grammar, I don’t believe I (or anyone else for that matter) should trust yours.

    Now, back to the science. Testimonials are the lowest form of proof in any scientific community. These people that provide testimonials may be hired, may be payed to exaggerate their claims, and I guarantee you the addresses provided are not their actual addresses. Anyways, if somebody ‘sees’ a UFO and reports it, do you really think everyone believes him? No, because there is no solid proof that it exists (or existed at that moment). The human eye can play tricks on people. The human mind can jump to conclusions. For example: ‘Well, I don’t know what that bright light is in the sky, so it MUST be an alien spacecraft descending on earth from billions of light-years away’. Logic simply escapes some people’s minds sometimes. Or fear overrides logic. Whichever it is, I don’t trust the testimonials.
    Neither should you.

  76. I bought one in Las Vegas for 30 dollars. Thought I’d try it before ‘investing’ in the more expensive jewellery type. So far so good. Cheaper than a facial, and it did help with the tiredness and balance issues I have due to migraines. Lets see what it can do long term. It’s got to be worth a try at that price.

  77. “Do LifeStrength Bracelets Really Work?” Your article failed to answer the question. You have not provided any survey type evidence or scientific study to dispute or confirm the claims of LifeStrength. It appears as if you are just stating and restating information as a ploy to maintain an income generating website without providing any benefit. The more important question is does “Does it Really Work”, really work?

  78. They use that same ‘test’ to prove you have a sensitivity to sugar. My cousin went through a ‘test’ where you hold your arms out and they can push them down. Then they had her hold a packet of sugar and she could keep her arm up. With me, I could keep my arm up both times. It’s all a scam and the power of suggestion.

  79. I just bought mine at a Walgreen for 20 bucks.. I dont think it would work magic but at least it looks cool. If does help good for me if didnt well at least I got a 20 cool rubber band

  80. I do not own one of these, but I do know that a long time ago there was a product called “snake oil” that promised similar results.

  81. My mother in law bought bracelets for me, my wife and herself. Lucky for lifestrength, this country is full of gullible assholes just like her.

  82. More accurately, it doesn’t work for anyone, at least not any more than any other placebo. You could save some cash by putting a “magic” rubber band on your wrist. It’s specious reasoning.

    Instead of wasting money on a small piece of rubber to wear on your wrist, use that money to buy a large piece of rubber that you can exercise with, such as resistance bands. You’ll definitely feel better with regular exercise.

  83. The plural of anecdote is not data. You can show me all of the testimonies in the world and it would still be zero evidence. Show me scientific research and facts behind how and why it works. Show me the scientific journals that this “technology” is featured in.

  84. He doesn’t need any scientific evidence to prove that the Lifestrength bracelet doesn’t work. On the contrary, the burden of proof is fully on Lifestrength and, quite frankly, they haven’t proven shit. They use a bunch of buzzwords in an attempt to lure and distract. If it were a real product that actually worked, they could explain precisely how, but they don’t.

  85. I bought mine from my daughter’s chiropractor’s office because he said it helped him with sleep and having more energy. Because I have sleep issues, I bought one. It didn’t change my sleep at all. At first I thought maybe I had more energy, but lately I have been more tired than ever during the day. I’m not sure if it ever really did anything for me.

  86. Well, Ive read a few of the skeptical and pro comments, and I maybe a fence sitter,,but,I have purchased a total of 8 wrist bands, and each individual has experirienced different things, the one common is better sleep, that alone was worth the 30.00. I have stopped wearing mine due to I hate wearing anything inside my coveralls at work, and not wanting to catch it on something and have it break. I do wear it when not at work, and my sleep seems to get better, thats all I guage it by. That being said, we have in the past contacted Lifestrength about warranty issues and the girls on the answering phone are pleasant and always seem to find a way to issue us replacements, if you include them, we have gotten 10 in total and I am about to call again due to both my daughters(high school students) will need new ones due to them breaking. I dont forsee a problem.
    Weather it be a placebo or real, I am not a scientist, and I dont really care, it helps us all sleep better, and whatever else is a bonus.Worth it to me when my family gets up in the morning happy and rested, good moods to follow, rather than drag ass tired and grumpy.
    My 2 cents, what ever its worth.

  87. ummm i live in calgary alberta and in the winter it sure is cold and dark. THATS WINTER you know the worlds rotation, tilt and whatnot, Orbit around the sun….. Makes less daylight= DARKNESS

  88. I have had one lifestrenght bracelet for a few weeks now. Initially, I seemed to have more energy, and found myself going for a ski after work during my work week where I hadnt before.. Then, today, I bought a second bracelet, as my “right arm” seemed to want one too. I went around the X country ski track twice today, which is the furthest Ive gone and Im not even that tired. Maybe part of the thing about this product is that its made of rubber and looks kind of hokey. You cannot “see” the ground up minerals, and it looks like somthing you migh get out of a crackerjack box or a vending machine for a dollar. Having said that, Im feeling better.. so what the h—–“.. I figure.. theres gotta be somthing to it.

  89. I cane across a kiosk in west Edmonton mall today and they sales man said that he doesn’t have a tester and can not get one

  90. I just got the lifestrength band and I must tell you it is not all hype it helped me sleep better where in past I had endless nights trouble sleeping to the point of being an insomniac. I also like to point out in this article it claims the company pays athletes or celebrities it does not but does offer a reseller program for those who wish to promote the product. Also as for there claims on the negative ions it is a little off by 500 on an ion tester it registers at 1363 which is not that much difference although recently I have found another product called Ion me that gives double that of the lifestrength output of negative ions. I also noticed my mood being a bit upbeat but not by much. Energy levels feel the same so far but again I just got it not sure if it needs more time to take effect or not. I hope this helps everyone make a good informative decision. All I can say is do your research and try to keep an open mind before making any purchase on whatever band or not you decide. To health and well being.

    So that is something as well to consider.

  91. The wife and I were out shoping one evening. I was feeling slugish and tired, so I stoped in at the Health store for some sort of vitimine Pick me-up. As I was looking at all the energy wife was talking to the owner of the store. We soon left and started heading to the mall…I just wanted to go home and snooze. She handed me a Black Rubber band and said “here, put this on and humour me.” Whats it for? I asked,…she was kinda vauge and said “it supose to make you feel better” ?????? uhhhh what. I was wondering how much she spent on this crappy rubber band..egads what a friggen waste. I put the stupid thing on,and now I was pissed off and tired.About 15 minutes later, I was no longer peaved, and I felt happy, and energized.. how come the sudden change..I feel good…and now I’m hungry..”stomach was kinda upset all day before this” After we got home, instead of going to lay down,.I got the Dog and went for a run in the park. Unbelievable..the crazy thing works. A few days later I reaserched the Lifestreangth band…well ok..dont understand much of it, but the darn thing works. I would have Never forked out the $30 bucks for something so stupid, but after wearing it, I will never be without it. 2 thumbs up !!

  92. I was approached by a gentleman at the mall today who showed me how it works and told me how much it has improved his life and that of his mother’s who had failing health I was very skeptical at.first and not willing to through away one hundred dollars. But I noticed while wearing it I was all of a sudden happier, more aware and attentive, feeling stronger. And when I took it off to refuse the purchase I felt like I just wanted to have it back on. I eventually decided to give it a try. It was either that or purchase some antidepressants as I have been moody and tired and feeling glum. For.the same.cost it is working wonders. I have strength I didn’t have before, my shaking muscles have relaxed finally after months if not years of tiredness and trembling. I feel happy, positive and mentally strong. I went out to a club tonight and I was confident happy smiling having a great time. That alone has been years … I was even chatting up hot girls and getting results!! Believe what you wish. But I know I feel different, better and I don’t believe the skeptics that It’s all just hype or all in the mind. It has instantaneously given me my life back.

  93. I work in a pharmacy that recently started carrying these bracelets. As part of the deal, if we all took a multiple choice quiz, they sent us all a free bracelet. Of the eight of us that started wearing them, the only result any of us have felt is that one person had an itchy wrist after wearing the bracelet.

  94. The only negative I have EVER heard from all the ones I have given as gifts to people, is that one lady cannot go to bed with her bracelet on because she is so energized that she cannot sleep (I have not had that problem–I sleep much better) She merely takes hers off at night and puts it back on in the morning to wear throughout the day. Everyone’s system is different, obviously, as the same Natural Nutrients are not necessarily good for everyone, nor effect them the same –we have to get to know our own system and what it requires–I LOVE MINE–it is amazing for me!!!

  95. 3 DAYS???–my goodness give it an HONEST try–a few weeks/months–if you were taking a new NATURAL VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT–it would take more than 3 days for you to notice the difference it does for your system. I have had fantastic results with mine and have given, as gifts, many of them to people who have had good results, also. I would encourage you to give it a good try. (I did not purchase the watch, but the $30.00 Bracelet to try it out–surely glad I did.

  96. I purchased and put on one of the Life Strength bracelets the end of May 2012–I have not had a “Put me to bed” migrane headache since, and I was suffering with at least one a week, for MANY, MANY years. This is a total Godsend for me. The bracelet is ALL that I have done different in my life, so in my case, it DOES work–I am thrilled and amazed. So for any of the skeptics–give it a try–it won’t hurt you and if you give it a good honest try (more than a day or a week) then it just MIGHT help you!!

  97. I really believed in it at first, and was excited to feel so energized after only 6 hours of sleep. After that I haven’t noticed any other positive results except I have a better attitude towards life..

    I am going to say though, that these bracelets are placebos and we are all experiments.

  98. About four months ago my oldest daughter and I were approached in a shopping mall by a Lifestrength representative. The rep. making note of my cane and limp asked if I would like to ease some of my pain. Well I am confident you get the idea so here’s the rub. I listened to all she had to say and asked a few questions, retrieved the handout materials and of course made the purchase.
    My daughter and I both registered our bracelets. We both decided that we would keep a daily journal in our Blackberry’s and after three months we would download our notes and compare.
    Underwhelming is the only way to describe our results. I am a retired Canadian military avionics technician with 22 years of field experience. Although I have a gentle grasp on electricity, there are a great number of officers about with just about any degree imaginable. I found an outstanding gent with a P.Eng. with CEAB accreditation who was intrigued with my story. Soon after bringing up this bracelet officers and ncm’s with a myriad of backgrounds started “testing” the bracelet. Even the NDT (non destructive testing) folks had very important input about testing integrity and causal effects. So it was decided that four more bracelets would be purchased for testing. What an incredible effect these little pieces of plastic had on these folks.
    I could write until my fingers bled about how many tests were conducted, the amount of research, and the lack of people to eat lunch with for a couple days.
    If this item helps you, well that is all that truly matters. I would however take in this site, just a heads up really.

  99. Hi Angie

    What part of Canada do you live in????? COLD DARK CANADA ( MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET OUT!!! You are giving people the wrong impression of Canada. As for the bracelet mine works and maybe you should upgrade to a nicer one.

  100. I find it interesting that the only testimonial from any potentially verifiable source is that of a pro mountain bike rider called ‘Logan Bingelli’. There is no pro bike rider of that name his name is Logan Binggeli. If this company can’t even spell the name of their most credible endorser (that is if Logan Binggeli even does endorse the product) can they really be trusted in their claims to be making such a sophisticated product ? I think not.

  101. This review is wrong on so many levels in so many different ways I don’t even know where to begin.

    I live in BC and 3 of my friends (brothers) own a Lifestrength kiosk at one of the local malls. I worked on the kiosk for a month while looking for other work (I’m no salesmen) and the positive reviews from real people on a day to day basis were staggering.

    Firstly, I was skeptical. I’ve been an insomniac suffering from Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) and an anxiety disorder since my early teenage years. I’ve tried sleep aids, melatonin, serequel and SSRI’s (antidepressants).

    NOTHING… and I mean NOTHING has helped me more with my sleeping problem than my lifestrength bracelet. I can fall asleep in a decent amount of time, and wake up feeling refreshed without that groggy feeling every other sleep aid has left me recovering from until early afternoon.

    “They bring up the term anion a lot. An anion is simply an ion that has more electrons than protons, which will give it an inherent negative charge. It is up to you to decide whether this company really does create products that are developed at the proton level. You must further decide whether or not this charge lasts indefinitely, will still be there once you receive the product, and will remain there after daily use.”

    This statement is RETARDED. On every Lifestrength kiosk and in every store they have a negative ion tester; an extremely expensive piece of machinery that can detect the levels of negative anions in your product. I tried a knockoff bracelet in the ion tester, and it had 50. The ion tester can only read half the surface area of the product you put in it, so 100 negative anions. My bracelet new had 2,225 negative anions. so 4,500 altogether. Three months later I retested my bracelet, and had lost none of it’s charge. YOU DO THE MATH.

    My final consensus:

    Rather than reading a review posted by some person with absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, visit a lifestrength kiosk and do one of either the strength, balance, or flexibility tests. They will blow your mind.

    PS: If we can clone sheep, discover the higgins boson particle and sen people to outer space..
    we can certainly crush minerals and gemstones to a fine enough powder to call “nanoparticles”.

    /rant over

  102. Hey Adam,
    you have certainly proven to yourself that this product does not work for you.
    Similarly, others have proven to themselves that it works for them.
    So who is right? The effect you have experienced (or should I say lack of effect) only reinforce the strength of the placebo effect, i.e. your own convictions (or as I like to call the negative side of the placebo effect the “nocebo” effect)

    We all like to think on the conscious level that the placebo effect only affects other people, but not us….. or that the placebo effect only manifests itself in controlled drug tests.
    But the reality is that our belief for , or against something is to a large extent driven by the undercurrent of our subconscious mind, which has a much stronger influence on our physiology than our conscious mind. It is well known in marketing that prospective customers often make buying decisions driven by their (subconscious) belief system or emotions, followed by the conscious mind finding a “logical” justification for the decision that has already subconsciously been made.

    So here comes the big question …. (drum roll) … have you made a (subconscious) decision about your experience with this product due to the mysterious workings of the placebo/nocebo effect or are you one of those rare strong left brained individuals? 😉
    The answer lies somewhere deep within your subconscious mind where the placebo reigns supreme 😀 (In some circles the call it going down the rabbit whole :> )

  103. The simplest way for anyone to settle this in an objective way is to get an Ion tester and measure the number of ions per cubic centimeter emitted from the bracelets.
    It has been well proven by thousands of independent scientific studies that elevated concentrations of negative ions enhance health on many levels.
    The bracelet manufactures main claim is elevated negative ion emissions. So taking a measurement will be an objective verdict.
    Testimonials can always be affected by the placebo effect but accurate instrument measurements cannot.

    Having said all this here is a little trivia for you. Did you know that Placebo is a drug manufacture’s menace that can be a dark wild card when testing any medical product. In recent decades statistics have shown that the Placebo effect in medical studies has been on the increase … IN A MAJOR WAY. Google it if you’re interested in that. Nobody knows why, although there are some theories that venture into the meta physical realm.
    Whatever the cause may be, the net of it is that people’s strength of belief in any given target subject has been on the increase.

    So where does that leave the bracelet’s claims? My recommendation is,
    1. Do a negative ion density reading with a reliable instrument or find a reliable source that has taken a reading.
    2. Try it out yourself and experience it … with all the wonderful mysteries of the placebo effect included.
    3. Once you’ve done steps 1 and 2 and you’re happy. Don’t analyze any more, just enjoy it and smile compassionately when critics come along. There’s a chance they may have been infected by the “NoCebo” effect 😉 hehe

  104. I have 2 different patients that had severe balance problems following cervical fusion. When they would simply stand erect with their eye’s closed,they would wobble around very notably. I put the Lifestrength bracelets on them and they didn’t wobble. Realize that no outside interference was utilized on either patient. I have retested both patients on numerous occassions with the same results. This is positive proof that these bracelets definitely improve balance and no one would be able to convince me otherwise.

  105. I bought one for myself and my g/f, the only feeling you get is guilt from spending a ridiculous amount of money for a piece of rubber with a hologram in it and metal clasps. I was suffering back aches and headaches before i bought mine and guess what? I still do. It’s just another bs cash grab, any company that makes a viable product should guarantee it’s product and honor customer service and customer satisfaction, these people don’t. They don’t give refunds simply because it’s a bs product and the owner makes off with all your cash for something he paid a few bucks to have made. Come on people give your head a shake, eat a healthy diet, exercise and get plenty of rest, that’s all you need to do…Don’t waste your money on some hokey voodoo magic medicine.

  106. I helped create the sales procedure for iRenew and our best seeling point is the balance pressure gig. We found that the first time we applied the downward pressure to an unsuspecting individual, they were pulled off balance. The next time we applied the same pressure and with or without the band, the human body was now anticipating the pressure and countered with stabilizing muscle stances that the body puts into play to prevent being pulled off balance. We just found that if we could get people to experience this, they were sold. They didn’t know that it really did not matter whether they were wearing the bracelet or not!

  107. I purchased a bracelet a while back, and while I don’t notice a huge difference, I do when I’m rock climbing. They’re a little pricey for something that doesn’t make you feel amazing, but if you compete a lot, I really do like them. Otherwise, they look pretty cool 🙂

  108. Ok. So I bought the white version while I was in my local drug store a few days ago and I was like “I’ve wanted to try this for a while, now here’s my chance. And if it’s fake… I have a cool looking $20 bracelet.” Well. I think just about everyday I’ve had joint pains in that arm (I’m 17 by the way!!) and I’ve had a migraine everyday. Idk. If this keeps up imma have to stop wearing even though I do like the look of it.

  109. I dont believe in ‘Voodo science’ so i would never had bought a bracelet for my self… My mom and sister swear by it tho and my mom bought me one. I thought what the hell and began wearing it. A day later i felt more physically and emotionally energized. But after a week wearing it 24 hours a day i believe the bracelet started affecting me negatively: i had trouble concentrating, felt sketchy and anxious, especially at work. After 2 shifts like that i took off the bracelet and the next day i was all good at work. After work i decided to put it back on out of curiousity… Within an hour i felt the sketchy feelings returning… So took it off again and now im fine. Ive read on this comment thread about the argument about whether lifestrength works or not but havent read about anyone having negative effects… Am i the only one?

  110. I was approached today at the mall. The sales person (who I would like to mention was very hot) performed the balance demonstration on me which I enjoyed greatly. The only issue was the price. I now have found one for about half the price. Lastly, this bracelet is like most things in life. if it does not work it’s not for you. Your attitude and overview of things unknown will either enlighten your life or reinforce your baises. I just ordered mine and I am very excited to recieve it and start enjoying it’s benefits.

  111. Honestly, if it works or not we can’t be sure of unless someone does unbiased research on one of their bracelets. I noticed a difference at first but realized the things I was trying with the bracelet on I was able to do without it. As for sleeping, I still have the same low energy levels when sleeping at odd times and never get a good nights sleep with it on.. It seems to be useless. But It’s stylish I still like it.

  112. I just bought mine and after a few hours, I felt a strange change. Subtle, but there. My wife who has partial insomnia actually slept through the night two days ago for the first time in over a year, and I’ve had more motivation (I struggle with that a lot due to struggling with depression in the past).

    Does it work? Well, I’m feeling like it does. Do I understand it? Not really. Is it just a placebo? If it is, I’m feeling better and think that a $45 placebo was worth it. Either way, I feel better and I’m happy. Judge for yourself and see if it works. It’s one of those things that I think only you can judge if it works or not.

    Am I “sold out to LifeStrength”? Not really. My friends have Inner Energy and it’s helped their headaches and sleep. Do they work? Judge for yourself, methinks.

  113. I have RA and for a long time it was difficult for me to make a fist with my right hand. I bought one of these bracelets and I felt much better overall and after wearing it for a while, I notices that my hands did not hurt as much and I was more flexible. I bought a 2nd on and now wear one on each wrist. I took the one off my right hand the other day and within a few hours, I could hardly curl my middle finger down. I put it back on and within minutes, I was making a non-painful fist again. If it is all in ones head, so be it. It works for me!

  114. Sir,

    Both my husband and myself just came back from a mall and there was a Kiosk doing the exact same thing. the only difference was the staff did push down on the exact same spot for both of us. Also when we were still a bit skeptical had each of us do the balance push on each other. At one point I had both my husband and the staff both pulling/pushing down my arm at the same time with better effect than when I was not wearing the bracelet. Also within an hour Mikes backache,stomach ache and headache had faded.

    Mike and Lisa Christensen

  115. I bought the Lifestrenght Watch 3 days ago. Lets just say i’m out $280 as i can not get my money back. It has done nothing for me at all:( Very disappointing. My advice save your money!!!

  116. You got some of your facts right. However, I’ve read the LifeStrength website myself and happen to know that you misrepresented several facts in order to make a case against the bracelets. Your story did come across as a little biassed against the bands. Certainly not neutral. Have you ever reached out to LifeStrength for clarification on anything?

  117. If you want unbiased, I have it for you. I always thought of these as a hoax would never stop and take time out of my day or money out of my pocket on one. My mom came by and handed it to me and told me what it was for. I have worn it for 24 hours and my back problems I have had for years are almost gone. On top of it all I work as a cna. And my back has never felt better. It works differently for everyone depending on your life activity. I must ait I was a skeptic but now I am a true believer. And no I do not get paid to say that!

  118. Chris, that is the whole point.: the power of the mind. By saying that everyone has a different reaction to it, you are more likely to search out the differences that occur in your life. Therefore, you are fabricating the results to fit your desires. I am wondering though, if it has worked for you, what are the exact effects and results? you never stated that.

  119. Interesting how so many reviews are based on guilt- from scientific naysayers to those who feel that it it shouldn’t be so because of lack of ‘impirical evidence’. If someone wears it and it feels good to them – for whatever reason – why does anyone feel compelled to tell them otherwise? An why should they care? We live in a strange world. Some of those who tell others that wearing a plastic bracelet is ridiculous think nothing of expounding on King Daivid’s theoretical ride around the sun or the ‘fact’ that Moses parted the Red Sea with the wave of a hand. Let good feelings be . . . .

  120. I bought a Lifestrength bracelet from the mall in December because I suffer with seasonal affective disorder( I am up in cold, dark Canada). I didn’t have any problem at all this year BUT it was an unusual mild winter. About 3 weeks ago I took it off because I was tired of wearing it and not sure it really was working anyway. Well the last 2-3 weeks I have been soooo tired, I even made a doctors appointment to have my blood checked because I knew something was wrong with me. Then I saw my bracelet and it clicked that my fatigue started around the time I took it off. I have been wearing it again now for 24 hours and I feel normal again. Bizarre, I know, but I think I will keep wearing the plastic junk! Just wish it looked nicer!

  121. Dude, you get way too emotional…

    I went to a race event and there was a stand where two people were trying to sell these bands to me. They had me balance on one foot and stick my arms out straight to the sides. Then one put some downward force on my arm and caused me to loose my balance. The he got me wear one of these bands and told me to do it again. With the band on I stayed up?!! So I said, “hey, lets do it again!” So I took it off and he applied pressure causing me to lose my balance. I replaced the band to my arm and payed closer attention the second time to his downward pressure on my arm and realized that he wasn’t just pushing me down. When I had the bracelet on he was also pushing toward me (holding me up (helping me keep my balance)).

    I don’t believe it works. It’s not that I was being negative about it, or that I’m different, but the dude who was trying to sell it to me was trying to scam me. I’ve worked with dealers before and know how to pay attention to details. Obviously I didn’t buy it. I can’t imagine it would have done more physically for me than a glass of orange juice in the morning, more mentally for me than a good sudoku puzzle, more emotionally for me than a conversation with a good friend, or more spiritually for me than daily scripture study. I could only understand the placebo effect.

  122. I have had my bracelet since 9/2011. It has worked for me. My wife has one now, as do other members of my family. I recommend it to others, but also reinforce that they have to be positive and want to feel results. I do believe that the power of the mind has a lot to do with it.

  123. I’ve only had my bracelet for four days and it’s done absolutely nothing for me.

  124. See, this is where a modicum of science knowledge saves people from wasting money. The proposed mechanism for these wrist bands is pure hokum – any appeal to life force, chi, prana etc… should be treated with extreme skepticism because none of it is based in reality.

    If you think they work, welcome to the placebo effect – if you expect something to produce a result then you’ll search for confirming evidence (much in the same way superstitions form). This is a natural human phenomenon but it is important to recognise that the evidence you think is compelling could equally have been applied if you believed a regular rubber band had the magic powers these bands are supposed to have.

  125. Honestly this is one sided and just focused on negativity??! You really want to base your opinion and reputation on just negativity?! Ok then that is unbalanced and your point is weak!

    You failed to mention all the testimonies on this product and all the good it has brought into people’s lives! I have a book of over 1000 testimonies that say it has helped with , headaches, migraines, back problems, torn ACL’s, arthritis, fibromyalgia, glolf swing, more energy, endurance, they can jump higher, they sleep better, even their sex life has improved(I won’t go into detail).
    Want me to keep going??
    They have provided their personal info cuz why??? They KNOW THEY WORK AND THEY WILL TESTIFY OF THAT!! Just like a Christian would to his FAITH!!

    My favorite is a lady who has fibromyalgia and was on 22 pain killers a day!! Whether she was over dosing or had a severe case, within a week she went down to 2! And after 2 weeks she was off! Her pain was gone!! How do you explain that?
    Power of the mind is real, but then again why do prescription drugs help with pain? And why do natural remedies help too? After all we are all from the earth right?? So wouldn’t it make sense to have earth elements around use?! Why do we feel better In nature, like waterfalls, beaches, and Forrest’s!?

    Yes plecobo effect is real but what about tests prove that wrong?? Did you even do a thorough research?! That is unbiased?! Surely if you want a credible and fair undeaftable debate you must make it equal and back up what you say?! Ohhh wait… You said that about Lifestrength yet you won’t do that yourself?!! Hmmm hyprocasity in perfection! 😉 and Lifestrength does back up what it says! Obviously there is opposition in all things and your choosing the negative side… Hope your having fun!! All I know is my bracelet works and the 1000’s I have sold to people all love them!

    To give you some credibitly yes there are people that the tests Don’t show big results and yes there have been a few like 3 people i tried selling to but they had a negative effect… Why? Easy either one they wanted there money back cuz they want stuff or 2 cuz we are all genetically made up different!

    Also have you even wore one before for 30 days?
    You are intitled to your opinion and I Don’t want to change it cuz that is your desicion! Choose your life, love your choice! 😉

  126. I am not making an absurd claim, so it is not my responsibility to prove my position. If I claim that giant pink bunny rabbits live at the center of the Earth, it is not up to you to prove me wrong. It is up to the makers of the LifeStrength bracelets to prove that their product says what it does, which they do not. Sorry to have wasted your time.

  127. Where is the science to back your claim that LifeStrength bracelets do not work? You have ONLY expressed biased opinion based on your current level of experience. You are operating from a safe “box”, without any experiential knowledge or research on YOUR part. You say No; others say Yes. With all respect to you, you have wasted my time and I have gained no unbiased information. I wish you well.

  128. I’ve worn the bracelet for 3 weeks .I’ve taken it off to shower and forgotten to put it back on. After a couple of hours I became anxious and a little depressed.Then I put it back on and within an hour I was fine. I sort of thought these bracelets were goofy and then this happened 3 times. It was shocking. Has this happened to anyone else ?

  129. I bought one of these bands/bracelets as i know a few guys down the golf club that use them (this brand and others).
    I can’t really tell if this has worked or not – i don’t feel any different, so my gut reaction is that i’ve wasted my hard earned cash!
    Some of the guys i know with them swear that they’ve improved many aspects of their life and well-being, but i’m not so sure 🙁

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