Does the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Really Work?

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Does the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Work?There is no doubt that our electronic devices are becoming a huge part of our lifestyle. Anything that we can carry with us that is going to allow us to easy access to what is going on in the world is usually well received. Now it seems when it comes to these devices the smaller the better, so is the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch going to become a favorite of many?

Casio is a well-known brand name and recognized by most for their offerings of high-tech calculators and TV remotes. Now they have moved into the world of smart watches by offering the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch.

The Claim
The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch has been built to be rugged utilizing military standards. It has excellent protective qualities against drops, knocks and vibrations, which makes it ideal for outdoor wear.With this watch you will have easy access to a variety of apps and tools.The watch works off of Android technology which makes it compatible with the majority of Android and iOS handsets.

The Hype
Anything in technology that has the word “smart” attached to it is usually enough to draw the required attention. There are plenty of smart phones on the market and the smart watches are quickly catching up. Probably the most significant aspect about the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch is its durability which makes it perfect for the outdoor atmosphere. Outdoor durability is always a big concern for those in the market for a smart watch, so this gives the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch a boost over many of the competitors.

The Cost
The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch which was released in April does not ring in at being cheap. Currently you can expect to pay about $500. for it. You probably won’t be able to get it before May 2016.

The Commitment
If you are going to invest this type of money into a device such as the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch then before doing so you really need to identify a need for it. This is not the type of watch that you want to wear for a few days then tuck it away in a drawer.

With there being so many new types of Smart Watches hitting the market so quickly then you really want to take your time to do some comparison shopping. While the name brand is well recognized for the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch you still want to see want to see what unique qualities that it has compared to others. Don’t just use price as your gauge for buying. Check it out against the Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch and see what the differences are other than this one being a big drop in price. This way you are going to know what you are paying extras for if you choose the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch.

Final Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Review

We are going to give the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch a Try/Buy. It is way too soon to rely on customer feed back because of its newness. We do give credence to the credibility of the brand name Casio. Some of the reviews that have been done on remarking on the bulkiness of this watch and that it is somewhat clunky looking. So if you are looking for a wrist device that is sleek and stream lined then you may be somewhat disappointed with this choice.

Our Recommendation
Really the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch has been built with the priority of ruggedness being in the forefront. For the avid outdoor enthusiast that loves nature but still enjoys modern technology then investing in this smart watch may be a good choice. This is definitely a product geared towards the responsible teens and the adults. If you are looking for something that is more kid orientated that is packed with beginner technology for their level then you may want to look at the Kurio Touch 4S.

What do you think? Does Casio Smart Outdoor Watch work or not?

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