Does Cozy Phones Really Work?

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Does Cozy Phones Work?With the kids accessing so many different types of devices parents worry about their hearing. Many of the kids want to use headphones, and when it comes to keeping down the noise level the parents are all for this. But, at the same time they are concerned about the young ones’ hearing. A good solution for both the kids and the parents is the Cozy Phones.

The Cozy Phones have been designed specifically for the kids. Parents can feel comfortable in knowing that these headphones have been designed with hearing safety in mind for the young ones.

The Claim
The promoters of the Cozy Phones say that the product has sound control built into them so the kids can’t turn them up to high. Then the kids are really impressed with the comfort of these headsets. They are lightweight and not irritating which is often a big complaint when the young ones where the standard versions.

The Hype
The hype for Cozy Phones focuses on the really cool designs that they are available in. Not only do the headsets serve a good purpose they make the kids look cool.

The Cost
The cost varies for the Cozy Phones between $18.99 to $23.99. Which most will admit is very reasonable. The price differences is based on the particular style that is chosen. For example the Unicorn design sells for $18.99 and the Marshall style sells for $23.99.

The Commitment
There won’t be any real commitment necessary for the Cozy Phones. The only challenge will be in choosing the style that the kids will like best. These range from Unicorn, Fox, Monster, Panda, and Pink Kitty with a few more choices.

There are a lot of positive aspects to evaluate in regards to the Cozy Phones. They are lightweight because they have ultra thin speakers built into them. Yet they can be removed so the headband section of the headphones can be washed. The headband itself is made of soft fleece so it is non irritating. These are so compact that the kids can carry them with them no matter where they go. They are the perfect solution for both the kids and the parents.

Final Cozy Phones Review

Based on what we have learned about the Cozy Phones combined with user feedback we are compelled to give this product a thumbs up. Looking at the 1,370 customer reviews that are present on Amazon the product has received a five star rating. This is a definite thumbs up by both parents and kids alike. There is no doubt that these would also make a great gift for any occasion. It is not likely something the kid who has everything has as yet. Unless of course someone else has caught onto the idea and has beat you to it. A lot of the feedback that some of the parents has offered is how well received the Cozy Phones are by the kids themselves.

Our Recommendation
For adults who are looking for something a little more advanced when it comes to headsets we have reviewed several different types.

What do you think? Does Cozy Phones work or not?

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