Does the Paint Racer Really Work?

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Does the Paint Racer Work?One of the messiest and time-consuming tasks that many will have is some kind of painting in the home. This usually means buying a whole bunch of supplies and putting plenty of time aside for getting the job done. There are all kinds of products that can help with this, but one that may be really beneficial is the Paint Racer.

The Paint Racer at first looks like any standard type of paint roller. But, it’s not. What you can do with this roller is fill the inner tube, so it distributes paint through the roller. Which means no more of having to load the roller from the paint tray time and time again.

The Claim
According to the promoters of the Paint Racer, it is the best roller that anyone will come across. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects. It is meant to save you both time and money. Which if it works as well as they say it does it is easy to see why it can accomplish this.

The Hype
There is a lot of hype that can come with Paint Racer. For one thing, there is going to be a lot less mess to deal with. Just think of not ending up with a ton of items to have to clean like the paint trays for example.

The Cost
The deal is if you want to purchase the paint racer you are going to pay $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling. With your order, you will get the Paint Race Roller, Tray and easy pour container. Plus, as a bonus, you will get the corner racer. If you want to pay for the shipping and handling for a second set you have that option.

The Commitment
Make no mistake in thinking that there still won’t be a lot of work even when you are using the Paint Racer. You still have the designated area to paint. You are just cutting down on a few steps like having to constantly dip the roller into the pan.

This really is a good idea. It will take a little care in filling the paint holder inside the roller, but you are getting the pouring container that will make it easier.

Final Paint Racer Review

One of the concerns that we had was how easy was cleanup going to be. But according to the promoters of Paint Racer, this is super easy. You just clean with water (provided you are using a water based paint) which is most likely the best use for this particular product. It also will attach to a broom handle so you can paint ceilings and high areas as well. We are prepared to give the Paint Racer a Try/Buy. We are not overly impressed with the substantial cost for the shipping and handling which escalates the overall cost of the product.

Our Recommendation
There are many different types of paint rollers on the market. Some that will even let you instantly paint a design on the surface you are working with.

What do you think? Does the Paint Racer work or not?

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