Does the KumiKreator Really Work?

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Does the KumiKreator Work?There are always plenty of reasons for buying small gifts for the kids. It may be for a birthday, or for the end of the school year celebration of good marks. The challenge comes in trying to find something of interest for them that doesn’t cost a fortune. A good option is the KumiKreator.

There are some crafts and hobbies that have been around in different versions for years. One of these is the making of friendship bracelets. There are many different methods for doing this, all of which are fun but work. A new method is the KumiKreator. This uses a device that lets the kids spin their friendship bracelets automatically. They don’t have to manually braid the threads which is the traditional method.

The Claim
There are lots of claims being made about the KumiKreator. The promoters are claiming that it only takes a few minutes to load the device then spin the threads into beautiful friendship bracelets. They are also claiming that the user can make up to ten different designs which will keep them interested in creating bracelets for all their friends.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the KumiKreator is that the kids are not going to get bored as they may do with making friendship bracelets in the standard way. Which takes a lot of time in doing the braiding where it becomes tedious.

The Cost
The cost for the KumiKreator ranges around $25. Depending on where you purchase it. You can buy it at places like Walmart or Target and of course Amazon. This comes as a kit that includes the KumiKreator, 88 spools of thread, 20 clasps for the ends, 26 Clasp stickers, 10 clasps, a design book, measuring guide, storage case, and a playbook.

The Commitment
The KumiKreator is made for kids of the ages of eight and up. Some of the kids may need a little help at first in setting up the spools for the KumiKreator.

This really is a neat idea. Looking at in the category of toys it is reasonably priced. The kit is a good size and contains enough materials to make ten to twelve bracelets. One of the other neat things is that you can buy replacement items like the threads and jewels in separate kits. So when the kids have depleted the original kit you can access extra supplies. No doubt this will be necessary as the kids are going to want to use the KumiKreator time and time again.

Final KumiKreator Review

We are prepared to give the KumiKreator a thumbs up. Based on the fact that it is a great idea, it is reasonably priced and you can get replacement materials. There is some substantial feedback on Amazon giving it a 3.6 rating out of 5, with 52% giving it a five star. Some of the negative remarks deal with the string breaking, or it not being as easy to use as indicated in the promo videos.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for more craft idea items for the kids then take a look at Gemmies.

What do you think? Does KumiKreator work or not?

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