Does JigPix Really Work?

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Does JigPix Work?People of all ages often enjoy an activity that is going to present them with a challenge. This can be by way of sports, crafts or games. Something that falls into this category is JigPix.

JigPix is a puzzle game but not any ordinary puzzle. It allows users to create customized puzzles that can be used multiple times over to create new outcomes.

The Claim
According to the promoters of JigPix, this is a form of entertainment that the entire family can become involved in. There is an opportunity to create millions of puzzles. All it requires is the app which works great with the Apple and Android Smartphones. While it can create a puzzle for anything, the best outcomes are with faces and portraits.

The Hype
The hype for JigPix is that it is unique with each experience being a new one. It is labeled as the World’s First Smart Puzzle.

The Cost
The cost of Jigpix depends on where you buy it. It can be bought for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. It can also be bought on Amazon. The Jigpix puzzle kit contains 884 pieces, which can be turned into multiple images.

The Commitment
It won’t take long to get family members interested in the Jigpix. As soon as they see what can be done with it, they will be intrigued. They will be able to take any photo and turn it into a puzzle. They can use the free app. The kit comes with the tiger puzzle which can be turned into endless other images.

This really is a great idea that is really user-friendly. Especially since most of the kids are familiar with using apps. All they have to do is upload a photo to the Jigpix app. Then wait for it to convert to a unique DNA map. Then from the kit, they just choose the numbered pieces following the DNA map they created with the app. One the entire map has been completed then the image will be present.

Final JigPix Review

We are going to give JigPix a thumbs up. It is unique, innovative and using technology that the kids are likely familiar with. One of the reasons the kids are into the video games is because of the technology that intrigues them. If you can replace some of those violent games with something that is going to equally intrigue them, then this is a good thing. Another major factor about JigPix is that the whole family can work on it at the same time. It is a puzzle so it’s going to take some time to work on it, but not too long as the pieces are numbered. The anticipation comes with getting to see the amazing finished project.

Our Recommendation
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What do you think? Does JigPix work or not?

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