Does Bo-Po Really Work?

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Does Bo Po Work?The little ladies in your house will love this easy application nail polish and you will too, because you won’t have to worry about what it can do to your furniture in case of spills.

Bo Po is a brush on nail polish just like any other, but there is a big difference. It is a water base formula and it dries within seconds. Then when it is time to remove it, it just peels off. It also comes in a spill proof bottle, so that’s why you don’t have to worry about spills.

The Claim
The company claims that the Bo Po is safe to use and is non toxic. They are also saying that there is no worries about having to use chemicals like nail polish remover because it just peels off when the kids are tired of it.

The Hype
Most kids love to paint their nails,and the parents always have a few concerns about this. If the polish gets spilled it can be a nightmare with the mess it creates. Plus, some parents don’t like applying nail polish remover too often to the kid’s nails because they are afraid it will damage their nails. The makers of Bo Po have addressed these issues.

The Cost
Is is going to cost you $9.99 for a set of three bottles of the Bo Po, and then the estimated shipping cost as well as tax.

The Commitment
You may want to put a few restrictions on how often you let the kids use the Bo Po, otherwise they will go through a bottle in a few days. You may want to encourage them to pick a color and wear it for a few days.This way it is going to last a little longer. No doubt with the novelty of being able to peel it off it might be a bit of a challenge, do encourage them not to do this for at least a day or two.

Young kids love to mimic their parents especially when it comes to dress up or prettying themselves up just like Mommy. A product like Bo Po is a great trade off and one that you don’t have to worry about too much. They can actually learn some control by mastering the application of the polish so it is a good teaching tool, just like staying within the lines when they are coloring. You will probably become the model on a few occasions, so remember Mom, don’t peel it off for a day or two. You need to set the example.

Final Bo Po Review

We’re going to give Bo Po a thumbs up rating. It is something the kids can have a lot of fun with, and most of the little girls love to paint their nails but usually this has to be done under supervision. At least with the Bo Po you can ease up a bit on this.

Our Recommendation
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What do you think? Does Bo Po work or not?

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