Does the Body Lab Slim Kit Really Work?

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Does the Body Lab Slim Kit Work?There is nothing wrong with keeping up with the weight loss market if you are dealing with a weight problem. However, this can be a daunting task because there are so many “sure thing” weight loss programs being promoted. Let’s look at the Body Lab Slim Kit to see what it has to offer.

The Body Lab Slim Kit is yet again another weight loss program. The problem is any entity that wants to make their mark in this industry has to come up with something unique. Most often you will see marketers zero in on one main focus to promote as the reasons why their particular program works. What makes the Body Lab Slim Kit a little different is they are focusing on three main areas that are often the reason why people have difficulty losing weight. The kit is supposed to include the solution for helping your body to detox. Some believe that it is built up toxins that prevent weight loss. Then it possesses a thermodynamic formula that is supposed to deal with metabolism, which is another weight loss issue. Then finally the Body Lab Slim Kit includes probiotics. This addresses the issue of a unhealthy gut being the culprit for preventing weight loss.

The Claim
The claim being made for the Body Lab Slim Kit evolves around the three approaches to what are perceived as being weight loss stumbling blocks. These are toxins, metabolism, and poor gut health. The company is claiming that their product helps to deal with these issues as well as bloating,low energy, and a sluggish metabolism. They are indicating that their product may help you shed those extra pound quicker and more effectively.

The Hype
The word quick when it comes to weight loss is almost always a buzz word that catches the attention of the weight watchers. Then the hype is capitalizing on well known weight issue terms like metabolism, probiotics and detoxification. Using these important weight words in the right context creates all the hype that is needed to gain attention. Then when you add to the product a celebrity endorsement like this one does with Jennifer Lopez, you have put the icing on the hype cake.

The Cost
In total you can expect to pay $39.94. This makes up the $29.99 cost of the product and $9.95 shipping.

The Commitment
As with any and most diet programs you are going to have to stick with taking the recommended amount that the Body Lab Slim Kit dictates. Whether you like it or not to be really effective you may have to change your lifestyle when it comes to your eating habits, and don’t assume that exercise is not going to play an important role in your weight loss success.

There are just way too many other weight loss programs out there to do a in depth comparison to them and the Body Lab Slim Kit. So that leads us to looking at the concept of what this program is supposed to address. The proposed plan for success means taking the detoxification pills along with the metabolism pills for the first week.This is then followed by a week of ingesting the probiotic pills. So basically you are looking at a two week program that is supposed to glean you some results. However, the box itself classes it as a seven day system. This is probably because it is the pills being taken in the first week are supposedly the real weight busters, while the second week is flushing all the toxins out of the system with the probiotics.

Final Body Lab Slim Kit Review

After looking at what some had to say about the Body Lab Slim Kit, we are prepared to give it a Try/Buy rating. Some say they were happy with the results, while others weren’t and some found it made them feel shaky or even sick. Realistically it seems that many of those who offered positive reviews also realized that for good results it takes the other steps of changing what you eat and adding exercise to the regime.

Our Recommendation
You really need to do some good research before deciding on the weight loss program that you want to try. Many are expensive and some are not able to cope with the ingredients that may be the active ones in the product. There are many different types of diet programs that don’t include the need to take any type of supplements or pills. This is a decision you are going to have to make for yourself.

What do you think? Does Body Lab Slim Kit work or not?

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