Do Fleecelings Really Work?

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Does Fleecelings Work?How about looking at a piece of clothing that is just built for comfort, looks and feels great, and is affordable. No special purposes other than that. If this sounds appealing, then lets check out Fleecelings.

Fleecelings are leggings that are made with a quality fleece lining that is supposedly the secret to their great fit and comfort.They come in the practical color of black, which is not only slimming but can be worn with anything. The unique composition of the Fleecelings allows them to be worn under clothing or on their own.

The Claim
The company is claiming that Fleecelings are soft and comfortable. One might think that these particular leggings are only for winter wear, but actually the company claims they will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The Hype
While most of the emphasis is being put on their comfort, the marketers are also indicating that these Fleecelings do a great job at concealing those few extra bulges that you may be dealing with. Super for hiding the muffin tops and helping with the contours.

The Cost
The price is really great when you consider how much standard type leggings usually sell for. For the Fleecelings you are going to pay $9.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. If you want to pay another $4.95 for the s & h you will get a second pair of the Fleecelings, in the same size.

The Commitment
If you aren’t used to wearing leggings then you might take a little time to adjust to their snug fit. Often these are made from unlined spandex and a lot of people don’t like the feel of this against their skin. With the Fleecelings being fleece lined this won’t be a problem.

Leggings really are the trend and have been for quite some time. So if you want to be in fashion then you may want to start this experience with the Fleecelings.

Final Fleecelings Review

We’re going to give the Fleecelings a strong Try/Buy rating. It makes great sense to have the fleece lining. The price is right and even if you have to take some extra care when laundering them it might be worth it. What we found appealing about this product is the versatility in which they can be worn. They are flexible enough to exercise in. They work well to be worn to a casual setting. Yet at the same time you can dress up in them for a more formal occasion.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking at leggings based on comfort then it sounds like the Fleecelings might be right for you. There are a lot of leggings that are being promoted as a resource for shedding a few pounds by sweating them off, and most likely comfort is not going to be the buzz word here. Plus, chances are they don’t really work. We have talked about these in the past and some have been better received than others. The Zaggora Hot Pants don’t seem to be doing all that well, although the hot shapers are receiving a few more positive review compared to some of the others.

What do you think? Does Fleecelings work or not?

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